Headed into the belly of the beast … Aventura Mall.

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Four hours only at Loehmann’s.

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Thanks to these insane midnight openings, this place was a ghost town. But this pic leads me to thin

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It’s 5:30 a.m. and I’m at Target.

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Happy Birthday to Me

Can. Not. Wait. Nope, it’s not actually my birthday. But it will be … the same week “Hunger Games” hits theatres. Ironic, isn’t it, that the first movie from the tween trilogy is coming out on my 34th birthday, and there is a large chance me and all my pre-mid-30s friends will be the first people in line to see it. (How is this series even tween-approved, anyway? It’s so demented.) So, happy birthday to me. If you haven’t read “Hunger Games,” just stop what you are doing now and order all three books on whatever e-reader you have. You’ll be done with them in less than two weeks and then you can re-read my post and leave comments about how I changed your life. (For two whole weeks, anyway). If you have devoured the books, watch this trailer and then tell me you don’t have goose bumps. Amazing. Personally,…Read More

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Weekly Beauty Musings

Me in scorpion, wishing my feet would just touch my head already, grateful they are off the floor. So many things happen this week that it’s dizzying. First, there’s the whole eat, bonding, giving thanks thing on Thursday, followed by Black Friday (prepare thyself for my post. I’m thinking of going mobile with the posts for this one. A play-by-play, if you will.). But before all that happens, get the scoop on the health/ beauty offerings in Miami surrounding the two holidays (yes, I consider Black Friday a holiday. It’s my Superbowl, in fact, and I am the MVP) here. I think the workout classes from DavidBartonGym and Green Monkey, who in addition to offering Black Friday deals is also having classes Thursday morning, are brilliant. You know you are going to eat more calories than any one — or two people, for that matter — should consume in one…Read More

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New Digs for Fly Boutique

As in today. Fly Boutique has long been Miami Beach’s funky vintage closet. (Read: An extension of my own funky vintage collection.) It’s the first of two places I mad-panic drive to when I’m freaking out about “not having anything to wear,” as well as the first place I take my “yup, I’m over this era” threads. It’s seen the likes of designers Betsy Johnson and Jill Stuart shopping its racks. And it’s been written up in every Miami Beach guide for more than a decade now. So, a month or so back, when I happened by the quirkly little shabby chic spot on Lincoln Road, I was shocked to find a sign saying the store was closed “due to fire.” Immediately, my head conjured up images of beautiful vintage frocks and shoes no one can afford retail ablaze. Was little Jimmy OK? How in the world did Fly Boutique…Read More

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How to Not Get Fat Over the Holidays

Just do what Terry says and you won’t have to resolve to not eat like a banshee come Jan. 1. Terry Walters is heavily into clean living, which is code for no, you may not have Taco Bell at 2 a.m. after you’ve been out all night. I mean you just shouldn’t do that anyway. And you most likely know that. This is just justification for why. Check out my interview with the healthy cook guru here, where she sheds some light on how to keep things light this Thanksgiving. She’ll also be at the Miami International Book Fair this weekend, teaching you how to eat things you wouldn’t be ashamed to mention in the light of day.

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Yes, Another Sample Sale

I’m smiling here in this pic, but what I’m really thinking is, “Are these for sale, too? How much? And how do I get them off the mannequin?” Hi, my name is Ginger, and I am addicted to samples sales. I’m less than a week into my blog and I’ve already written up two of these little festivities. I take solace, however, in the fact that I am not alone in this addiction. Art maven Marcella Novela and The Wordy Girl Maria Tettamanti were also part of the conspiracy. This time at Alexis. And then, then, there’s my most favorite publicist, Lauren Gnazzo, who actually called me at 10 p.m. last night to share her conquests at Alexis’ warehouse of wonder. I chalk all this up to Old World hunter/gatherer survival techniques and modern day luxuries. Food comes from Publix and Whole Foods. So, the only thing left for us…Read More

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