Staying Power

Minx came and went. Gel took half my toenail with it (long story) and cost me an extra $10 to get off. Press-on nails popped off at a party and made my hands an interesting (and awkward) conversation piece. And the regular mani, well, that lasts a whole five minutes when you have a 5-year-old kiddo and two dogs who constantly require being cleaned up after. What’s a girl to do? Enter Salon Vaso and it’s new Vinylux mani/pedis. The salon, located in South Beach just atop Einstein’s Bagels (mmm, pumpkin bagel … two birds, one stone), has a little something new from CND called Vinylux, which goes on and stays on for anywhere from 7-10 days. It’s like a gel, but requires no UV light nor crazy removal tactics to take off. Uppy, my manicurist, gave me the lowdown on the polish, explaining, as a fellow mom, that it will go the distance no matter how many times you have to wash your hands because you stuck it in some kid-made crud. I opted for a dark, vampy color to go with my Halloween costume (big reveal coming soon). And I love it. Afterward, I made some time for brow sculpting with Ana Botero, who was kind enough to teach me how to fill in those little patchy spots. Turns out, she has her own line of products to help you do the same coming out soon, which includes a Brow Tint, a Brow Trio (a palette of powders) and a Brow Highlighter. Look for Browlash to come out next month. I’ll be sure to share all the deets once it’s out and about. You can also opt for colors, cuts, blowouts, lashes and more at Salon Vaso. Hello, one-stop shop. I think I just found my new beautification station.