Leggings and Lethal Amounts of Netflix …

{Fringe and Faux Leather Top: Shopblush.com. Snake-print Leggings: c/o C&C California Designed by Stephanie. Booties: Steve Madden. Vintage Bracelet: Fly Boutique. Vintage Necklace: Stole if from my mom decades ago and now that she sees it on the blog from time to time, she wants it back. (So NOT happening, but I love you, Mom.)}

My latest obsessions: These amazing leggings from C&C California (I see myself wearing them all fall long) and Netflix. I’m on season four of Breaking Bad. And it’s ridiculous good. The other day while I was watching it, I remembered I actually set up an interview with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) a million years ago for Zink when I’m sure he was on like a Lifetime movie and would actually do interviews with magazines that needed him as much as he needed us. I’m on the episodes when he’s drug free and not as scruffy. Not sure how I feel about that. But the show is incredible. I’m a complete binge watcher— save some major breaks due to work,  life and other non-Netflix time friendly activities. Or maybe I slowed down because I don’t want it to end. Not yet, anyway.

Speaking of binge watching, here’s a crazy article about it. I am this person. It first started for me with Lost. Wait, that’s a lie. Anytime there was a holiday weekend way before Netflix even thought about existing TNT would show marathons of Law & Order and like a junkie shaking to get their fix, I would sit in front of the TV for the 10-hour block and watch re-run after re-run even. I dabbled a little in binge again with Twin Peaks. And then came Lost. I missed seasons 1 and 2 and when I finally discovered them, I didn’t budge for about 72 hours. It was then and there I knew I was hooked. But eventually I caught up to real time and then had to watch every single episode with a week’s gap between. A week between! Do you know how torturous that is? It’s comparable to water boarding. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

I binged my way through Mad Men. I crammed in House of Cards. I devoured Orange is the New Black. And next on the binge bucket list are: Games of Thrones, Homeland, Ray Donovan … There’s no end in sight, really.

Let’s face it, Netflix has become the McDonald’s of the TV world. And I’m lovin’ it. It’s cheap and fast instant gratification. As I’m sitting here writing this I’m using my oompa loompa-sized Apple TV remote to serve up yet another episode in season 4. Gratification. Instantly. At its finest.

Photographed By Sunny Middleton.