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The Inevitable Great Gatsby Post

  {Headpiece: So Good Jewelry. Dress: Ebay. Necklace: So Good Jewelry. Earrings, Gloves, Bracelet: Vintage. Hair: Todd at Van Michael Miami Salon. Photographed by me.} Fact: I’ve never seen The Great Gatsby. And that’s despite the fact that it has one of my most favorite hair inspiration actresses in it and it takes place in what is one of my favorite decades fashion wise. Why? Because that movie ruined my haircut. I actually boycotted it back when it came out because everyone on planet earth lobbed off their hair into a bob just like mine. Even my kid’s doctor said, “Look, my hair is just like yours.” And it was. There went my “I don’t want to look like every other girl in Miami” motivation. Ironically, now that my hair is longer than it’s been in five years, I spun it up in a Gatsby style, because, as luck would have it,…Read More



Four Finds: The Bday Edition

It was a fabulous birthday week of fun at Maison Milly and Me. My beautiful friends gifted me with treasures I’m eager to share. Here are a few of my faves. This Living Locket from The Wordy Girl is so cute I can barely stand it. Plus, she personalized it for me with symbolic little charms. I’ve worn it twice and been stopped a handful of times with, “What is that and where did you get it.” Find it at Living Lockets. I gifted this one to myself. It’s a beautiful lavender plant from the green market. Given my amazing ability to kill orchids in a single bound, I finally decided to switch to something else to see if my green thumb is officially black or if I just have a special gift for annihilating orchids. I’ll let you know if this survives the week. Obvi this adorable stationary is…Read More



Tea Time

I am not a morning person. Waking up is equal to going to the dentist, waiting at the DMV and shopping at Costco on a Saturday afternoon all rolled into one. When it’s time to emerge from the covers I’m grumpy, sluggish and sleepy. Since I got my Keurig, however, I’m coping with the alarm-clock blues. Now, when 7 a.m. rears its ugly head, I immediately stumble downstairs, pop a pod into my machine and voila … tea. Add a little organic raw honey from the local green market, take a few sips and my would-like-to-remain-shut eyeballs start to open a bit. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, my happy place is tea. And now that I don’t have to steep a bag, thanks to my instant little tea companion, I’m dealing with this whole being awake business. For those who thought the Keurig was only for coffee lovers, listen…Read More



Wugate: The Sequel

{Scarf: Jason Wu for Target. Photographed by me.} If you thought I was just going to remain mum about this little shenanigan, you were dead wrong. Last week, someone e-mailed me an actual copy of the lawsuit, which I’ve included a link to here in today’s post. Yesterday, the New Times posted the story. And let me just say, this is absolutely laughable. Some people just don’t know when their 15 minutes are through. As the person who coined the term Wugate and as the one who broke the initial story on that fateful day at Midtown Miami Target, this is my take on the situation: This guy is full of it. He was in fact the one screaming at the crowd. I actually saw him shove a shopper who was fed up with the situation. If anyone should be suing, it should be those of us who were subjected…Read More



March Beauty Board

Before we bid farewell to March, here are a few of my favorite products that helped me kick off spring. New Scents: My house is stocked with vanilla candles. This Nest Vanilla Orchid and Almond candle from Neiman Marcus is just one in my arsenal. The scent reminds me of freshly baked confections. And what’s better than walking into a home that smells like dessert? My new scent for the season is Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Aqua Vitae. The combination of musky, wood and citrus with lemon, mandarin, tonka bean and vanilla feels like a refreshing spring day. To bring my home into the season, I added an AirEssence from Agraria in Golden Cassis. The beautiful flowers have wicks as stems, which absorbs the oil and emanates the scent throughout your home. I put mine on my mail stand so it’s the first thing I smell when I walk in…Read More



Six Years Ago Today …

{On me and kiddo: Vintage jewelry, gloves and fur. Forever 21 headpieces. Photographed by me.} Six years ago today, the greatest thing that could ever happen to me did. I got the ultimate partner in crime, my littlest best friend, my dress up buddy, my photography assistant, my cuddle bug, my heart the goes walking around outside of my body. Little Miss Milly Jane was born just four days after my 30th birthday. Today she turns 6. Six! Happy birthday, kiddo. Love you more than there are words to express.  



The Big 3-6

{Bikini top: Ring Back Top c/o Mi Ola. Bikini bottom: Striped Boyshort c/o Mi Ola. Bracelets: c/o Pure Vida. Photographed by Mayleen of Photo Boutique.} Happy birthday to me. I have never been one to shy away from or dread my birthday. In fact, I celebrate it with abandon. And I will never be one to lie about my age. There’s no way on planet Earth I would want to be 21 again. I’ll take 36 over it any day of the week—with age comes wisdom and with birthdays come the celebration of life. Sure, I’d love to have my 21-year-old skin back, but hey, that’s what Dr. Donna Bilu Martin at Horwitz Dermatology is for. While I may not deny my age, I’m not going to give into it either. This girl’s not going down without a fight. Slather me in wrinkle cream, give me that Botox shot, sign…Read More




{Dress: Grey Tiger Maxi Dress c/o Shopblush.com. Booties: Jeffrey Campbell via Bib + Tuck. Bracelet: Vintage. Photographed by me.} Meow! Inspired by my Shopblush.com tiger dress (which, btw is so soft it could easily transition to jammies if the cut weren’t so damn sexy), a cat fight playlist. Push play the next time some trick gives you a case of the side eye. “F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt“— Jay-Z “Rip Her to Shreds” —Blondie “Gun” —Chvches “Shove It“— Santigold “Lay Your Cards Out” Polica        



Hello, Spring

{Top: Gap. Skirt: Karina Grimaldi Rocio Silk Skirt. Sunnies: c/o Christian Roth Fly Girl in Crystal Clear. Necklace: c/o Express. Bracelet: Sandbead bracelet c/o Dune with sand from Destin. Shoes: Zara. Bag: c/o The Find Auctions. Photographed by me.} Spring is, without a doubt, my favorite season. Why? Because my birthday is just five days after it happens and Milly’s is just four more days after that. Around Maison de Milly and Ginger, it’s prime celebration time. What I didn’t know, however, is that International Day of Happiness is the same day as spring. Coincidence? I think not. Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, new growth. And if those things don’t conjure happiness, I don’t know what does. To celebrate, I threw on my favorite things: The way this Karina Grimaldi skirt whips in the wind, makes me feel like a princess with a flowing train (yea, I…Read More