Coming This Fall: G Star Raw and H&M

The future home of H&M — finally.

The end of Lincoln Road that gets little to no local love is attempting to compete with its 1111 counterpart this fall. Soon, H&M be opening — in case you are one of four people left in this city who doesn’t know that— (Fact: I actually met someone the other day who had no idea, which prompted this post.)

In addition to the uber affordable European fashion juggernaut, the same area of Lincoln will also inherit a G-Star Raw. I recently dropped into the G-Star in Aventura Mall and found more than just jeans. (I had no idea). Tons of cute dresses, jackets and a pair of matching silk pants and shorts grabbed my attention. I also learned the brand uses something called 3-D technology to make jeans fit better. By 3-D, it means rather than flat-fitting jeans, the thigh-to-knee area curves in to hug your curves. Hello, smart. Hello, more comfy jeans.

Also coming this fall to Lincoln Road.

With G-Star, a Dutch brand, and H&M, a Swedish brand, making sure to anchor this side of the outdoor mall with stapled European flavor, one can only wonder what else with pop up from that side of the world.

Add in a Naf Naf, and we’re in business.