The Great Outdoors

{Dress: Touch Boutique. Shoes: Aldo. Bracelet: c/o Express. Photographed by me.} I’ve always told myself I would make over the backyard just as soon as I finished the inside of the house. Well, that finally happened, so it was time to move to the great outdoors. I’m three weeks in and there’s still a summer’s worth left to tackle. First stop: Ikea for lawn furniture. Here’s the thing about Ikea, you can’t just go there once and get everything you need. Tomorrow they will have the final cushion you need for your couch. Tomorrow they will have the stand for your umbrella. Tomorrow you will have to drive 45 minutes, buy your kiddo mac and cheese again, pray to god they got in the last cushion you need, end up buying three more things you didn’t anticipate, run over your foot 15 times by those damn shopping cart wheels that…Read More



And the Award for Best Gift Idea Ever Goes To …

  {Art by Cynno.} Best. Gift. Ever. In the chaos of my home makeover, this gem, made by my awesome friend and super talented artist Cinthia Santos of Tiny Arts by Cynno arrived. I couldn’t wait to get it on the wall in my new office. I love how she was inspired by the pic below. And how cute are Owen and Henry in this pic? That’s exactly what they look like! She even captured their ears in the the right directions (Owen’s are down. Henry’s are high and mighty.). Cinthia also draws a mean comic book character and princesses, too. She does pets, family portraits—I’m pretty sure she can draw just about anything, making this the perfect gift. Mine is hanging just above my desk in my new office. I filled the whole room with things I love. And this more than fits into that category. For more info…Read More



May Beauty Board: Citrus and Keeping Covered

It’s time for the May beauty board. Here’s what I’m all about this month. A Splash of Citrus Summer and citrus scents go together like the Fourth of July and sparklers, which makes the Agraria line at Neiman Marcus my new obsession this season. It’s like a refreshing lemonade drink for your skin. It smells like running through sprinklers, chasing after the ice cream truck, picking wildflowers and capturing fireflies. With the body wash, soap and body lotion, I’ll be dressing myself up in these treats from head to toe. Then, I’ll accessorize my new scent with my circle necklace from Blush. Moisturize Here, Dry There Some situations call for more moisture. Others, not so much. When my skin is feeling parched (which is pretty much all the time because I live on the third planet from the sun, also known as Miami), I lather on Laura Mercier Verbena Gel Body…Read More



High Maintenance Hippie

{On Me: Crop Top: American Apparel. Shorts: Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Bib + Tuck. Necklace: Aldo. Bangles: Vintage. Hat: Vintage. On Kiddo: Top: Target. Overalls: Target. Feathers: H&M. Shoes: Target. Bag: Gap. Photographed by me.} I have boho fever. I blame my recent trip to Coachella. I spent so much time trying to decide what I was going to wear for those three days that it’s imprinted in my brain. That and I had such an amazing time I’m not truly sure I want to let go of the experience. This is my way of hanging on. So, this summer will be one giant festival wear fiesta for me. And kiddo. I’ve now reached a stage where if I pass a pint-sized tribal print I have to pick it up for the mini. Thankfully, she’s into my indie inclination. She is, after all—as my friend Diana loves to point…Read More



The Experiment

{Top: c/o Susy Who. Harem pants: Shoes: Steve Madden.} From a self-professed TV junkie, I’m here to report that, in December, I made the decision to give up cable TV. Here’s why: 1.) My cable bill was around $160 a month. 2.) I found myself living off Netflix. So, I did it, I cut the cord, so to speak. I kept one DVR and basic channels (for breaking news—and by that I mean who is wearing what on the red carpet) and I put all my TV addictions into my Apple TV. Between buying Real Housewives on Apple TV, a subscription to Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Netflix, I’m doing just fine. Why? Because Apple TV is the ultimate game changer. The plus-side: I’ve binge watched The B in Apartment 23, House of Cards, The Goldbergs and old episodes of The Cosby Show and Cake Boss (two of Milly’s faves)….Read More



Foam Party

For the past two weeks, I’ve been giving my house a makeover. It’s both fun and exhausting: the shopping, the moving furniture, the arranging … As part of kitchen version 2.0 I’ve added a Nespresso VertuoLine to the mix. It’s the brand’s latest and greatest machine. Get this, not only does it make espresso, it’s also makes coffee. Yup, both. And you haven’t seen this much delicious foam since those crazy foam parties we’ll pretend you didn’t attend in college. It’s all about the crema. Not only has it brought a sexy element to my new kitchen, it’s also keeping me awake and moving after a day of lugging a grill from the back of the house to the garage and an office full of furniture to the garage to await a donation pickup. It’s my sexy little energy boost. And it has all new pods, too. My favorite flavor: Elvazio,…Read More



Happy Mother’s Day

There are some moments in your life that you’ll never forget. Moments when your mom is your saving grace, your best friend and your confidant. Here’s to you, Mom. When I was a little girl, you would put my towel in the dryer and make it warm so that when I got out of the shower I was never cold. Thank you. You made every Halloween costume I ever wore when I was a kid. And there were nights long after I went to bed that I could hear the sewing machine still going until it was done. You are amazing. You made the curtains for my first house, because I spent my budget buying the house. You rock. When I didn’t pass the driver’s test the first time I took it, it was you vs. the DMV. And you put up a serious fight. Go, Mom! When I moved…Read More



Kiddo and I get Racked

Check it out, Milly and I share one of our favorite shopping spots today on Racked Miami’s Shopping Confidential.  



Oh Mama

{Dress: Mara Hoffman Ananda Cut-Out Maxi Dress c/o Shoes: Ivanka Trump Elston Cage Sandals c/o Bracelets: Alex and Ani G and M charm bangles c/o Necklace: c/o The Orchid Boutique. Photographed by me.} I love being a mama—probably because I was blessed with the best kiddo on the planet. For me, Mother’s Day is a celebration of my greatest gift yet—Milly Jane Harris. It’s also the holiday where homemade construction paper cards with too much glue stick and macaroni necklaces on yarn become the most cherished gifts in the entire world. So much so, I’ve managed to acquire a crate of them that I will never ever ever part with. But if you’re over the age of 6, you’re going to need to gift mom something a little more substantial. The solution for those of you who still haven’t shopped for your mama llama just yet: It’s…Read More