Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Day 1

Sure the banners on the telephone poles across town say Swim July 19-23, but the spin-off parties got started as early as Wednesday. Here’s a look at the pre-show, as well as what happened the official first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. Warning: Models in bikinis may cause jealous rages and desires to swear off carbs permanently. The party before the party: {On Wednesday, bikini madness hit Emena spa for the Miinto.com Ready, Set, Swim soiree.} {Loving this little combo.} {Such the savvy multitasker, it’s blogger Kelly Saks struting down the runway of her own event.} {Over at Soho House, Cosmo en Espanol kept the crowd in limbo for several hours before models wearing bikinis by Eberjey and my personal fave, the Italian brand Zingara, strolled down the catwalk.} {Five hundred people swarmed the pool to get a glimpse of the show.} {Balloons, models, bright lights over the  Soho…Read More



How to Wear Black in the Summer

Black. It isn’t exactly the first color that comes to mind when you think of summer, but it’s still a staple in my wardrobe. To pretend the hue doesn’t exist all summer long would be like divorcing half of my closet. My secret weapon for making it work in the warmest months of the year: Pairing black with pops of color. Here are five looks featuring my signature shade at some of my favorite places in Miami Beach. {At the Raleigh Hotel in Jill Stuart skirt, Cherokee vest, Robbi & Nikki sheer top, American Apparel bikini top, Eugenia Kim for Target fedora, 9 West zebra ballet flats, Touch Boutique bracelet, vintage necklace, Coach cross body bag.} {At the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens in American Apparel dress, vintage hat, Lola James necklace, XOT leopard platform heels.} {On Lincoln Road in H&M tank dress, Aldo leopard scarf and necklace, Jessica Simpson shoes, H&M cuff, vintage Pierre Cardin clutch.} {On…Read More



What I Wore to the MIA Shoes Swim Week Kick-Off Part-tay

Last night Swim Week unofficially kicked off with the MIA Shoes party at Kyma Lounge. I got dudded up for the occasion in my hat (because it was pouring) and shoes and hit the scene. On a completely separate note, see that mirror in the background, the one over the mirrored buffet? Well, on Friday, the 13th, at 1 a.m., the wire on the back broke and it fell out of the wall and landed behind the buffet on the marble floor. AND NOTHING BROKE. The mirror is still perfectly in tact. The buffet is still good as new. And my Missoni for Target vases didn’t suffer anything from the impact either. How’s that for a lucky 13th? {Banana Republic top, vintage vest, Bullhead Black jeans, MIA Vixen pumps, Eugenia Kim for Target fedora, Chanel bag, Touch Boutique bracelet.} {Essie Live From the Red Carpet polish.} {Miami’s Fashion Mafia in…Read More



How to Wear Vintage Nightgowns as Coverups

Most nights, I sleep in one of hubby’s super-soft tees. Nevertheless, I have an entire drawer full of vintage slips and nightgowns. I can’t help but snatch them up whenever I’m on a thrifting adventure. I love how glam they are. How delicate. How beautiful. But the sad thing about nightgowns is, they are on house arrest. You can’t really wear them in public—unless you want to be that crazy lady at your local 7-Eleven with pink sponge rollers in her hair, worn-out bunny slippers on her feet and a fluffy, pink bathrobe strung across her shoulders. And I’ve still got a good 20 years before that happens.   {Vintage Margit Brandt for Formfit Rogers Nightgown, H&M bikini top, Zingara bikini bottom, H&M flower, Aldo shoes, Nanette Lepore bag, Touch Boutique bracelets.} This summer, however, I found a loophole for getting my dainties out of the boudoir and into broad daylight:…Read More



Four Finds From N.Y.C.

Greetings from N.Y.C. I made a little jaunt to the city for the Fourth and wanted to share a bit of my trip and, of course, my favorite four finds I discovered while taking in the Big Apple. Enjoy. {Amazing boutique called Ibiza. It’s boho chic central.} {The Van Leeuwen ice cream truck. Famously organic and natural.} {Cheap Jack’s vintage store—ps it ain’t so cheap.} {Amaze denim dress from TopShop.} {Love this city.} {Wearing Pink Rose tank, Leroy & Perry skirt, vintage hat and bangles, Airwalk wannabe Chucks and Gap bag.} {Shoe change—because there is no such thing as comfy shoes when you do all this walking—Aldo rubber sandals.} {Running, not walking, to my favorite soup and sammie.} {Reunited and it feels so good. We used to have Cosi in Miami, but then it magically disappeared.} {Awesome lighting at the Natural History Museum.} {My secret to packing: Basics. It’s easy…Read More

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Getting My Asana on in LuluLemon and Funky Yoga

I’m a yogi at heart. I love hitting my mat and sweating it out, all bent up like a pretzel. It’s a chance for me to unplug from my phone for 90 minutes and get lost in a world of breathing, stretching and meditating. In the beginning, I would just don any old pair of stretchy leggings and a tank top to get my yoga on. But a year or so ago, I drank the LuluLemon Kool-ade and now I get why the brand is so adored by yoga junkies. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say those movies about the future, where everyone has on matching unitards, well, that’s LuluLemon, we just haven’t realized it yet. Seriously, $80 for workout pants may seem insane, but when you live in them, like I do, it’s worth the investment, especially considering they withstand wear better than the cheap gear…Read More



The Power of Purple and Leopard

{H&M purple top, Vanilla Star grey leopard jeans scored from Target, leaf necklace from Lorie Lester Boutique, vintage red leather bag, Trash black platform sandals, Trash fox ring.} There was a time in my life that the only thing that went with leopard was red. And red only. But as color blocking has taken over my life, I’m deviating from that old equation, mixing it up and pairing color blocking with patterns. I fell in love with the shape of this purple top and pairing it with these jeans just seemed natural. But I still had to throw a little red in there, hence the bag and lips, the latter of which is by Chanel. Some things just never change.

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Feast Your Eyes on This

{Awesomeness courtesy of David Lundblad and CaptureFashion.com.} And there you have it, what may be the best blogger collab pic ever. Seriously, I am so  thrilled to be a part of this and have eagerly awaited the finished product for weeks. And now it’s here! And I can share it! That’s me, by the way, in the leopard suit with the orange hat. Knowing this was in the works and not being able to share it was torture. Sheer torture. I wanted to scream, ” Amanda Del Duca of CaptureFashion.com and David Lundblad came up with this awesome socks pic idea for the Miami Fashion Bloggers Google+ page. You are doing to die when you see it.” But I couldn’t. Thank god now I can. I couldn’t hold it in much longer. I think it’s a winner. What do you think? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of me pretending (cheese-ily) to be…Read More

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Four Finds at Fashion Bloggers Do It Better

Last night was a better night in Miami with the Fashion Bloggers Do It Better Summer event at Ricochet. The second leg of the shopping series (the first happened back in March) featured local designers and boutiques selling their wares, as well as Miami’s fashion bloggers taking to the runway in a fashion show that displayed each blogger’s personal style. Here’s a look at my favorite four finds of the night and a recap of this fashionable fete. {Find 1: Jewels by Dunn skull, arrow and spike bracelets.} {Find 2: Turquoise bead necklace from Furor Moda.} {Find 3: Vanessa Ferrer’s ridic awesome neon and monogrammed bag.} {Find 4: Maria Tettamanti’s spankin’ new Chanel shoes.} And now for a look at how we got this party started. {Ana Ortuno’s awesome bun by Cutler.} {Stephanie Giles of Beauty For Real doing makeup for Kristin Clark.} {Leslie Munsell Dubbin of Beauty For Real doing blogger…Read More