Stepping Out in Andre Assous

{Wearing: Jacket: c/o Tricia Fix. Shoes: c/o Andre Assous Tamsin Nappa Sandal, available at Macy’s. Photographed By Milly Jane Harris.}   Oh Miami, and our unfulfilled fashion cravings. We long to wear boots, but your sweltering temps and humidity, you make it nearly impossible. Then, Andrea Assous comes along and creates sandals with a boot-ish feel and all is right in the Southernmost State. I’m loving these Tamsin Nappa Sandals. They go with jeans. They go with dresses. They go with shorts. You see where I’m going with this. They go with everything. And you can still show off whatever nail polish on your toes that trending. Finally, someone who gets a Florida girl’s footwear needs. Thanks, Andrea Assous. This post is sponsored by TaoTronics. The thoughts and opinions, well, those are mine. All mine.    

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Run Away to Turks and Caicos

And just like that another 365 passes us by. It’s funny, I started off 2017 in a foreign country. And I’m ending 2017 the same way I rang it in: Elsewhere. Abroad.  Who would have guessed, me, this girl who was terrified to leave Florida for eight years because I could not get myself on a plane, is now writing this from, actually, I don’t want to think about how many feet it is. I’m better, but I’ll never truly be comfortable with it.  Since it’s December 31 and all and I’m sitting on a plane headed off to a tropical paradise and feeling all nostalgic, now seems the the best time as any to tell the story of one of my most favorite trips of the past year. It was not too long ago that Jorge and I agreed to visit Turks and Caicos as part of a press…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Lip Injections

{Wearing: Jeans: c/o Lilac and Lilies Boutique. Top: c/o Lilac and Lilies Boutique. Necklace: c/o Yvonne Rose. Shoes: c/o T.J. Maxx. Bag: Vintage. Hair: c/o Contesta Rock Hair. Makeup: c/o Hippy Glow. Photographed by KarGar Ohh Snap at Espanola Way.} I recently got my lips done on a routine Botox visit at Smith & Popov. We filled my pucker up with Restylane and Volbella to give them shape and a little plump-ness. It wasn’t my first time at this lip rodeo, but a year had passed since the last time and I wanted them to look slightly more full, so I dove right in. Danielle just happens to be the lip queen. She goes for a natural look. And she’s very very good at it. These pics were taken about a week after I had my lips done. I’m very happy with the results. Unlike last time, I knew what to expect this time around,…Read More

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The Great Oblication: Vegas at Last

There’s nothing quite like hiking to send a backseat full of kids into a tranquil slumber as you road trip from the tip of Utah to Vegas. Jorge and I listened to classic rock, as we do on all our adventures, as we headed toward to desert to fulfill the obligation portion of our oblication. There were not kids to complain about the sounds of our old people music. And it was lovely. Perfect, in fact. You’ll recall, we were headed to Project when we decided to bring the kids and turn the whole work trip into a family vacay.  With Zion behind us, all that was left was to play in the giant sandbox known as Vegas. It was all our first trips, sans Jorge (aka Cruise Director), and there was plenty on the agenda before the work set in. It just so happened that Fleet Foxes were touring when…Read More

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The Great Oblication: Zion National Park

Our trip to Utah’s five national parks got wildly off course. We drove past Canyonlands. We drove past Canyon Reef. We drove past Bryce. And we just kept on going. The gravitational pull of Zion was a force so strong we couldn’t ignore it. Plans bend and twist and fold. And when they do, you have roll with the punches. We realized our goal were completely overzealous. Dragging kids from park to park in such a short period of time was crazy. But we didn’t realize it until we got there and pushed their little legs from here to there and everywhere. As long as we were together and making the most of this oblication (a trip you’re obligated to take that you also turn into a vacation), well, that what counts. So to heck with doing it all. We’d skip the rest and aim for the best. But first…Read More

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The Great Oblication: White Water Rafting in Moab

We woke up in our soft Hampton By Hilton beds, wrapped in our clean white sheets. Things hurt. Things like our calves, our hips and our hamstrings. Memories of yesterday’s hike were alive and well in our legs, our bones, our joints. But that didn’t stop us from bouncing out of bed (well, at least Jorge and I) and prepping for the next adventure. Our trip, as you’ll remember, started off as a work trip to Vegas (obligation) with a massive detour along Utah’s national parks (vacation). Put all that together and, well, you’ve got yourself an oblication. We rose the kids from their sleep, which wasn’t an easy task. Teenagers and sleep have a special relationship. The littlest one taking on the same mentality. But today, we were going rafting down the Colorado river in Moab. It was time to get up. It was time to get moving. It…Read More

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The One-Stop Shop for All Your Holiday Party Looks: Sawgrass Mills

And boom! Just like that, it’s holiday party season. You don’t need to just one thing to wear, you need lots of things to wear. For endless fetes, dinners, brunches, eves and ringings in. A one-stop shop is your best way to pull all this off. And that’s where Milly, I and Sawgrass Mills come in. We headed to the largest outlet mall in the U.S. to shop all the holiday looks you from the end of 2017 to the very beginning of 2018. We shopped the luxurious designer outlets at Colonnade. We perused the endless outlets inside. Along the along the way, we found pieces we think you’ll love (and work into the rest of your wardrobe long after the holidays have gone). I was smitten with a Valentino dress that works perfectly for ringing in a new 365. Milly knocked it out of the park in the headwear…Read More

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The Nutcracker is Finally Here!

{Nathalia Arja and Miami City Ballet dancers in Miami City Ballet’s production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® Photo © Alexander Iziliaev.} You guys! I’m excited beyond excited, because tonight I’m taking little Miss Milly to the opening night of The Miami City Ballet’s The Nutcracker at the Arsht. And this year, after 27 years, there are all new costumes and sets for the production. It never really feels like Christmas for me until after we’ve dressed up and gone to see the big show. And tonight is the night. I’m so excited that I’m going to share a special code so you can get into the holiday spirit and see it, too. The show runs Dec 15-24 at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Use code SUGARPLUM  at miamicityballet.org for 15 percent off select seats in the A, B and C levels for the following shows: ·       Opening Night: Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. ·       Tuesday,…Read More

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It’s Heeeereeeee: Art Basel 2017 and the Faena Kickoff

{Ginger and the technicolor dreamcoat, which is actually my new fluffy coat from Rebel. Thx, for the pic, Serge.} And here we are. It’s Art Basel, even though Art Basel hasn’t even started yet. And what a wonderful thing it is. This time of year in Miami is an absolute gift. Yes, the traffic is horrible. Yes, you wait in line to wait in another line to wait in yet another line, but it’s all worth it. The weather is divine. The art is inspiring and, well, there really isn’t anything like this on earth. Last night Faena kicked off Miami Art Week with a VIP preview. And let me tell you, beneath the big full moon, with the cool ocean breeze, seeing these installations as a band, outfitted with fire dancers, marched us from installation to installation, ending in a kaleidoscope-projected room inside Faena Forum, where roller skaters outfitted…Read More

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