Yoga That Saves

  {Wearing: Leggings: c/o Colosseum leggings from the spring 2016 collection. Top: Lululemon. Photographed by me.} How much am I obsessing over these new Colosseum yoga pants from the upcoming spring collection? A ton. Stripes are always a go-to for me, because they’re classic and easy to funk up. I couldn’t wait to get them on and strike a pose. And speaking of fashion you love, remember when you were a kid and you got a new backpack or pair of sneakers or sweatshirt that was your favorite thing? You couldn’t wait to toss it on, wear it to school and show it off. It was the best thing in your whole closet and wearing it gave you swagger. Somewhere in your lifelong closet there an items that’s become part of the fabric of your childhood memories. Sadly, not all kids are lucky enough to have something like that, which…Read More



Who is That Masked Lady

{Wearing: Catwoman Eco Mask: c/o Vivo Masks.} It’s almost heeeere. My most favorite of all the holidays (yes, even Christmas). I love Halloween, in a probably not normal sort of way. This past weekend, I realized why. And it’s not just because I can unearth the weird collection of costumes I have at my house and wear them in public with opera gloves and a beautiful metal mask like this one from Vivo Masks. It’s because Halloween is a tradition in my family. This past week, my mother sent me endless photos of zombie heads, body bags, homemade floating ghosts and a pic of herself dressed as death with glowing red eyes. No, I didn’t grow up in the Adams’ family. My mom, who lives in the middle of nowhere in a giant forest, turned the woods around her into a haunted house for a Halloween party. And, based on…Read More



It’s Sweater Weather in Miami

{Wearing: Sweater: c/o T.J. Maxx. Skirt: Blush. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bag: c/o T.J. Maxx. Necklace: c/o Kore. Photographed by Ria Michelle.} After what’s been the longest summer in Miami ever (my ac up and died not once but four times this summer), it’s finally sweater weather in Miami. And that’s not just for picture purposes either. It really is sweater weather in Miami. There’s wind. And temps in the 80s. Is this what fall feels like? It’s been so long and so sweltering, I’d almost forgotten. In fact, the weather has been so amazing, I find myself escaping to the great outdoors as often as I can. Just the other day I slipped into this designer sweater from T.J. Maxx and my favorite booties and hit a blogger brunch with Lacoste at Mandolin at Soho House the other day and was shocked to see a table full of fellow sweater wearers…Read More

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Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

{Wearing: Skirt: Blush. Booties: Valentino. Smiley Deco Small Camouflage Bag: c/o V73. Photographed by me.} I don’t know when it happened, but it did. I somehow transitioned into a camo wear-er. It all started with a knit hat I got back home, in the Panhandle—the birthplace of camouflage. I bought it at a flea market. It was a novelty purchase. Then, a baseball cap happened. Next, a tank top. Jeans, shirts—there was more to follow. And now I am the owner of a camo bag. It shocks even me. I always thought I was too girly for such things. That, and I’ve never been one to go incognito. But then Valentino took the print and transitioned it from gun-toter gear to, dare I say it, fashionable. And suddenly, camo happened. I know that was a while ago. And I know I’m like 1,000 years late to this party, but when…Read More

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Find Your Wanderlust

{Wearing: Leggings: c/o Habit Activ Samson Crop. Top: Lululemon. Photographed by @thelouiscollection} That’s me getting my om on at Leggings Lounge during the last night of Yoga Month. If you’re looking for another community yoga event, I suggest checking out Wanderlust 108. It’s a “mindful triathlon,” which includes a 5K run, outdoor yoga and guided meditation. It’s happening this Saturday, October 17, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Virginia Key Beach at 4020 Beach Drive. What I like about Wanderlust 108 is its message, which is simply spelled out in its hashtag: #ActuallySheCan. It’s a message of female empowerment and self. In other words, get it, girl. And um, brilliant, there’s an #ActuallySheCan trampoline at the event to encourage people to “bounce back from anything.” Love that. So, this weekend, if you’re looking to put a positive spin on your outlook, go ahead, find your Wanderlust. Get tickets here. And speaking of…Read More

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A Perfect 10

{Wearing: Crop top: Kore. Jeans: c/o American Eagle. Suspenders and Hat: H&M. Booties: Saint Laurent. Bag: Gap. Bracelet: Frangipani. Photographed by: Jorge Camaraza.} On my New York Fashion Week adventure, Jorge insisted we go to Little Italy, so he could feed me fresh mozzarella. Not knowing it was the San Gennaro festival, I obliged because a) I lived in New York and yet had never been there or done that before and b) Jorge’s mission in life is to feed me—the side effect of having a Cuban boyfriend.  Cue the focus of today’s post. I grew up in the Midwest, which means I am a white girl through and through. I come from a long line of English people with smatterings of German, Welsh and Irish roots, all of which came here on boats during the heyday of Christopher Columbus and landed smack in the middle of an emerging America….Read More




  {Wearing: Top: Kore. Shorts: Blush. Bag: c/o T.J. Maxx. Necklace and Bracelet: c/o RoxHouse. Photographed by World Red Eye.} I love a margarita, sometimes more than shoes. Sometimes, more than cheese. Sometimes, I love a margarita more than I like people—especially people who like to have conference calls. That last one makes me need a margarita—or 10. But I digress. What I don’t love about a margarita is all the crunches I have to do the next day to negate how fattening they are. The average margarita has 153 calories. In order to work off 153 calories, you have to walk for 40 minutes, jog for 18 minutes, swim for 13 minutes or cycle for 21 minutes. And that’s just one. You know you’re going to have at least two of those (on a good day). On a bad day, well, get ready to hit the gym after you’re…Read More

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Celebrate the Last Day of National Yoga Month Here

{Wearing: Brickel Leggings and 9th Street Bra Top: c/o YRSTRLY, a new workout brand that’s coming to Miami soon.} It’s the last day of the month and not just any month either. It’s the last day of National Yoga Month. And since yoga is such a huge part of my life (my happy place), I’ll be celebrating in various poses at a very special free yoga event. I invite you to get your om on tonight at the Shelborne at 7 p.m. for Leggings Lounge. Join me, a few of my favorite other bloggers and my favorite yoga teacher on earth for 60 minutes of stretching it out. See you there.  



Get Your Motor Running … My Colorado Adventure Part 1

  {Wearing: Campbell’s Soup Top: c/o T.J. Maxx. Plaid Top: c/o T.J. Maxx. Leggings: LuluLemon. Hat: Vintage. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} It started early on a Friday morning. Little did I know, as I was running through the Miami International Airport toward the gate, that I was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Earlier in the summer I had said yes to being a Seekender for Hampton by Hilton, a program that would let me take a weekend anywhere one of its 2,000 hotels was located and make the most of it. I chose to go to Colorado. But I didn’t know—couldn’t know—what was in store. I was moments away from starting the kind of trip you can’t even begin to process until you’re coasting through a canyon at 80 miles an hour on the back of a vintage motorcycle, the wind whipping across your face, tangling…Read More