Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Sugar Plum Fairy. Christmas is a week away. One week and a day. That’s what I’ve got left. I made a massive effort to make holiday headway on Black Friday. But after that Art Basel happened, followed by new job (love new job, by the way), and I’ve kind of fallen into the abyss of holiday denial. Shocking confession: This is a first for me. I usually scoff at people who wait until Christmas Eve to realize they are about to lose the race. I’m the mom that makes cookies, puts them in the mail and makes you feel bad for not doing so already. I buy my holiday stamps at the beginning of December and wait for an appropriate time to finally mail my cards out. For me, holiday planning usually starts the day after Thanksgiving, by which point I’ve shopped, wrapped all the presents and put the tree…Read More

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My Beauty For Real Charity Case

I’m this month’s Beauty For Real “Beauty Heroine!” A few months back Leslie at Beauty For Real asked me to be a part of her Beauty and Grace campaign. Being a huge fan of the makeup line, how could I turn down an opportunity like that? The concept behind the campaign is real women who give back. Leslie fell in love with the idea of giving girls positive roll models and inspiring girls and women to go out and make the world a better place. I was thrilled to be a part of such a positive movement. My cause: the Miami Art Museum’s Contemporaries. I’m a new member of the Steering Committee, which helps me share my passion for the arts with young professionals. Sharing the arts is a gift. It propels imagination. It creates more art. It gives us an outlet for our passions. For me, creativity is our…Read More

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This Weekend, You Should …

Let’s pretend you’ve finished all your holiday shopping. Let’s also pretend you put those packages in the mail. Now that you’ve crossed all that off your list, this is what you should be doing this weekend. Plus, here are the promised deets on the Daily Candy time block for those crazy nails I got this weekend. The event, Dzine’s Imperial Nails Presented by Perrier at The Standard Spa, is setting aside a block of time on Sat. & Sun., 2-6 p.m. There are five spots reserved each day for DailyCandy readers. Email with DailyCandy in the subject line for an appt. Do it, now.

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Chances are, my one nail is waaaay cooler than your 10. After coveting a girl at Soho’s nail, I found my way to The Standard to get my own fingertip conversation piece from Dzine’s Imperial Nails Presented by Perrier at The Standard Spa. The nail art comes courtesy of DZine. It’s a lingering Basel event, an art installation built around nails. Be still my beating heart. The Chicago-based artist transformed a room at the Standard into a copy of his childhood living room, where his mom ran a bootleg nail salon. With ugly brown carpet, plastic runner rugs, a TV in a wooden cabinet on the floor and plants hanging in ’70s rope baskets, it felt a lot like a living room from my own childhood. Inside, the gals from Tippie Toes shared the scoop on Dzine’s works of art. His book, “Nailed,” came about after a research trip to…Read More

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Me (featuring B.O.B)

Bob. For any of you who have never cut your hair off to two-inches long all over your entire head and then tried to grow it back out, this is going to seem like the most pointless post in the world. For those of you who have lived through trying to grow hair over your ears (while not hidden beneath a bandana the entire time), you can feel my joy. You might even pour yourself a glass and toast my accomplishment. You’ve been there. You know the pain. And you have a hat collection to prove it. So, right here in this very pic is photographic evidence that I have a bob. A bob! The back finally caught up with the front. Nine months down and the hair is finally equal! Cheers to cohesive hair lengths! Only a million more months until it gets past my shoulders. (Mental note, will…Read More

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Ring Ring

I’m LIVing. Tonight’s adventures led me to LIV for the Verizon Droid Razr party put on by my friends at Miami mag. Always love bumping into the adorbs Joseph Quinones. In tow, my partner in crime, Erin, and gal pal Courtney. Upon entering the fete, we paused at the step and repeat for a quick snap, which was then texted to us on the new Droid Razr. As a current Droid owner, I was kind of amped to see the new phone. It’s pretty slick. Definitely bigger than my Evo, but about three times thinner. More screen is never a bad thing. And get this, the back is made of Kevlar. Bulletproof. The front also has a super scratch guard for all the fun accidental fumbling you do with your phone. Quick, make a teeth-clenching “dropped your phone” face. Now know you won’t have to make that again. Think of…Read More

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Here it is: 120% Lino. My first piece for Daily Candy. Excited? Yup!

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The Recap

With Tatijana Shoan of “As If Magazine” and Erin Chainani (that last one was snapped by Patrick McMullan himself). Six days. Five nights. Twenty-two total hours of sleep. Four little black dresses. One vintage jumpsuit. Three opening nights. One concert. Five art fairs. Nine parties. One yoga class. Four blowouts. One manicure (way to go, Mercy!), Two dinners. Four days of not checking my e-mail. Three new friends. One long-lost friend. Two face-to-face run-ins with actual celebs. One bag of candy, seaside. Three pieces of art I can’t get out of my head. And zero parking tickets. I did Art Basel 2011. And it was (for the most part) all good.

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Surviving Basel: Days 5 & 6

Missoni Summer 2012 preview. Pretend it’s an artsy shot (as opposed to a bad camera phone pic). Coming into the home stretch, I’ve landed at day five. And with it comes fashion. Last year, I attended the “Vogue”/YSL fete at Loren Ridinger’s casa. This year, it was all about Missoni. Courtesy of “Vogue,” the property was swollen with the fabulous set. As expected, Louboutin-wearing champagne sippers were the majority, but I did see a few things that caught me off guard: like a guy in clear, plastic pants. And just past him, racks of Missoni for perusing. The fashion show around the pool featured bold and beautiful prints from the Italian house with maroons, browns, yellows and blues as the dominant color patterns. A dramatically ruffled black-and-white bikini stole the show, while the thick, zig-zagged heels adorned with flowers on the toes gave those of us with a shoe fetish…Read More

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