Chanel’s Fall Color Palette

Essie, Chanel, OPI, China Glaze, NCLA: I’m slightly obsessed with nail polish. It’s how I test out trends. When neon was all the rage, I delved into it with nail polish. Pastels came via Essie. And with fall on the way and Miami’s temps still at a blistering 95 degrees, it’s how I’ll transition into winter’s cuter cousin.

{Behold, my polish drawer.}

After a summer of color-blocking, bold pops and enough electric shades to outfit Ultra, it comes as no shock that fall is the season of blah. Check out Chanel’s fall collection below. It’s beige, muted, neutral, soft—anything than what we’ve been paining our faces with lately. It’s secret weapon: shimmer. The Vertigo polish has a dab of shimmer as an ingredient. And the Illuminating Powder with Shimmer is makeup meets the glitterati. I normally shy away from shimmer for my cheeks. I feel like it puts your pores out on display in a way that only your derm should see, but I can definitely see this shimmer moonlighting as a shadow. Check out the rest of the muted palette below. And let the fall blahs begin.

{Meet Chanel’s big two for fall: Frenzy and Vertigo.}

{Vertigo is just a few shades darker than Chanel’s old Particuliere, as seen on my feet.}

{Chanel Glossimer in Sweet Beige. Rouge Double Intensite in Almadine. Rouge Coco Shine in Chic. Eyeshadow in Complice. Illuminating Powder with Shimmer.}

Speaking of nail polish, congrats to our NCLA giveaway winner Heather Grover. She’s never tried nail wraps, so this is the perfect intro for her. Get wrappin’, Heather!