In the Trenches

{Wearing: Coat: c/o Laundry by Shelli Segal Fit and Flair Trench.  Shoes: Steve Madden Roebella Pumps.} Yesterday’s post I was in a bikini. Today I’m in a trench. Why? Because Florida. The weather here is as nuts as the “Florida man” headlines. But I digress. I’m actually thrilled to be wearing the trench. Normally, I shy away from cold weather. It’s the reason why I can’t do fashion week in New York in February. I just can’t do cold and be cute. And if I’m forced to, I end up looking like a homeless shelter dog who has taken every blanket donated to them and curled up into it. I will walk around like that. No shame. At all. Cold is not cute and neither am I when I’m forced to experience it. Thankfully, I have this Laundry by Shelli Segal trench to keep me warm during this Miami winter, which,…Read More



Nailed It

  {Wearing: Bikini: c/o Ola Feroz Swimwear. Nails: Deco Miami Nail Lacquer in Slay. Hair: Blo Midtown Miami. Photographed by Julianna Dahbura.} The other night I was in the same room as the Superbowl. I say that because I totally wasn’t watching it. I did, however, watch the halftime show, also not something I generally do. I am not a fan of Coldplay. I am not a fan of Bruno Mars. I am not a fan of (dear God, please don’t let a lightening bold come down from the heavens and smite me for saying this but) Beyonce. But I like music. And I love live music. And so there I sat watching three larger-than-life musicians do their thing. And you know what struck me (kind of like a lightening bold from the sky)? Coldplay’s whole theme. The flowers, the colors, the happiness. Bright pinks, bold yellows, lotus flowers dancing. I…Read More



Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues

{Wearing: Red heels: c/o Tarbay. Jeans: Mossimo Bracelet: c/o Tous.} The other night, for a friend’s birthday party, I found myself dancing all night long to David Bowie tunes at a bar I hadn’t been to in ages. And it was a blast. Firstly, I haven’t been to Purdy Lounge in like a decade—at least. I think the last time I was there was back when I used to work above it at the Zink magazine Miami office. Back then, The Wordy Girl’s Maria and I created what I guess you could call the skeletal outline of our blogs in a section that appeared in the early years of the magazine called What the Hell. In it, we did stupid things like fed Sea Monkeys parmesan cheese and then wrote about it, road tested just how orange self-tanners can make you and interviewed people like Bobby Trendy (from Anna Nicole). Clearly,…Read More



Happy Mama’s Day

{Wearing: (On me:) Bikini: Maaji. Hat: New York street fair. (On kiddo:) Bikini: Maaji. Hat: H&M. Photographed by me.} What’s my favorite part of being a mom? Jumping around like silly monkeys in matching Maaji bikinis? No, but that’s pretty damn close. My favorite part of being a mom is kid. She’s my favorite part. I have always said that once you have a child it’s as if your heart goes walking around outside of your body. And it’s true. Milly is my heart. Her loves are my loves. Her pains are my pains. Her joys are my joys. And with her in my life, I see the world differently. I hugged her today and told her being her mom is my favorite job. Being a mom has also helped me see my mom in a whole new light. So, as much as this post is about how much I…Read More



Who’s That Girl

    {Wearing: Romper: Kore. Hair: c/o Hotheads Hair Extensions. Photographed by me.} Seriously, who is that girl? She can’t be me. I’ve been struggling to grow my hair past my shoulders for almost six years now. But she is! I was asked to film a hair tutorial with Hotheads Hair Extensions and in return I got a whole head of hair. More hair than I’ve seen on my head in my whole life combined. Sadly, my hair won’t ever grow past the boobs. I’ve tried and tried, but it just gets dead and lifeless on the ends, so it stops right above my bra line. And I’ve come to accept that’s my version of long hair. But not anymore. On Tuesday, I sat in a chair while one of Hotheads master hair artists turned me into brunette Rapunzel. The whole process took about 20 minutes and included 20 extensions….Read More



Four-Letter Words

{Wearing: Black Flowy Dress: shopblush.com. Wedges: c/o ShoeDazzle. Photographed by me.} Love—it’s a fairly interesting four-letter word. OK, maybe it’s not the one I constantly yell as I’m battling Miami’s sea of endless bad drivers, but it’s still a good one. In fact, last Saturday it turned into the theme of the day. My dear friend Annie Vazquez, The Fashion Poet, invited me to a lovely brunch with ShoeDazzle. It happened to be at Love is Blind. I just happen to LOVE that place. The two times I had been there before I danced the night away with a smile perma-glued to my face. And this particular day I got to celebrate another thing I love: shoes. Because real talk: it’s easier to love shoes than it is to love some people. After social hour and shoe talk with the girls (if you aren’t already a member of ShoeDazzle, consider…Read More



The Great Staycation

Sometimes you just need to get away. And sometimes the best getaway is going nowhere at all. Oxymoron? No, it’s called the staycation, and I recently indulged when life handed me a kidless weekend. Mills went on an Orlando adventure without me and with no one to care for, I decided to take care of myself. Novel idea, because as a mom, that rarely happens. Since I live in Miami Beach, where there’s a pool, a party and a perfect hotel just around the corner, I decided to stay put and do all the things I never do. With those intentions, a swimsuit in my bag and not a care in the world,  I checked into The Shore Club and I indulged in all the things one should do on a staycation, like … Pop a bottle. Who has champagne on a regular basis? Unless you’re on Lifestyles of the Rich…Read More



It’s an Earth Day Yoga Celebration in Miami

{Wearing: Bikini: Montce Swimwear at Blush Boutique. Bracelets: Touch Boutique. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} If you’ve happened over to my Instagram, you may have noticed I’m on another round of pose-a-day posts. Why? Because I’m gearing up for an awesome Earth Day event, which just happens to be this Wednesday. Come join me for Leggings Lounge at the Shelborne for yoga, beer, snacks and an overall good time, thanks to Think Red Inc, Shelborne Wyndham Grand, Morimoto, Lucky Buddha Beer and Athleta. The party kicks off at 7. Be sure to RSVP to: leggingslounge.splashthat.com. Can’t wait to strike a pose with you.



The Benefits of Being Vertically Challenged

{Wearing: Dress: Market Miami. Necklace: Kore. Shoes: c/o T.J. Maxx. Photographed by me.} Being short sucks. You’re constantly transitioning from human to spider monkey, jumping up on kitchen counters to reach things on the top shelf. Then, there’s the obligatory short person stool, where some raised platform situation allows you to hurl yourself upward so you can scale the shelves of your closet or medicine cabinet. And let’s not forget how we shorties own zero pairs of pants that haven’t been altered from here to the ends of time so they don’t drag the floor should you choose to not wear heels. BUT, there is one good thing I’ve come across as a vertically challenged human being, and I’m wearing it in this very post. Because God decided to grant me with legs that rival that of the Pygmy tribe, I can get away with wearing tops as dresses. In fact,…Read More