Irma Talk About Hurricanes Now …

{Wearing: One-piece: Gooseberry Seaside So Chic Long Island. Sunnies: Photographed by Jorge Camaraza} That’s me, riding alongside the black walls of  storms running me out of Bimini exactly 24 hours after I arrived. Those are the same storms created by Harvey. As in the Harvey that pillaged Texas. Back then it was just a tropical storm. A tropical storm that died and somehow came back to life … with a vengeance. A White Walker storm, if you will. Now here I am just weeks later looking at this thing called Irma headed straight for Florida. And here’s what I have to say about that … Well, we’ve pissed off Mother Nature. Oh, climate change isn’t real, they said. Global warming doesn’t exist, they said. And then they duct taped the mouths of organizations that monitor such things. As they say, hell hath no fury like a mother scorned. So, here…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials, the Befores and Afters

This is me after the team from Glamsquad descended upon my house with an arsenal of beauty and hair supplies to transform me from work-from-home-editor/mom life into someone willing to take a selfie. Add in good lighting, too (a girl’s best friend). It’s easy to feel camera-ready when you have a team of experts to slap on layers of paint, accentuate the good stuff and cover-up the bad stuff. Sadly, they aren’t on hand as much as I’d wish them to be (as in like all day every day). And no one has come up with an Instagram filter for real life yet. And … my DIY makeup skills are borderline pathetic. Is it any wonder I wear my professional makeup for as many humanly hours as I can keep it on. If I could sleep in it and make it work the next day, I would. And those reasons…Read More

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It’s Time To Go Back-To-School Shopping at Sawgrass Mills: A Guest Post By Milly Jane Harris

It’s almost time to go back to school. My favorite thing about back-to-school shopping is all the cool new stuff I get to pick out to wear for the year. And this year, when my mom said she was taking me and the boys (that’s Julien and Jorgie. They’re part of our big Brandy Bunch family), to Sawgrass Mills, I knew we would find really fun stuff. First, we stopped for lunch at Mojito Bar and Plates by Douglas Rodriguez because we knew it was going to be a long day and we needed to get all fueled up for all that shopping. We had arepas, mahi  mahi, croquetas, salads and Cuban sandwiches. It was really yummy, and the giant lemonades were me and mommy’s favorite part. Then it is was off to get all the things we needed to be cool for back to school. We got shoes, clothes…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials Part Six

{Glow by Vivid Face.} Oh the fun of living in Florida. It’s hard to escape the sun. It’s hard to hide from it’s never-ending rays. Don’t get me wrong. I love being in the Sunshine State, but my skin doesn’t always. Now that I’ve been doing laser facials, which you can read more about here, I’ve made a massive attempt to keep the sun off my face. But living in Florida, Miami, especially, that’s a tall order. Keeping sunscreen on in the dead of summer’s heat, well, that’s hard. And reapplying, well, that’s not always convenient. As a result, uh, sunspots. So after a series of laser facials at Vivid Face, with the help of the team, we decided to up the ante and take things to the next step to get to those dark spots that need a little extra help clearing up. So, this go round, I opted for a…Read More

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It’s August, But It’s Still Spa Month. Wait, What?

{All the glory of spa month c/o Lapis, the Spa at Fontainebleau} I’ll never truly understand why Miami Spa Month is called spa month when, in fact, it’s two months long, but I’m certainly not going to let that stop me from enjoying it until it actually ends—which isn’t happening for another 31 days. That’s 31 days to get to Lapis, the Spa at Fontainebleau and just let go. I have a little secret to divulge: Lapis is my favorite spa. The water journeys, the relaxation lounge, the treats—it all combines to turn whatever kind of day you were having before into the best day ever. And then they usher you off to your massage. Mine was the 50-minute Aromatic Swedish Massage for $109. As luck would have it, I had just pulled something in the wrong direction in my back while working out earlier that morning, so a session with…Read More

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Summer Skin With Smith & Popov

{Top and Shorts: c/o Blush Boutique. Skincare: c/o Smith & Popov Photographed by Jorge Camaraza} There’s only so much healthy stuff you can eat and so much water you can drink (by the way, I’m the worst at that last one) to make your skin glow. Sometimes you have to call in the big guns. Especially, come summer when you cannot hide behind pounds of makeup. And considering how long summer lasts in Miami, well … For me, those big guns are Smith & Popov. As I teeter totter on the final days of my 30s, I’ve found the best way to deal with looking in the mirror and realizing things don’t stay where they once were (under eye baggage, wrinkles, smile lines) is to Botox and fill them with fillers back to where they should be. I’ve been working with Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Danielle Smith for some time now to make…Read More

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The Great Staycation: Mandarin Oriental

There are four essentials musts when it comes to a great staycation, which I’m going to share using my recent stay at the Mandarin Oriental.  Ready? Here we go … Eating In Bed Smack at the top of this list is eating in bed. Why? Because it’s something you would never ever do at home. But this isn’t your home. There’s a full-time maid here. And you can eat in bed because if you make crumbs someone else will deal with them. While I’ve long had breakfast in bed at hotels, my new thing is dessert. What’s better than having chocolate mousse in a robe in a big fluffy hotel bed? Very little. That’s what. The Amenities The pool, the bar, the spa—it’s your job to investigate during your stay. I checked into The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental because robe life is the best life. And now during Miami…Read More

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This Retro Bathing Suit Means One Thing: It’s Swim Week in Miami

{Wearing: Bathing Suit: Hampton’s One Piece c/o Modcloth. Sunnies and Wedges: c/o T.J. Maxx. Headband: Vintage Lanvin. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} It’s heeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee. Swim Week is upon us. For the rest of the week, we’ll all be gawking at models in Lycra as sweat finds creative places to pool—a yearly tradition we Miamians are well versed in. Another is watching out-of-towners melt in our 1,000 percent humidity. Welcome to Miami. Seek AC wherever you can. But it’s all in good fun. In reality, we’re lucky to host the official week of swimwear in our city. I mean, it’s the one place that wears swimwear longer than any other city in the U.S. This should be the home of Swim Week. Last year, I got to walk in one of the kick off shows. And it was awesome. This year, however, I’m helping Krelwear host a kick off to the week…Read More

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It’s Miami Spa Month: First Stop: Aqualina Spa by ESPA

{Miami Spa Month, courtesy of Aqualina Spa by ESPA.} Ah, robe life. Come summer in Miami, it’s a necessity. Like air drinking water and spending all your time in the a.c. Living in a city that, during the entire summer, fluctuates between blowing hair dryer hot humidity at you and dumping endless showers on you, you need something to help see you through. I mean aside from frose. That’s where Miami Spa Month comes in. From July 1-August 31, the best spas around town offer up deals that offer a refuge from Miami’s summer elements. I started off Miami spa month off at Aqualina Spa by ESPA. I’m a full-on fiend for ESPA products. I swear by their oils, using them nearly nightly.  A Swedish massage with only ESPA products, well, that’s next level. And that’s exactly what happened at Aqualina. I started off with a pot of tea. Then,…Read More

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