Shameless Self-Promo: I'm Kinda Famous Today …

Thanks to the awesome socks Jipsy, I wound up on Cultist today from my little romp at The Standard’s MAM Playlist Party. It just so happens I was wearing my new boots that night. See them for yourself, here. Thanks for the love, Jipsy!

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Mitzvah Day

Every now and then I take a break from the fashion and beauty bubble to be a part of the real world. Today’s real world experience: Mitzvah Day. What’s that, you ask? It’s a day of doing good deeds. This was my second year of heading up a Mitzvah Day project at Temple Beth Sholom. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone I’m not Jewish. I don’t want to get kicked out of the club.) Just walking into the temple today you could have washed someone’s car, donated blood, made a scarf for someone in the hospital, made a pillow for troops overseas, potted a plant for an elderly person and so on and so on. This year’s group was 1,000 strong. That’s 1,000 people who gave up a portion of their Sunday to make the world a little happier. And this year, my little group helped make hats and cards for kids…Read More

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Passion Fruit-Flavored Miami

That’s Santigold. At this point, if you live in Miami, have Internet access and a Facebook page, you know Absolut launched its sixth city-inspired flavor last night at the lawn at the Fontainebleau. We’ve made it! We’re a vodka! Absolut Miami. The colorful bottle packed a citrus punch with orange blossom and passion fruit, which is a much nicer flavor to give this city than many of us locals could have come up with. Fruity. Miami is a fruity city. We’re full of fruity people and well-ripened activities. But we’ll get to that. Mojitos in hand, the crowd at the event got loud and happy when Santigold took the stage. Yeah, Santigold. Considering we live in a place bands just glaze right over when making touring schedules, you have to admit, this was kind of a big deal. As she, her two back-up dancers and a funny-wigged DJ took the…Read More

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Get Smart

Need sheets? Yeah, me neither. There are exactly 2.4 million discount shopping sites. I know this because I am subscribed to at least 2.2 of that million. My inbox is an enigma in and of itself. Here’s the ironic part: As much as I love shopping, I hardly ever open any of them. The exception is the one my friend (hold up, there’s a shout out coming) Marcella referred me to. (Side note: I honestly have more than three friends, but for some reason the only three who ever get mentioned on my blog are Maria, Marcella and Erin. I swear there’s more. Honest.) After listening to me rant about how I need new jeans, Marcella texted me a site called SmartBargains.com, who had Paige Denim for the grand total of $32. I’ve been on the site ever since: Hello, Nicole Miller sequin dress for $27.99. Anyone want to host…Read More

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New Thing: Stick It

Stick ‘em up. Having a blog propels you to do lots of things. Sometimes, things you’d never normally do. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. So, once a week, I’m peer pressuring myself to test out the waters and try something out of my comfort zone. This week: Stick-on manicures. For some odd reason (I think it’s my work sked), I’ve gotten stuck on a Wednesday mani/pedi rotation, which means come Sunday, I’m all chipped out. Solution: manicure stickers, or, as Sally Hansen calls them Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I found these are my local Target over in the nail polish aisle. That’s about as close to real nail polish as they come, being found in the nail polish aisle. Options abound, from solid with glitter to lace, flowers, stripes and other tacky crap I’d never be caught dead in more. I went with flowers because I…Read More

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Makeup Monday: Emma Stone's Eyes

Emma Stone in Lanvin. Last night’s Golden Globes sent a storm of celebs down the red carpet in fabulous frocks and daring makeup. My favorite look of the evening, however, was Emma Stone. Her eyes were completely on par with her dress. And what a dress it was. It’s a bit risky to play up such dramatic makeup with such a powerful dress, but the team at Chanel helped Stone pull it off. It’s all about the eyes. Stone is a Revlon brand ambassador, which means she, of course, was wearing a smattering of Revlon products. The artist behind the look was Chanel’s Rachel Goodwin, who created the look with pewter and gunmetal shades. For the eyes, here’s what she used: Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Noir and Intense Mascara in Noir. Revlon ColorStay 16H Eyeshadow Quad in Precocious. Noted are the nude-ish lips paired with the bold eye, because…Read More

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The Power of Patterns

One look, four patterns. Yesterday, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I’m usually a solids kind of person. But I mixed it up with a mess of patterns. Normally, if I do wear a pattern, it’s just one. And a bold one at that. Mixing and matching a bunch of little patterns together can be risky. You can easily come off like a vagrant wearing every last scrap of clothing you own. Or, you can look like an art teacher who went to Woodstock version 1.0. But, if you do it right, it’s possible to make the look work. I don’t know what got into me when I paired my big, boho mama skirt (FYI if I could LIVE in these hippie dippy schmattas, I totally would.) with a pattern tank and threw on my DVF leopard tote. I also had on my Zingara animal-print halter bikini, which was…Read More

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The Life of Riley Fridays

I’m not so sure how fab this whole things is, but it’s touting my new concept. After a chat with my Mom, where I explained to her my new office attire was a bathing suit and my new office was the beach or a pool (I live in a tropical environ, so part of my New Year’s resolution was to enjoy it as much as possible and since I have to work, why not meld the two?), she threw out a saying “the life of Riley.” And then she was floored neither I, nor my husband, had any clue what it meant. I chalked it up to a generation gap. But after she said it, she suggested I dedicate Friday (my favorite day of the week) posts to the good life. And I think it’s not a half-bad idea. So here it is, my first Life of Riley Friday post….Read More

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Yes, a Whole Post About Lipstick

Current faves. There are two things in life that should always be red: sports cars and lips. I know this is very ’50s of me, but I love lipstick. Bold, red lipstick. Nothing says a perfect pout like a pair of beautifully lined rouge lips. And the last thing I’d ever do is swipe gloss over the top of that lipstick. For me, red lips should be marvelous and matte. Finding the right lipstick to make that happen, however, is a chore in and of itself. Reds fade to bright or hot pink, bleed into your lip line and they make for a mess if you don’t locked down the exact shade and texture. When I came across Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet ($32.50), I got that little tingle of excitement that I might be able to give my old standby Clinique red I’ve been rationing for eons now (it was…Read More

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