Here Comes the Rain Again

{On Me: Dress: Rebel Miami. Booties and Fringe Necklace: Bib + Tuck. Necklace: Bag: c/o Ecco Belaga Cross Body Bag. On Kiddo: Dress: H&M. Shoes: H&M. Photographed by Sunny Middleton.} Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. But having kiddo dressed in head-to-toe kitty prints makes it more bearable. Milly and I headed out to Lincoln Road on a wet and nasty day, but we had umbrellas and made the most of it. Here’s a look at our rain-filled outing. Still raining. Still pouring. Turns out my favorite Ecco bag also comes in a cross body offering. Now I have a shape for every occasion. Kitty shoes now with raindrops. I love this kid.  



November Beauty Board

Here’s a look at what I’m loving this month and why … Holidays are coming. If you have impending travels, you’ll want to stock up on the Orla Kiely Washbag Gift Set. With shower gel, lotion and handcream in an awesome geranium scent, you already have half your toiletries packed in the cute case. Find it at Neiman Marcus. It’s finally chilly in Miami, which means your skin is probably a little confused. Keep things moisturized with the Skintercention Intense Repair Cream and Serum Stick. It’s sweater weather—finally! This cute printed sweater from Forever 21 is an ideal way to stay warm. This Edward Bess lipstick in this glorious shade of pink is a great way to add a little pretty to your day. Find it at Neiman Marcus. Sorbet is always a yes, especially when it comes in an eye mask. I love this one from Darphin because it…Read More



Bat for Lashes

I love mascara. I love it so much I go through a tube every month and a half. Don’t judge me. It would be my one luxury item if I were on a deserted island. It makes me feel pretty. And I don’t like to face the world without it. What sucks is, I put it on like a freak show circus (anyone who has witnessed this will attest). It’s a messy situation. And pretty time consuming. So when Jennifer Woehle of Beau Ideal House of Beauty proposed the idea of lash extensions, I thought, “Oooh, swimming in a pool without the after effects of raccoon eyes. Sign me up.” And she did. Jennifer travels between Miami, New York and L.A. to give ladies something to bat. I caught up with her at Brownes & Co. on Lincoln Road (she also works at the Design District location) on her latest excersion…Read More



Happy Blog-iversary

{Dress: ClaudiaE. Shoes: Steve Madden. Photographed by Sunny Middleton.} Seven hundred and 30 days ago I started a blog. It was, without a doubt, the best decision I ever made. It all began at a Diane von Furstenberg event—something I felt I needed to document—and it’s been an adventure in fashion, life, lessons, love, acceptance and growth since. For the past two years, I’ve poured my heart and soul into a WordPress page. And it has been worth every second of it. So here I sit, thinking how much has changed in the past year and the pictures documenting all of it. When I look at these pictures, I see so much more than just shoes and handbags, nail polish and lipstick. I see where my life was at that time and place. Where my heart was. My happiness, My sorrows. My shortcomings. My triumphs. It’s like this dress, the…Read More



Leap of Faith

“Jumping for joy is good exercise for the soul.”—Unknown {Top: H&M. Skirt: American Apparel. Knee socks: H&M. Saunter Combat Boots: c/o Ecco. Necklace (pictured below): Bib + Tuck Photographed by Sunny Middleton} So about that bucket list I talked about a few months ago, well, I’ve finally decided to add something to it. Back when I was in high school, I could run the basketball court doing back handsprings and back tucks. And now, at 35, I see myself doing things through yoga that I wasn’t able to do in my teen years, which leads me to believe I can still very much do all those things. It’s just getting over the mental hurdle of throwing yourself backward toward the ground and trusting your body will know exactly what to do in that situation. So, I’m going to add going to an adult gymnastics class to my bucket list because I want…Read More



In and Out as Dictated by Isabel Marant

I finally decided to check out Isabel Marant‘s line for H&M, which launches next week. And guess what? No more of those hideous wedge sneakers. Thank god. Those things were just plain shugly. (That’s shoes that are ugly.) Embarrassing, even. They rank right up there with Uggs. And how traumatized are you that you wore that look? With sweatpants, nonetheless. It’s OK, eventually people will forget your fashion transgressions, but only if you quit wearing them. Any girl worth her fashion salt knows when its time to close up shop on a tired trend. And that one didn’t just make me yawn. It made me gag. And I’m not alone. Case in point: I recently attended an event where a brand outfitted all the bloggers in attendance in shoes. Wedge sneakers were on the menu and we all glazed right over them because that trend, thank God, is done. While I usually…Read More



Blushin’ and Bloggin’ For a Good Cause

  {Crop Top: Harem Pants: Forever 21. Shoes: BCBG. Necklaces: Lola James. Bag: Vintage. Photographed by Maria Tettamanti} Save the date, kids. I’m hosting the Blushin’ and Bloggin’ For a Good Cause event at Blush South Beach on November 14 with my blogger sistas Annie Vazquez and Daniela Ramirez. It’s a perfect excuse for a girl’s night out with plenty of shopping and 10 percent of proceeds from the night going toward Juntos. Since I can’t stop into Blush without finding at least three things that simple MUST GO HOME WITH ME (like this crop top), I promise it will be a great night. Besides, it’s time for you to start putting your Basel wardrobe together. Of which I’ll be doing sans the Alexis sale this year, as she isn’t having one. Yes, sad, but true. It’s time to look elsewhere for our artful looks for that fateful week…Read More



The Big Real: Pinkalicious and her Cupcakes

{Kiddo as Pinkalicious and Owen and Henry as her cupcakes.} Tada! It’s time for the annual Harris crew costume reveal. This year, Milly went as Pinkalicious. For those of you who aren’t the mom of a little girl, you probably have no clue who or what Pinkalicious is, so I’ll enlighten you. She’s a little girl who loves the color pink, especially pink cupcakes. One day, against her parent’s wishes, she eats one too many pink cupcakes and turns pink. But after she sneaks even more cupcakes, her pink shade turns to red, and while she loved being pink, she isn’t fond of her new hue. The doctor explains the only way she can get back to her normal is by eating her green veggies, which she isn’t so fond of either. But she musters the courage and throws back her broccoli in order to get back on track. It’s…Read More



Staying Power

Minx came and went. Gel took half my toenail with it (long story) and cost me an extra $10 to get off. Press-on nails popped off at a party and made my hands an interesting (and awkward) conversation piece. And the regular mani, well, that lasts a whole five minutes when you have a 5-year-old kiddo and two dogs who constantly require being cleaned up after. What’s a girl to do? Enter Salon Vaso and it’s new Vinylux mani/pedis. The salon, located in South Beach just atop Einstein’s Bagels (mmm, pumpkin bagel … two birds, one stone), has a little something new from CND called Vinylux, which goes on and stays on for anywhere from 7-10 days. It’s like a gel, but requires no UV light nor crazy removal tactics to take off. Uppy, my manicurist, gave me the lowdown on the polish, explaining, as a fellow mom, that it…Read More