How to be Classy

Not just “Classy,” “Very Classy.” Two major accomplishments happened tonight. 1) I met Derek Blasberg. And 2) I came home with my House of Harlow snakeskin shoes completely still in tact. I’ve been following Blasberg on Twitter for a long, long time (pretending Twitter has actually been around a long, long time). So, when the opportunity to crash his “Very Classy” book soiree arrived, I jumped on that. Jumped may not be the right word, actually. It was more like hobble, wobble, tippy toe. The party, which took place at the stunning casa de Loren Ridinger, started with a cobblestone path, followed by a rock mosaic sidewalk, coral steps, heel-sinking grass and some serious downhill action. Now rewind to get back to my car afterward. It was a stiletto shoe maze of hell (but so pretty—if you were in flats). After teetering and tottering, I made my way to the…Read More

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University of Wynwood Gets Real

I so do not want Andy Cohen’s job. Seven years ago, the casting crew for a show called “The Cut” rolled into town. I, against my better judgement, let someone talk me into auditioning for the wannabe “Project Runway”-esque show. And then I made it past the first round. And the second round. And the third round. Yikes. The next step was a trip to L.A. to meet the producers. And that’s where I pulled the plug. I’m wasn’t sure the whole world was ready for me. Not just yet, anyway. But that was seven years ago. And since then, a ton of new reality shows have washed up on the tube. Some good: “Work of Art.” Some bad: Anything on E! Love them or hate them, reality TV programs are here to stay. So, why not mock the hell out of them? That’s exactly what University of Wynwood has…Read More

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Weekly Beauty Musings

I’m a sucker for a vintage-inspired pic. This week’s “The Beauty Beat” (found here)mentions M.A.C.’s new permanent StyleDriven collection. I’ll admit, I’m in love with the extended-wear lip offerings. And this pic. There’s something about old-school Barbie hair and makeup that makes me swoon. I mean, obviously. I’d also be hard-pressed not to miss the yoga class coming up at Green Monkey. Take my word and reserve a space for yourself now.

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Lean on Me

For god’s sake, man, don’t touch the art. Eleven, eleven, eleven. Lucky? For some. For me, it was a wonderfully bizarre evening, full of artsy faux pas and a very charismatic little old man. I encountered all of this at Lucky You at the Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC). The event, a raffle of 70 pieces of art, drew in a diverse crowd, ranging from young kids dropping raffle numbers in boxes to well-wrinkled art collectors snatching up enough tickets to prevent the rest of us from having a chance in hell of going home with something, anything. Bitter? Me? No. While the crowd at BAC seemed well-groomed in terms of art pedigrees, there was one guy who made it apparent he only attends art events for free wine. I’ve dubbed him “the leaner.” That’s him in action above. The first rule of art is DO NOT TOUCH. Just don’t do…Read More

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Now in progress: The Gilt City Warehouse Sale

Winter Kate for $19. Go ahead, Rachel Zoe, die. I knew my sleepless suffering through J-school and working in loud, freezing-cold newsrooms would pay off at some point in my life. That point happened to be last night when I made my way to the media preview of the Gilt City Warehouse Sale. Imagine, if you will, a large warehouse (the Miami Event Space at 7610 N.E. Fourth Court) filled with designer clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc … at a portion of the price. I’ve never seen more media mavens running around with an armload of clothes before in my life. Then, we tromped up the stairs and headed to the dressing room (lit by literal spotlights — and you thought the dressing room light sitch at Victoria’s Secret was deplorable), where we swapped whatever didn’t fit. Several standout moments from the night included Belkys Nerey desperately trying to find…Read More

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Christian Siriano is a Big Deal

Proud of us for not calling him Ferocia Coutura. That would have been so 2008. I fancy myself a hipper version of Martha Stewart, sans cooking abilities. OK, I’m crafty. There, I said it. I guess I’ll also put it out there that the sewing machine is my arch nemesis. I’ve been given lessons more than once, and I still break the bobbin every freaking time. Without super-sewing skills, I’ve relegated my crafty side to fabrics that don’t fray at the edge. Case in point: tulle. And let me tell you, tulle is kind of a bitch to work with. It’s scratchy, it doesn’t sit still, it’s impossible to fold … you get the picture. So, when I stumbled upon the adorable “Project Runway” veteran Christian Siriano at Neiman Marcus at Bal Harbour Shops on Thursday, my jaw hit the floor upon glancing his spring/summer collection. Tulle, tulle and more…Read More

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Initial Here Please, DVF

Me in DVF with DVF. Peruse more pics here: Diane von Furstenberg is a legend. An icon. And she got there thanks to what she calls, “this simple little dress.” So simple, that she managed to convince the majority of us we need to have about 10 of them, at a few hundred dollars a pop, nonetheless, in a variety of patterns and colors in our closet. DVF was in town at Bal Harbour Shops to promote her new, and first ever, perfume, Diane. During my brief encounter with the designer, I watched her scoop up DVF-printed ribbons resting in a bowl on a coffee table. She then sprayed them with her perfume and rearranged them in the bowl. Not a difficult task by any means, but clearly something you’d expect no-named assistant to tackle. Yes, it blew me away that a woman of her stature would be so…Read More



Media Kit

Electric Blogarella’s reach can be found through social media outlets like: Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr Google + Numbers available upon request to provide the most current information. For additional information, traffic statistics, sponsored post, personal appearances or advertising rates, please contact me at . In addition to being on fashion, beauty and social media panels, hosting events and working as a brand ambassador, you can find me featured in: The Today show, February 2013   Marie Claire, April 2013    Self, April 2013 for Dove’s Go Sleeveless campaign   Huffington Post, July 2012                           The Guardian, June 2015 Electric Blogarella was also: One of nine bloggers nationwide picked to compete in Target’s Ready, Set, Target Style challenge. Link. One of five bloggers across the nation picked to design a Smart car. Link. Nominated for Miami New Times Web…Read More

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