War Wounds

{Wearing: Dress: Kore. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bracelet: Vintage. Photographed by Erin Newberg at The Standard Spa Miami Beach.}   When you look at this pic what do you see? Me looking out at the beautiful backdrop at The Standard Spa Miami Beach? Maybe. But when I look at it here’s what I see …   this ugly scar I got a few months back because a girl at a club was kind enough to use my flesh to accidentally extinguish her cigarette as she was coming down the stairs. It bothers me because I love wearing backless things. It bothers me because it’s not pretty. It bothers me because it hasn’t always been there and the way I got it wasn’t going head to head with a shark to save a child’s life, nor was it from rescuing puppies from a burning building. It was because some girl who had…Read More



Kickin’ It

{Wearing: High waisted retro-inspired bikini: The Orchid Boutique. Shoes: Vintage Jeffrey Campbell via Bib + Tuck. Glasses: c/o Woodzee Claudia Pear Wood White Dip. Accessories: The Shop at The Standard Spa Miami Beach. Photographed by Erin Newberg at The Standard Spa Miami Beach.} Is it just me or is Mercury in permanent retrograde? I know that voodoo ended on June 11 and isn’t supposed to start back up again until September 17, but that’s all allegedly because I’ve got a retrograde monkey, who is not only on my back, he’s sitting on my head covering my eyes and ears and basically flinging shit at me from all angles, still. Between Verizon charging me for not returning a phone they said I didn’t have to to a damn Sunpass that keeps getting jacked out of my car, to employment, unemployment, back to employment, flat tires, a busted ac smack in the middle of summer,…Read More



Treat Yo Self: Vanity Projects Miami

Nails c/o Vanity Projects Miami. Nail art. It’s something I’ve admired while scrolling through Instagram for years now, but not something I’ve ever actually witnessed on my own nails, because, well, I live in Miami and trying to lock that down is like trying to find a unicorn at the mall. And then Vanity Projects Miami happened. Think of it as the Dali of Nail Art. I walked in all like “give me a sxsw-meets-glam vibe” and voila. This dose of hand-painted magic happened. Arrows on sparkle on rhinestones on pearls on gold lame. Coachella goes glam. I actually held off on writing this post because I wanted to see how the manicure would hold up. It is, after all, the most expensive mani I’ve ever had ($70) and well, that needs to be road-tested. Not to mention there are tiny little baubles glued all over my nails. Are those really…Read More

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Oh, Mexico

{Wearing: Crochet cover-up: Kore. Bikini: Victoria’s Secret. Photographed by me.} I recently escaped to Cancun, where I basically re-enacted that episode of Girls, where Lena Dunham spends three days in a bikini. Only instead of the Hamptons, I was at the JW Marriott in a tropical paradise. The tequila was good, the sun was amazing, the ocean was perfect and the pool was even better. But the thing that I’m most thrilled about it how I flew there and back without any assistance (meaning airplane meds). There were two take offs and one landing stone cold sober. The other landing happened, thanks to my friend vodka. Maybe it’s the frequency of flights in my life, maybe it was the company, maybe it was my will to not want to land in an airplane meds haze that lasts long after the flight ends, but I did it. And I’m proud of…Read More



This is Where I Leave You

Five hours later, I rolled into the antique village, catching glimpses of trees draped with Spanish moss against the backdrop of picturesque buildings, their bricks faded and covered in worn paint. This is where I leave you, I thought. And it’s a bittersweet thought, that word being the one Mills used to describe the moment. At 7, she is smarter than I know what to do with. Bitter because I will miss her in the everyday fabric of my life. Sweet because this is where the adventure begins. You see, I’m leaving my kiddo with my mom (Camp B.B., as we call it, because she lives in the woods and there’s fishing and bonfires and nature, all the things Miami is somewhat void of but necessary for a true childhood summer) for a few weeks. It’s the first time in my life I’ve been away from her for more than…Read More



Four Finds: Skin-Sational

Blame it on the summer sun and the amount of time I’ve been spending in it, but lately, I’ve gotten all wrapped up in skincare. Here are a four of my favorite new things: Cover Up Sunscreen is a must. A must-must, especially living in Miami, where a walk to the car yields as much sun as most people get at the pool. I’m loving Omorovicza UV Mineral Shield SPF 30. I like that it’s mineral based and 30 is a no-brainer in this day in age. While this isn’t the one I wear on a daily basis, it is the one I wear when I know I’m spending a day in the sun. Find it at Neiman Marcus. All Oiled Up At first, the idea of adding oil to my face was, well, terrifying. Would it make me break out? Would it make me oilier? Nope. Turns out, Napoleon…Read More

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Yes, No, Maybe So

{Wearing: Top: Kore. Skirt: American Apparel. Yes/No Clutch: Kore. Shoes: Aldo (old). Necklace: Daniela Swabe. Blowout: Blo Midtown Miami. Photographed by me.}   I’ve never been a maybe kind of girl. For me, when it comes to making a decision I’m pretty much black and white, yes or no—kind of like my clutch. I know what I want when I want it and I know exactly what I want nothing to do with. Grey areas are not my thing. There’s both pluses and minuses for being this stubborn as a mule determined. For instance: I was positive I wanted to go on a vacation to St. Lucia by myself a decade ago. Once I got there I realized it was exactly where I didn’t want to be. They say with age comes wisdom. (Let’s hope that’s true.) Now, unlike a decade ago, before just jumping into things with a definitive answer,…Read More



Pretty in Pink

  Let’s blog some shit! When I first came across this A Cup of Quotes mug, from fellow blogger Step Inside My Closet, it made me smile. I love what I do. And I do what I love. That’s a rarity in today’s world. And trust me, I am grateful beyond. Lend me your ear and I’ll tell you about it for longer than you’ll want to hear. The fact that there’s an awesome mug that highlights how I mentally think about my job, well, that’s just genius. That being said, I started to notice all the things I’ve gravitated toward this week are pink. Pink! I am, by every means, not a pink girl. I don’t wear pink (maybe sometimes fuchsia will somehow magically wind up on me) but, I don’t gush over pink. So, needless to say, this color coincidence freaked me out. But this bouquet Mills asked for at…Read More

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Beach Essentials

{Wearing: Billie Jean Denim Bikini Top and Aurora Bottom: c/o Wet Swimwear. Coverup: Kore. Fendi Fanny Sunnies: c/o Edward Beiner. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} The other day someone asked me why I was so tan. Why? Because summer came about a month early here in Miami. I have no other option to be tan, unless I plan to hide in my house under the confines of Netflix and constant A.C. And let me tell you at 98 degrees by 10 a.m., that’s not an impossibility. But the truth is, I love the heat. It’s why I love living in Miami. And this weather is glorious. It’s that kind of weather that makes you plot, scheme and plan ways to work outside, just so you can be a part of it. BUT this weather also comes with laundry list of must haves. For starters, there’s sunscreen. You cannot leave your…Read More

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