Little Miss Manners

{Heart dress: H&M. Boots: Missoni for Target. Socks: Target. Glasses: Coastal.com.} One fashion trend that never goes out of style: Good manners. Kiddo and I had a fabulous weekend, which started with an etiquette brunch by Style Saves at the Boulan. This adorable group of Miami Beach’s next generation got the lowdown on how to sit at the table, which fork to use, even how to greet each other, thanks to Monique Graciotti of the Veritas Institute.  It was as adorable as it was informative. Afterward, Mills and I treated ourselves to Pinkberry and enjoyed mani and pedis, rounding out the perfect Saturday like proper ladies. Big thanks to Rachael Russell and Style Saves for inviting us. To learn more about Style Saves and how you can get involved in helping underprivileged kids of South Florida, check out the site.



Happy Valentine’s Day

{On me:Slip: Vintage. Shoes: Saint Laurent. On Milly:Dress: Gap. Shoes: H&M. Photographed by me.} Kiddo and I just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day. Cupid doesn’t need to go slinging arrows because my love is right here next to me. It’s true love in the purest form, and I’m beyond grateful I have her in my life. So today, feel the love and enjoy it.  Thanks, Owen for photobombing our pic. We still love you regardless, you little Muppet. 



Four Finds: I Heart This

{Bracelet: c/o Jurate Double Troule Bracelet in red. Perfume: c/o Eau de Toilette Tous. Lingerie: Else Serenity Set c/o byChezBoutique.com. Bootie: Saint Laurent.} In honor of upcoming V Day, I’ve decided to resurrect Four Finds. The way I see at it, Valentine’s Day isn’t about roses and boxes of candy—that’s all part of the commercial ploy. It’s about feeling sexy and good about yourself. So make your own cards, baked your own sweets and slip these on with your LBD on the day Cupid goes tossing arrows this way and that. So what if no one sees your unmentionables on V-Day. Wear it just to feel fabulous. The Else Lingerie Serenity Setis like retro pin-up-meets-modern-day-Madonna. And the bra is perfect for all those cut-out tees you’ve compiled in your closet. Find it at byChezBoutique.com. A good pair of heels should make you feel like if you left your house in nothing else but that pair on your…Read More



Flashback: Jelly Shoes

{Shoes: American Apparel Flat Lattice Jelly Sandals.} Jelly shoes! Like the ones I wore when I was a kid. They re-exist. I found these at American Apparel the other day, thanks to the sales girl who was sporting a pair of black ones. I slipped my feet in and had a total ’80s flashback to being a little girl in Indiana. And it was awesome. Needless to say, my nostalgia moment forced me into buying them. And at $24 it wasn’t a splurge, it was a steal. I’d forgotten how comfy they were, too. I’m pretty sure I found this year’s perfect beach shoe, and I don’t even have to crimp my hair with them this go-round. Long live the jelly.



What You Need to Know About Peter Pilotto for Target

{Bag and Shoes: Peter Pilotto for Target. Pants: Lululemon.} 7 a.m. and I’m waiting outside of Midtown Miami Target like a loon for the Peter Pilotto collection to launch. About eight other people were there waiting with me until moments before opening when the crowd grew to about 30, including one woman who had no interest in the collection but wanted to return some rotten avocados. (at 8 a.m. … on a Sunday—god bless her). Before the doors open, an employee comes out to inform us we can only have three of the same item and there is no running or pushing. Everyone giggles and swears they would never do that. But I shopped Missoni for Target with you bitches. I know what you are capable of. The doors open and we’re off, speed racing like octogenarian mall walkers to the rack. I grab a handful of things that are…Read More



Peter Pilotto for Target Hits Tomorrow

Just when I said the designer collab was dead and I was done dragging myself out of bed to stand in line for clothes I refuse to wear weeks later because everyone and their mom owns them, Target all up and releases the Peter Pilotto for Target collection and I go gaga for crop tops. Add in the fact that Net-a-Porter is also releasing the collection and my interest in the quality department is piqued. The collection launches tomorrow and since yellow has become my new favorite shade for spring, God knows I’ll be in line at 7-something waiting to get my hands on that crop top everyone and their aunt Sue wants/needs/must have. I really want to love the pants that go with the top, but I can’t deal with the fact that they aren’t a skinny silhouette. The black and white crop top number though is adorbs. Now…Read More



My Date With Tous

{Dress: Rebel Miami. Hat: H&M. Belt: Alexis. Necklace, Bracelet and Bag: Tous. Booties: Cynthia Rowley. Photographed by Gio Alma.} Last Thursday, I was invited to spend the day with the Miami blogger crew and Tous. In what may be the best Thursday ever, I boarded a yacht at 9 a.m. at the Epic Marina, was handed a mimosa, tried on jewelry and bags, had a day-long chat fest with the girls, was made over by a glam squad and enjoyed a dinner overlooking the Miami skyline. Here, a week later, is my ultimate throwback Thursday post: My date with Tous.   9 a.m. and we’re getting ready to board the Y Charter Miami yacht. That’s me with the day’s cast of fashionable characters: Erika Thomas of Blah Blah Blonde, Kelly Saks of Kelly’s Kloset, Haya Tetroashvili of Good Good Gorgeous, Kristin Clark of Living in Color Print and Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Coset….Read More



“Cause in the End I’m a Sensible Girl …”

{Sarah Asymmetrical Maxi Dress: c/o Calypso St. Barth. Necklace: c/o Isa Boutique. Bracelets: Mixture of vintage and Alexis Bittar. Photographed by me.} Sometimes one lyric manages to sum up everything you want or need to say. For me, it’s this: “Nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key.” —Fiona Apple (“Werewolf”)  



I’m Joining the Navy

{Vest:Vintage D&G. Candiza Paisley Printed Silk Pant: c/o Calypso St. Barth. Shoes: Steve Madden Marlenee. Bag: Vintage. Photographed by moi.} Radiant orchid may be Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, but this season I’m personally feeling the blues—the navy blues. Normally I’m a black/grey kind of girl with a smattering of red/maroon here and there, but my past three shopping trips have lead to a case of the blues. I know, I know—giant leap into the color spectrum there, Ginger. But hey, at least I’m venturing out of my comfort zone. I scored these mostly navy harem pants at Calypso St. Barth in Bal Harbour Shops. Because they are made out of silk, they feel like wearing a little piece of heaven, pajama heaven without the look of Pajama Jeans (That’s a VH-1 I Love the Oughts episode that we will look back on and hang our heads in shame.). Bonuses:…Read More