Hope Floats

{On Me: Bikini: c/o Toxie Sadie. Sunnies: American Apparel vintage dead stock. Necklace: c/o By Boe. On Kid: Tankini: Circo. Sunnies: Target.} When all else fails, throw on a bikini, grab a flotation device, hit the pool and just float. It’s one of my remedies to cure what ails you. Another is the swingset. If every stressed out adult would just take a time out in a pink inner tube or the swings at the park, chances are, we’d all be a little less neurotic. There’s something about the redundant motion of the swing and letting the water guide you that just leaves it all behind. Of course, having my partner in crime, Milly, along for the ride doesn’t hurt either. Oh to be 5 again. Something to keep in mind the next time you need to let go. Photographed by David Marc Harris.



Swappy Seconds

{Peplum dress: Vintage. Sandals: Vintage. Bracelet: Espiritutara.} Last week I enticed you with Bib + Tuck. And you’re still putting off spring cleaning? Here’s even more motivation: What if for every item you got rid of you could replace with something for free? It’s entirely possible if you host your own clothing swap. I scored this awesome vintage dress at a swap a few years back. And it cost me big, fat nothing—except newfound space in my closet. Winning. Here’s a few steps to putting together your own swap: First: Clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. If you haven’t tried it on in six months, try it on. See how it fits. Don’t just hold on to things because you like the “idea” of how they look. Not everything is ideal as you’d think. Second: Encourage your friends to do…Read More



Tuck on This

{Dress:Ramona LaRue Belt: Alexis. Jewelry: Vintage. Shoes: Jimmy Choo} So, if you happen over to Bib + Tuck today, you can read about my obsession with clothes and shop my closet. From Jill Stuart dresses and frilly vintage pieces to chunky L.A.M.B platforms, it’s all up for grabs. Foot not the same size as mine? There are still a ton of closets you can peruse. You can even clean out your own and list your items on the site. Sell enough and you can use your credits to refill what you clean out. Keep it high-end though. No Forever 21-ness. Since we’re friends and all, I’ll share my super secret special shopping code with you so you can join and start tucking my stuff, selling yours, whateves. It’s “electricblogarella.” You can also click this link and like magic, you’re in. Happy tucking. Thanks to Emma del Rey for the awesome shots.  



May Day: My New Favorites For the Month

New month, new things to look forward to. Here are a few of my current faves: These Ecco Owando Perf ballet flats are the perfect shade for upcoming summer. This mesh teardrop rose quartz from the Birks Muse Collection is just delicate enough to wear every day. Did you know rose quartz is the gemstone that represents love and wearing it opens your heart chakra? Happy feet, open heart chakra—add in retro beauty tips from the adorable book Vintage Beauty Parlor by Hannah Wing and you literally have the month covered from head to toe. I can’t wait for the next rainy day to try and recreate the looks in this beautiful book. Bright colored bralette for spring/summer, check. The Huit Arpege in bold yellow is perfect for the backless tops slowly but surely taking over my closet this season. I crave a summer tan, but am terrified of Botox. Here’s how…Read More



Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

{Tara Dress: Ramona LaRue. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Jewelry: Vintage.} It’s baaack, the concerte circle. This time around I climbed in in my Ramona LaRue Tara dress. A shape dress every girl worth her salt should have in her closet. What I most love about Ramona LaRue, other than the fact that Arianne is a local designer, is how she makes her own prints. She hand paints each and every one. So many of them are inspired by nature. This one is actually elephant skin magnified a million times over. I guess that would make this the concrete jungle. Roar. Photographed by David Marc Harris.  



Easy Like Sunday Morning

{Falmouth Boxers: c/o Paxton 1345.} My favorite day of the week? Sunday. It’s the last day of the weekend. And the day before a week’s worth of who even knows what’s to come. It’s your last chance to sit back, breathe and just be. It’s a day for lingering in bed a little too long, brunches and hanging with the fam. You can take the Friday you’re in love with. I’m sticking with Sunday in my comfy Egyptian cotton boxers, a cup of raspberry tea (no sugar. I swear I’ll never understand why people are into that) and a classic read. After all, Digable Planets that said it best: Sundays to relax.  



Going Ginger

{Region Sweater: c/o Left on Houston. Jeans: Zara. Shoes: Jill Stuart. Lolindo Necklace: c/o The Orchid Boutique.} Yesterday was a much deserved me day. Let me tell you, it’s been a week. I started off getting a mani and pedi at a new spot, 111 Nails, then it was over to Jungle Island to host the Garnier Olia Tour for bloggers. I’ve been debating going red for some time now and yesterday, I decided to just do it, put a little red in my hair. With a Miami Cocktail Company margarita in hand, a perfect view of the water and a cloudless sky, I sat down with the team from Garnier and plotted out which shade would be right for my new look. Turns out, it’s as easy as mixing 5.0 with 5.5. And it only took 30 minutes, of which I spent hanging out with the blogger crew on the…Read More



Tuning In

{(On Me) Sweater: c/o Left on Houston. Jeans: Mossimo. Hat: The Orchid Boutique. Leather Fringe Necklace: c/o InPink. Ring: Amorium. Shoes: Forever 21. (On Kiddo) Dress and Necklace: Little Mass c/o Hugs and Hissyfits. Shoes: Bongo.} One of my favorite new bands of the moment is Tame Impala. Kiddo got me into listening to them. Sure she’s 5, but her taste in music is impeccable. She loves Hot Chip and Capital Cities. And she’s recently gotten into Haim. So, the other day when Tame Impala’s “Elephant” came on, she insisted it sounded like Halloween music (the part where the organ comes in) and that this would be the part when the ghosts came out. Oddly enough, I totally get that. The next time we got in the car, she asked me to play the Halloween song again, which left me searching Spotify for Tame Impala. When I found them, I came across other songs like…Read More



Into the Great Blue Wonder

{Top: Forever 21. Jeans: c/o Dittos Sari Mid Rose Relaxed Straight. Shoes: Zara. Necklace: c/o InPink. Ring: Forever 21} Boyfriend jeans aren’t for petite girls—or so say the Interwebs (Too big for your frame. Will make you look stumpy. Just another trend you’re too short to wear.) Well, you can’t believe everything on the web, right? My mission: Prove this theory wrong and find a pair of boyfriend jeans that fit all 5 foot 2 inches of me. But after a maddening search at Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Target, TJ Maxx, Gap, Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Express, Loehmann’s—even the little boys section of a store as a last ditch effort to find baggie jeans I could pass off there as boyfriend jeans—I started to think it’s true. Maybe boyfriend jeans aren’t for petite girls. Pish posh. So why would a girly girl like me want boyfriend jeans to begin with? It isn’t exactly part of usual…Read More