Christian Siriano is a Big Deal

Proud of us for not calling him Ferocia Coutura. That would have been so 2008.

I fancy myself a hipper version of Martha Stewart, sans cooking abilities. OK, I’m crafty. There, I said it. I guess I’ll also put it out there that the sewing machine is my arch nemesis. I’ve been given lessons more than once, and I still break the bobbin every freaking time. Without super-sewing skills, I’ve relegated my crafty side to fabrics that don’t fray at the edge. Case in point: tulle. And let me tell you, tulle is kind of a bitch to work with. It’s scratchy, it doesn’t sit still, it’s impossible to fold … you get the picture. So, when I stumbled upon the adorable “Project Runway” veteran Christian Siriano at Neiman Marcus at Bal Harbour Shops on Thursday, my jaw hit the floor upon glancing his spring/summer collection. Tulle, tulle and more tulle. Tulle draped over bodices. Tulle cascading down skirts. Tulle bunched up like flowers. Tulle strung from top to bottom on a gown I would gladly be buried in. Anyone who can work this fabric with a mind of its own in ways like that gets bonus cool points in my book. Siriano tackled the tulle in bold, popping hues that screamed Miami in summer. His favorite look from the collection, however, is a tulle-free number called “the Eva” dress. It’s a simple silhouette in a pop that makes it unforgettable, which is a lot like the designer himself: little, cute and undeniably memorable — even if he did untag himself from the Facebook pic I tagged him in. So not fierce. See more pics (including moi) from the event here.

A mighty mass of tulle in two-toned colors to add depth.

The “Eva” dress, named after an employee in Christian Siriano’s office. Here’s to hoping she got a closet full in every color.