PTBD: Post Traumatic Basel Disorder

It came, it went. Basel, the blur that causes one to go to more events in one week than most people go to in an entire year is finally behind us. Yes, there was art that spoke to my soul, and yes, there were events that were worthy of greeting the sun after, but for the most part it’s all just a mish mash that left us like pinballs ricochetting from one art fair tent and party to the next. And as a result, we are left with only our iPhone pics to put together what we saw, what we did, where we went. To keep things short and sweet, since (at three days out) the last thing you want to hear again is the actual word “Basel,” I’ve created a recap of how it all went down, complete with my Basel quotes of the night. And it goes little…Read More



It’s a Barbie Party—And You’re All Invited

{This is happening!} Last week I mentioned something exciting was happening for me during Art Basel Miami Beach. And this is it! The vintage Barbie art David Harris and I created for  by D+G will be on display at The Local House at Sense Beach House (also known as a Barbie art hotel) all through Basel. And we are kicking off the event with a Barbie party today, December 3 from 2-5 p.m. Think lots of Barbie art, the dolls used in the shoot, pink drinks, pink snacks, mini manis by Marilyn Monroe Spas at Midtown and a braid bar by my friends at Blo Midtown. I hope you can stop by and see the work we created. It all started as art for Milly (aka Kiddo’s) room. And thanks to my dear friend Erin, who encouraged me to take it further, this art will now be a part…Read More



I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller …

{What’s the difference?} Shoe lifts or short: which would you pick? At 5’1, for me it’s no contest. But despite famous fans like Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell, shoe lifts for men are still a controversial topic. Many men would prefer to stand at their natural height rather than wear “heels” while others would rather add a few inches regardless of the connotations of wearing lifts. But what do we women think about this trend? These clever accessories are designed to give men who are lacking in the height department a bit of a boost by adding a thick block to their heels. Tom Cruise stands at 5’7” and manages to get through filming by utilising clever camera angles. However, when taking to the red carpet with ex-wives Nicole Kidman (5’10.5″) and Katie Holmes (5’9”) he’s had to rely on the shoe lift to stop his partners towering over him. Given…Read More



The Calm Before the Basel Storm

{Dress: c/o Express. Leopard Infinity Scarf: c/o Express. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bracelet: Phillips House. Photographed by Sunny Middleton.} Slip into something comfy (like my ensem from Express) and sit back and relax, friends. Why? Because it’s about to get crazy. The wild week that is Art Basel 2013 is here. Technically, it doesn’t start until December 5, but each year Basel unofficially starts earlier and earlier. I think this year it started a whole week before. If you don’t live in Miami, you may not know what Art Basel actually is. For many, it’s an art fair. For most, it’s 490,000 million ways to spend a week partying. And that’s where we need to have a chat. Recently, the New York Times did a piece about how no one cares about art at Art Basel. And that, to be quite honest, makes me sad. I spent a week interviewing artist…Read More



It’s Black Friday

It’s 4:49 on Black Friday. Do you know where your fashion blogger is? I’m shopping. That’s where. Follow me on Instagram at @Gingerharris for live posting all day.



A Time For Thanksgiving

Fact: Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. From the food (I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 22 years. the idea of a mass meat holiday doesn’t exactly do it for me)  to the very idea of befriending someone, like the Indians, just to stab them in the back and take what’s rightfully theirs, is beyond me. In fact, the only things I really like about Thanksgiving are pumpkin pie and the reflection. Meaning the chance to reflect on what it is you’re thankful for. And while this year has been a roller coaster, it’s still so easy for me to highlight what I am most thankful for. Even through your toughest times your blessings are always front and center. First and foremost, I’m grateful for my beautiful kiddo. She is my happy place, my heart that goes walking around outside my body. Her joys are my joys. Her pains are…Read More



Rainbows and Bolts

{Military jacket: c/o Express. Bolt Tank Top: C/o Express. Blank NYC Leather Shorts: Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bracelet: Found on a voyage to Mexico. Photographed by: Sunny Middleton} I’ve been craving a military-style jacket for some time now. I don’t exactly do camo, which is what I’ve found most of them in, so this one from Express, which recently celebrated its grand opening at Dadeland Mall, was a great alternative. As for my tank top, well, looking at the bolt of lightening, I’m reminded of the saying “lightning never strikes in the same place twice.” Turns out that’s a lie. Lightning can strike the same place over and over again, especially since storms are pretty centrally located. And man, I think I know what that feels like: When you just keep getting hit by the same storm over and over and over again. But, much like the rainbow wall…Read More



I Cut My Hair!

{Dress: American Apparel. Jacket: H&M. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bracelet: Vintage See by Chloe. Hair by: Sassoon Salon. Lipstick: Mac Viva Glam. Photographed by: Mayleen Gonzalez.} Seven months in and I caved! OK, it was really more of a trim, but still scissors touched me head. And I’m really glad I did it. Sassoon Salon in Miami Beach asked me to put together a blogger afternoon of hair and makeup, which was a really good time. It’s always fun to get the girls together and hang out. But we also got a lesson in hair trends for upcoming 2014. As the team at Sassoon was showing us the slides of trends (think middle part (I’ve been rocking that!), slicked back, side parts and texture), I couldn’t stop looking at the cool, structured cuts. It made me miss the bob oh so much. Let’s face it growing your hair out sucks. Plain and simple….Read More



Here, Kitty Kitty

{DVF HVN Circle Fetish Cat Clutch} I fully blame/thank Ana Ortuno of Chic Streets and Eats and her Instagram for my latest obsession. A few weeks ago she posted this adorable kitty clutch from DVF and my heart melted. Later that day, I had to cover Marchesa at Neiman’s at Bal Harbour and after the fact, I stopped into DVF to see it in person. And wouldn’t you know, it’s just as good, if not better, in person. Turns out the store only got two and this is the last one left. I can envision it with every single one of my Basel dresses. So, if anyone wants to buy me an early Christmas present here you go. But seriously, the kitty trend is on the prowl. Milly rocked the look last week. And I will gladly wear this on my arm just as soon as I can justify splurging…Read More