Out Damn Spot

It’s another makeup Monday, which means it’s time to hone in on the latest skin drama: pigmentation issues.  Sunspots, those lovely dark places you get when you are pregnant (that stick around long after you aren’t), acne scars—isn’t having skin so much fun? Sigh. Doctor’s recommend creams like Tri-Luma, but I hear long-term it causes the problem to worsen. Rumors that it’s even been pulled off the market in Europe persist, too. So what’s a girl to do to get spotless? My three solutions:

You could honestly go for broke when it comes to pigmentation fixes (Tri-Luma is over $100). Until now. Nip + Fab Pigmentation Fix skin tone corrector is kind of a steal. It’s just $15.95 at Target. It uses Vitamin C, olive leaf extract and  Illumiscin to erase little imperfections. Give it at least two weeks before you start to see changes. At three months in, you would see significant change. And at less than $20 a pop, three months will still cost you less than half of what it costs for just one cream.

Here’s what I love most about LaRoche-Posay: It’s paraben free, which means trying out new solutions from the brand doesn’t send me in to a “What in the name of God weird chemicals am I putting on my face” tailspin. This Mela-D Pigment Control is a perfect example. It’s a night time serum and takes about two weeks before it starts to fade spots and other discolorations. Add two more weeks on for even more changes. Two more for even more.

And because I’m such a super fan of the brand, behold: La Roche-Posay Redermic C. This anti-aging moisturizing cream also fades life’s little spots. The plumping aspect is just a bonus. And it works instantly. Slip on for daytime under makeup, under SPF moisturizer. Voila, less wrinkles and a road to lighter dark spots.