Throwback Thursday

{Me, in my favorite childhood bathing suit with buttons on the side and that ’80s high cut way that only an ’80s suit can have. Oh, and that’s a perm. Yup, a perm. Thanks, Mom.} I’ve been saying I was going to do this for awhile now, because, well, this is a fashion blog and let’s face it, I’ve worn a lot of stuff over the decades—good and bad. I’ve also been watching a lot of The Goldbergs, which makes me nostalgic for my own ’80s childhood. And then I made the heartbreaking discovery the other day that something leaked into the box I saved all my photo albums in in the garage. So, now I’m kind of forced to do this, take pics of the pics from my childhood because as time goes on the black mold is starting to take over and I will no longer be able…Read More



Falling Up

{Wearing: Denim Jumpsuit: c/o TJ Maxx. Designer Leopard Kitten Heels: c/o Marshalls. Designer Red Crossbody Bag: c/o TJ Maxx. Belt: Necklace: c/o Bracelets: Forever21. Photographed by me.} There are only five days of summer left. Five. (At this house, school starts on Monday.) Letting go of summer is like finishing the last bite of cheesecake, like reading the last page of a novel you don’t want to end, like kissing your love goodbye for the last time. But, living in Miami, it’s not exactly a formal goodbye. It’s more of an “until next time.” While the weather remains summer-esque well into December here, the mentality changes. We bid farewell to early Fridays off and constant jaunts to New York, we think twice about wearing white after Labor Day (and then do it anyway). Even harder to wrap our head around though is the idea of transitioning to a fall wardrobe….Read More



Just Breathe

What happens when you take a handful of bloggers and invite them to sweat and spa at Exhale at the Loews? Well, it goes a little something like this: Upon arriving at the hotel, I parked at the valet and was handed the most delicious strawberry smoothie. Then, I made my way to Exhale, which I had no idea lived inside the Loews. But it did, in April, a happy and very-close-to-my-house surprise. Once inside, we hit the workout room for a Core Fusion class. Core Fusion is a yoga, Pilates, cardio, barre hybrid. (Read: It’s killer—in a good way.) As someone who works out on the regular, I was shocked at how effective the class was (read: how out of shape I am.) I found myself trying to catch my breath more than a few times, and the next day, well, let’s just say I managed to find all…Read More




{Wearing: Dress: Blush maxi dress. Bag: Botkier c/o Bloomingdale’s Outlet at Sawgrass Mills. Shoes: Aldo wedges. Necklace: Vintage. Photographed by Maria Tettamanti.} Let’s play I never. First, I never wear the same thing twice in blog posts, which, if you think about it, is silly. In non-photographing-your-clothes world, people wear things more than once a lot. If we didn’t, we’d all be buying new everyday clothes at a rate faster than any of us could keep up with. So, I present the elusive blog post double wear. I love this dress because it’s backless and in Miami in the dead of summer, backless is like built-in ac. Next, I never ever post candid shots of myself laughing like this. I don’t know why. I laugh all the time. Mills even pointed it out to me the other day. She said, “Mommy, you laugh at everything.” I do, but when I see…Read More



The Supermoon Made Me Do It

{Wearing: Coverup: Vintage BCBG. Bikini: Luli Fama. Sandals: Gap. Photographed by Maria Tettamanti.} Scientifically, the Supermoon is when a full or new moo’s elliptical orbit is closer to Earth, making the moon seem larger when viewed from our little blue-green planet. But what it also represents, from an astrological point of view, is insight, intuition and an opening of our hearts. In layman’s terms: YOLO (you only live once). Basically, Maria, whom I do Pilates with week after week, has been screaming YOLO from the reformer behind me for weeks now. Oddly, enough, this week, it took hold. I YOLO-ed my face off. Little did I know when Lululemon invited a group of bloggers, yogis and influencers (and some of my favorite people in Miami) to come together for a beautiful Saturday at The Standard Spa, that I would do things that surprised even me. What transpired was me stepping so far out of…Read More



The Butterfly

“She dusted off her wings … and moved on to bigger and better things.” (Lines from my latest poem, “The Butterfly”) {Wearing: Bathing Suit: c/o Peixoto Flamingo One-Piece. Scarf: c/o Gottex. Photographed by moi.}



What Dreams May Come

{Dress: Style Mafia. Shoes: Zara. Necklace and Bracelet: Vintage. Hair: Todd at Nue Studio. Photographed by yours truly.} Fashion wise, this could be an entire post on my anti-Normcore tendencies (I will also be a retro girl at heart who matches her bag to her shoes and her lipstick to her nail polish), but there’s something on my heart I wanted to share, instead. The other day I read a post on Facebook that said, “If you could sit on a bench for one hour with anyone from the past of present, who would it be?” Without a second thought, I knew exactly who it would be: My grandmother. I lost her a few years back. And she was, without a doubt, the most important person in my life. She was the kind of person you strive to be like. Want to be around. Miss in ways you could never imagine until they are actually gone. Anytime I do…Read More



Press Play

{Wearing: Reversible Seamless Workout Bra and  Topspin Tennis Skirt: c/o Colosseum. Shoes: Peter Pilotto for Target. Photographed by the fabulous Erin Newberg.} Let’s real talk for a second: Music makes the world go round. Just last week I took a spinning class at RedBike in my fun new Colosseum workout outfit and I found when I liked the song playing I pedaled even harder and faster. Pumped up?  In fact, I try to ride my bike every Wednesday to and from yoga and it wouldn’t be half the fun it is if I didn’t have my grunge-era playlists that I loudly sing as I’m pedaling. Sure, everyone along the path thinks I’m tone deaf and nuts, but I’m having a moment that goes from one end of Miami Beach to the other. And I could care less because it’s amazing. Speaking of Miami Beach, the band eb and flow in our…Read More



Proverb of the Day …

{Wearing: Dress: Touch Boutique. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Bag: Naila NYC. Bracelets: The Webster for Target. Photographed by me.} Oh, social media platforms. Instagram for pics. Facebook for expressing your political views (I kid), Google + for increasing your SEO and Twitter for random thoughts—at least that’s what I use Twitter for. When I’m not posting links to my latest articles, I use it to pour out the random things that swim around in my head. Trust me, it’s an olympic-size pool in there. In fact, I’ve decided to start something new on my Twitter account. I’m calling it Proverb of the Day. Thus far, I have four: Mondays are like trying to find the “you are here” on the map of life.  A broken heart sucks. What sucks more is the person who broke it. Don’t take no for an answer. Just find someone else to answer the question until…Read More