Connecting the Dots

Say hello to Stella & Dot.

Here at Casa Harris, I like to e-mail links of things I like to the husband come holiday time (please, you know you and every other wife and girlfriend on the planet does the exact same thing, so least ye be judged). And since Valentine’s Day is on its way, I’ve decided a post may even be more effective than a link. This is, assuming husband actually reads said blog posts. He’d better. Anyway, I recently hosted my first Stella & Dot party with my friend Jamie. Why? Because who doesn’t want to play dress-up with jewelry on a Wednesday morning? And, like I said, I needed to give the husband some fodder for gift ideas. Plus, I learned something about my jewelry preferences.

Turns out, I’m obsessed with statement bib necklaces.

Hint, hint: This would make a nice V-Day gift pour moi.

This giant gold-toned monster is my favorite piece from the collection. And the smarty pants’ at Stella & Dot were brilliant enough to line the back of it with fabric so it doesn’t scratch you or make you shiver every time the metal touches your skin.

But I’ll settle for this one as a backup.

This chain bib is also a cool piece to pair with jeans and a white tank, you know, for those of us who still like to rock the silver-toned jewels.

Another favorite from the line is this tassel multitasking necklace. A hook let’s you make the necklace shorter or longer, based on your preference. Plus, I like how it plays into my whole flapper haircut vibe. Think of it as a modern-day knotted pearl necklace like they wore back in the Roaring ’20s.

Are you taking notes here, David?

Yeah, I think I’m going to have to have this one. GIANT HINT HINT. Photo by Maria Tettamanti

There’s also tons of rings and earrings (though I can’t really rock that last accessory with the current hairdo, which I think is why I’m all about the bibs these days).

Finger candy. Photo by Maria Tettamanti

So, if you’re feeling the need to send a link to your significant other, go here and click this. It’s never to early to start dropping hints.