Surviving Basel: Day 4

I’m pretty sure yesterday was Friday, but at 17 hours of sleep in four days, it’s all starting to meld together into a big Basel blur. In the event it was Friday, this is what I did, according to the pics on my phone. I’ll let the images speak for themselves with the help of captions. (Yes, that’s a total copout. I’m tried. Leave me alone.) Blo Midtown’s media opening. The actual opening is today. Go, you know all this whipping wind means you need to get your hair did. The blow out bar is adorable and probably the greatest concept to date: 30 minutes, $35. Me and kiddo with my new ‘do. The gifting suite at the tent at Soho was a treasure trove and a great escape from Basel madness. The jeans from Prps fit amazing … which ringed true for everyone who tried them on. What other…Read More

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Surviving Basel: Day 3

Me, from the other night, playing a tune on one of the Pop Up Pianos piano. After four hours of sleep (eight total in two days), I got up and went to YogArt. At first, this seemed like the world’s worst idea (read: complete Basel hangover). Why, oh, why, would I buy a ticket to something at 9 a.m. when I knew full well I wasn’t going to bed until 3? But, it turned out to be just what I needed. An hour of music and stretching in the brisk Miami morning actually woke me up from the haze. And a big thanks to Price for the Advil (aka, the best gift you can give someone the morning after a Basel night out). Scene of the crime at YogArt. That’s me back there, somewhere. And as a fully functional awake person, I decided to keep up this non-Vampire tradition, and…Read More

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Surviving Basel: Day 2

Play us a tune, Pop Up Pianos. So as to not be a Basel vampire (those who only come out at night for the party), I hit a daytime event on Wednesday. At least, I think it was Wednesday. The Basel blur is already starting to take effect. This led me to Pop Up Piano in the Design District at The Living Room for an impromptu performance centered around a piano painted by GG. And it was perfect. The moment was captured by NBC and anyone else who happened by. Pop Up Piano’s be-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time mentality captures the spirit of Basel. Also amazing, the sidewalk leading to the piano. Transformed into a stream-of-consciousness hop-scotch board, I felt a connection with this piece below. Sometimes art is as simple as black words on a white background — sidewalk debris included. My next artful venture of the day: The Convention Center for Basel,…Read More

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Surviving Basel: Day 1

I’ll take one of these, please. At Red Dot. Last night, I braved the traffic from Miami Beach to Miami in the name of art. It’s the big pre-Basel kick off. And here’s how it went. Yes, I parked 7,000 miles away from the actual event. I did not put money in the meter. I walked A LOT in six-inch heels. I did not, however, get a parking ticket. So far, so good. Oh yeah, and I saw some art. Things to scope at Scope. The first artful experience I attended was Scope and Art Asia. Things that stood out: A giant retro girl face. A tiny old man baby body soaking in water (kinda really scary), statues with antique tole chandeliers as heads (functional art in the fact that in can also be a lamp) and the Liu Bolin, the invisible man (the graffiti piece was awesome). Next up,…Read More

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Are You Ready to Basel?

Death via art overload wouldn’t really be such a bad thing, would it? Since I made a Basel guide for myself (like eight times now because the invites just keep coming), I figured I’d make one for while I was at it. Here it is, a list of all the things you can see and do at Basel. Enjoy.

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Weekly Beauty Musings

That’s me with Christian Louboutin at Friends With You Rainbow City last year during Basel. I have no idea who the girl to the right is. Somewhere she has this pic of me and is saying the same thing. Oh, Basel. I love you. Prepare thyself for all things Art Basel this week. It’s the biggest thing to happen in Miami, and I’ve been looking forward to it since I ran into Perry Farrell in the back alley of Rainbow Village last year. So, let’s get started: The Beauty Beat: Basel Edition. We’ll be donning this little red number from Chanel on our nails for all of Basel. Yes, I know it’s a week dedicated to art and culture. And, um, nail art is still an art form (yeah) and (digging a hole, digging a very shallow hole). Further on the beauty front, Blo will also be opening in Midtown…Read More

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It's a Small, Small World

Another reason to shop? Oh, twist my arm. Yesterday = Black Friday Madness. Monday = Cyber Monday. Today, however, is a small blip on the shopping radar. It’s Small Business Saturday, which means its time to shop local. By doing so, you’re supporting local business. And if you think about it, many of the local businesses around town are run by friends, neighbors and family. So, get out there and show your support. These people are depending on us to keep their businesses thriving. This is year two for Small Business Saturday. Last year, I dropped over at Eanie Meanie boutique to snatch up some local goods for upcoming kiddie birthday parties and whatnot. And, by doing so, American Express gave me $25 dollars back after I spent $25. That’s officially getting something for nothing. How can you not love that? To get the scoop on Small Business Saturday, head…Read More

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Yeah, I'm One of Those People: Confessions From Black Friday

Acceptable baggage. When I last left off, I was entering the arena for the ultimate showdown: Me vs. Black Friday. Then my phone fizzed out and stopped uploading pics, so mobile blogging came to a grinding halt. Fear not, I still have the story to tell. The place was pretty busy, despite stores opening at midnight (which, in my opinion, is just ridiculous). And I do this every year, for decades. But the whole midnight thing, it’s just too much. Anyway, upon my arrival, I spotted more than a few big-bag, bogged-down B.F. shoppers. (Yes, I too was one.) You’d never know from the abundance of shopping bags, but the sales this years were really pathetic in comparison to last year. For instance, last year Gap did 50 percent off everything in the store. This year, it was a fleece hoodie (for kids) for $19. Loehmann’s gives you a card…Read More

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Insane. In. Here.

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