Colored Pencils

{Vintage halter top, Touch Boutique pencil skirt, Aldo necklace, unsigned bracelet, Anna Sui ring, vintage clutch, Patricia Pratt heels.} 

I’m a sucker for a pencil skirt. They have that sexy retro ’50s Mad Men feel, which is why pairing this one (that I scored at last week’s style challenge) with leopard heels—also big in the ’50s—just feels natural. 

But I don’t just like modern interpretations of vintage, I adore the real deal, too. I bought this halter top new 12 years ago when I was living in New York. No matter how many closet edits I make, this one always makes the cut, even if it’s eons between wears. Every handful of years, I haul it out and it feels fresh and new again.

As for accessories, man, Aldo has stepped it up big time. I’ve been twice in the past two weeks and come home with excellent score both times. At 20-percent off, no less. Score.