Where Past and Present Intersect: Shopping The-Archive.co

{The Archive.} Local girls Marianna Maurer and Nicole Tafur have a thing for vintage shopping. Mix in their backgrounds in fashion (Maurer a fashion production and Tafur a stylist and editor) and a site like the-archive.co was inevitable. Only recently launched, The Archive melds apparel from the past with modern-day pieces for a look at what’s trending in both the vintage and runway worlds, as well as how to wear it, original photo shoots and colorful storyboards. I caught up with Mauer to talk about her passion for fashion and her ground-breaking site.  How does The Archive work? Basically, we sell a curated vintage collection and pair up each item with a hand-selected set of contemporary versions also available for sale. We want to show the shopper a continuity of fashion throughout the decades, whether she is a seasoned vintage gal or not The Archive has a blog, too. Tell…Read More

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Maxi Dresses Make My Day

{Necessary Objects maxi dress, vintage necklace, vintage bangles, vintage Coach cross-body bag, Elizabeth & James wedges.} If you peek inside my closet, you’d find a whole section dedicated to maxi dresses. I don’t know what it is about the big boho frocks, but I love them. Maybe it’s being all neatly tucked inside. Maybe it’s the lazy factor of not having to find a separate top or matching bottom to go along with. Maybe it’s my obsession with the ’70s. Whatever it is, there’s nothing quite like a floor-skimming dress to start the day. Here’s what I wore this past week to the Alvin Valley trunk show, where I scored the most incredible pair of high-waisted black cigarette pants, something I’ve been searching for since I tossed out the ones I scored at Naf Naf in Paris more than 14 years ago. Why, oh why, did I ever edit those out…Read More

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Mr. Pants: Alvin Valley

{Nope that’s not him, but those are his pants.}  As of 11 a.m. today I’ll be shopping the racks at the Alvin Valley trunk show in Miami Beach. Alvin Valley’s been dubbed the King of Pants on more than one occasion. And I don’t mean that in a Titanic, “I’m the King of the World” sort of way. Valley’s knack for making pants that flatter earned him his royal title. Wether you have junk in your trunk, are flat where it should be fat or vice versa, he’s got you covered. Valley, a Miami boy, returns to his roots with his line today for a trunk show that you’ll have to step into one leg at a time. So what makes Valley the boss of britches, the sir of slacks? It’s all about the fit.  How does one become the “King of Pants?” I don’t know how I became King of Pants,…Read More

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Four Finds: In Honor of the Miami Heat Win, Don Geek-Chic Glasses

{Geeking out in Tom Ford glasses.} I like sports about as much as I like waking up with a head cold. (Read: Not at all.) But I am from Indiana, which means basketball is ingrained in my brain as basically the only sport worth watching. And since I do live in Miami and the Heat blew the pants off OKC last night, a Four Finds Friday dedicated to the Miami Heat seemed a necessary evil. Especially considering how sports got all runway ready by taking a single silly trend and mainstreaming it. Yup, I’m talking about the geeky glasses the NBA players have been talking to the press in. The trend has taken off by such leaps and bounds that I even saw guys roaming around the mall in lens-less 3-D specs. I kid you not. Yesterday, I hit NBC6 to talk about D-Wade and Lebron James sporting their four-eyed…Read More

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The Recap: The Swarovski Event With Eric Daman

{Bling by Swarovski. This one comes out this fall.} Last night, I slipped over to Lincoln Road for the Swarovski event with Eric Daman and Ria Michelle. Daman, for those who don’t know, is a famed costume designer from Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries. He dresses Serena van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey for a living. Last night, however, he judged Miamians dressing the part of those characters. Turns out, Miami has Upper East Side style down pat. Here’s a look at the crystal-encrusted bash. {The man, the myth, the legend, Eric Daman and hostess Ria Michelle.} {Interviewing the competition for the Dress Like Your Favorite Gossip Girl character contest.} {The contestants, including Kelly Saks and Dianna Hughes.} OMG, it’s Blair and Chuck. OK, not really, but made you look twice. The big winner, Miami’s Blair: Kelly Saks. {Looking chic, Angeles Almuna wearing her own designs. I swear,…Read More



How to Wear High-Waisted Shorts

{Mexican scarf, Forever 21 tank, Ecote shorts, vintage necklace and bracelets, D&G sunnies and wedges.} High-waisted shorts rock. They pack all the stuff you’d rather not hang out behind a fabric panel, making it possible to wear shirts in ways you’d shy away from in your low-slung skinnies. I found this pair of dark denim shorts with back zipper and military-esque detail at TJ Maxx a few month back for next to nothing. And I promise you won’t be able to pry me out of them this summer. I’m currently looking for a pair in black, but haven’t been able to lock down any flat-front versions. Everything has buttons—waah waah. I’m all ears if you know where I can find some.  To rock your mom-esque shorts without looking mom-ish, boho it up with an abundance of accessories and a tucked-in tank. My favorite hippie dippy color this season is rust. …Read More

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Four Finds: Animal Instincts

{My little monsters.} I love animals. I have to. I have two ill behaved Yorkies, which I call Yorkshire Terrors, that I love for reasons I can no longer remember. I kid. Kind of, but not really. Seriously, they are cute but totally lacking in the manners department. When it comes to fashion, I also have a thing for critters and animal prints. This week, I got in touch with my wild side and found inspiration in these animal accessories. From locally designed to Ebay treasures, here are my four finds.  {The White Bear elephant necklace. Owner and Miami chick Lindsay Bleier hand paints all her lace creations and turns them into wearable art.} {Aldo leopard “Lego” scarf in the most perfect pastel peach and grey shades.} {Aldo sunnies with gold bird detail.} {Fish coin purse rescued from Ebay.}

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Miami's Second H&M Collaboration

{Maison Martin Margiela for H&M coming this fall.}  A few weeks ago H&M spokesperson Marybeth Schmitt told me at the Miami Beach pop-up shop that our first go at the brand’s designer collaborations would be Fashion Director Anna Dello Russo. The accessory line is due out near the time our first full-fledged H&M opens. But, as announced yesterday, Maison Martin Margiela will be putting out a clothing line this November, the 15th, to be exact, which will make it our first designer clothing collab.  Based on feedback from the Web, many are shocked the avant garde line would even consider a collab, despite the fact that Martin Margiela left his own line several years ago, placing it in the hands of Diesel, a mainstream brand. In keeping with its outside-the-box ideas, Maison Martin Margiela announced its partnership with this video of a sweater sketch. I’m not sure this will even be wearable in Miami come…Read More

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Colored Pencils

{Vintage halter top, Touch Boutique pencil skirt, Aldo necklace, unsigned bracelet, Anna Sui ring, vintage clutch, Patricia Pratt heels.}  I’m a sucker for a pencil skirt. They have that sexy retro ’50s Mad Men feel, which is why pairing this one (that I scored at last week’s style challenge) with leopard heels—also big in the ’50s—just feels natural.  But I don’t just like modern interpretations of vintage, I adore the real deal, too. I bought this halter top new 12 years ago when I was living in New York. No matter how many closet edits I make, this one always makes the cut, even if it’s eons between wears. Every handful of years, I haul it out and it feels fresh and new again. As for accessories, man, Aldo has stepped it up big time. I’ve been twice in the past two weeks and come home with excellent score both…Read More

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