Cyber Stalking Leather Leggings

Meet this girl. I call her Pinterest pants. I have no idea who she is, but I stumbled upon her from someone’s board on my feed back in August. And that’s where it all began. No, I’m not going to tell you some psycho tale of how I’ve been single white femaling her. I’m a fashionista, not a fruitcake. I’m just obsessed with her outfit and hellbent on recreating it. Unfortunately, all the leather leggings I’ve fallen in love with tip the scales in at least the $800 range. Maybe if I lived in Nebraska or Finland, but in Miami’s 11.5 months of tropical weather, that kind of investment, yeah, not so much.

And then, on a random American Apparel outing, I found coated leggings for $45. Close enough. They came in two options: High-waisted and regular. Three guesses which ones I snagged. I found my shoes at the Gilt Warehouse sale. And I paired them with a tee from Blush. Since it’s way too hot to rock a trench in Miami, I dressed it up with a necklace and an infinity scarf. Tada, my version of Pinterest Pants, at what I’m positive is a fraction of the cost.

{American Apparel coated high-waisted leggings. Blush tee. H&M leopard eternity scarf. Maiden Lane patent leather heels. Leaf necklace. Vintage clutch.}