Hello, my name is Ginger, and I will do anything for designer shoes on sale. For instance, I’ll be up at the crack of dawn, waiting—claws sharpened—at the Fontainebleau’s Annual Retail Sale Friday at 10 a.m. Why? Oh, because last year, I snatched up not one but two pairs of Valentino shoes, including these bowed beauties, and a pair of booties that have stopped people dead in their tracks. Guess how much I paid for them? Next to nothing. Yup, 80 percent off. But it’s not just shoes at this must-shop sale. You’ll find women’s, men’s and kids designer apparel, swimwear and accessories from IDAandHARRY, Lapis Retail, Aquamarine, Bleau Signature and Morris & Co., all at up to 80 percent off. That would be 80 percent off brands like Emilio Pucci, Dsquared2, Giuseppe Zanotti, Nancy Gonzalez, Philipp Plein, Barbara Bui, J Brand, Splits 59, Eberjay, Sundek, Vilebrequin, Delfina, Eres, Fisico and more….Read More



Weekend Warrior

    {Wearing: Weekend Tank: c/o Marshalls. Bikini: c/o Maaji Swimwear. Sunglasses: Woodzee Claudia Pear Wood White Dip. Bangles: Forever 21. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.}         How am I already shopping for Milly’s school supplies again? Where in the world has summer gone? How can I stop time, and hang on to what’s left? #realtalk With the end of summer looming, the last vacation of the season planned and practically executed, all that’s left are the weekends. You know, the thing that gets you out of bed on Mondays, that thing that gets you over the hump on Wednesdays. That thing that keeps you hanging on. Thankfully, I live in Miami, where the weekends will still feel like the lot of summer for months and months to come. So for now, with what’s left of the best season of them all, let’s get out there and make the most of…Read More



Christmas in July

{Wearing: Hat: c/o Laundry by Shelli Segal. Top: Vintage. Shorts: Blush, similar to these. Shoes: BCBG. Glossybox: c/o Glossybox. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} If someone gave me a piece a paper and asked me to write down 10 things that give me unbridled happiness, one of those things would be getting stuff in the mail. I don’t know what it is about packages in the mail, but it evokes a similar emotional response to a kindergarten class all hopped up on Publix birthday cake. I’m convinced half of the reason why online shopping even works is because of the serotonin rush to the head you feel when that boxes arrives. Ordering something from Amazon leaves me like a dog at the window for days on end just waiting for UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, hell, even DLH to bring me stuff. And when it arrives, I, much like Fido, storm the door…Read More



The Caitlyn Jenner

{Wearing: Romper: Kore. Shoes: Zara via Bib + Tuck. Necklace: Joanna Paige. Bag: c/o Furla. Hair: c/o Rik Rak Salon. Photographed by Maria Tettamanti at Sagamore, The Art Hotel.} Meet my new favorite thing in my closet. I call this little number “The Caitlyn Jenner,” because that neckline forever belongs to Caitlyn, thanks to her Vanity Fair cover. I sported my Caitlyn during the first night of Swim Week, where she made it through the night, but my shoes—god bless them—made an unfortunate departure from wardrobe rotation that evening. It was somewhere around stop number 11 (oh, Swim Week) where, for whatever reason, shoe decided to call it a night. And by calling it a night, I mean literally falling apart while on my foot. I walked out of the Edition with one shoe on and one shoe swinging around my ankle like a monkey on a tree. But because it’s Swim…Read More



Let Me Do You a Favor

  {Behold, Favor—the brilliant new app now in Miami that brings you whatever you desire, like cheese from Morton’s.} I never write about food. Juice, yes. Candy, sometimes. Food, nope. Why? I’m just not a foodie. That being said, you know when I’m taking pics of food and writing about it, something’s up. Something’s good. Damn good. That something is Favor. What’s Favor, you ask? It’s a lifeline that recently launched in Miami. And now that I know about it I won’t be able to live without it. Here’s a little scenario so you get the bigger picture: It’s Thursday night. I’m heavily into a FX marathon of Married, I’m wearing the kind of PJs that are so comfy but janky I’ve vow to god they will never see the light of day, my hair is twisted up into something that makes the man bun look socially acceptable and I’m…Read More



The Great Blogger Slumber Party

{Maria Tettamanti, Erika Thomas, Kelly Saks, Daniela Ramirez and me—all wearing Eberjey pjs at Sagamore, The Art Hotel. Photographed by me.} This is the true story, of five fashion bloggers, picked to live in a penthouse during Swim Week to find out what happens when girls stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World: Sagamore Slumber Party. This episode’s cast consisted of myself, Erika Thomas of Blah Blah Blonde, Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet, Kelly Saks of Kelly’s Kloset and Maria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl. Just as The Real World of old like to typecast its roomies, I guess ours would go a little something like this: The funny one: Maria The hot blonde one: Erika The famous one: Nany The perfect one: Kelly And Me It was a whole mash-up of personalities. But unlike the Real Housewives of New York, no one tried to wrestle (verbally…Read More



Swim Week: The Recap

{Wearing my favorite look from Swim Week on the night of Mara Hoffman’s presentation: Romper: c/o Kore. Necklace: c/o Kore. Shoes: Jimmy Choo (old). Bag: Chanel. Photographed at Sagamore The Art Hotel.} Another Swim Week. Come and gone. For more than a decade now, I’ve been covering this Lycra-laden week. But this year was different. When I first heard IMG pulled out of Swim Week, my heart sunk. I have always enjoyed that Miami had a home on the fashion map—in my own home, nonetheless. I love going to the shows. I love seeing the fashion, the models, the hair, the makeup. I love going backstage and interviewing the designers. I love that I get to report on something before the rest of the world knows its coming. If there was no IMG, did that mean there would be no Swim Week? Soon after the earth-shattering fashion announcement I heard…Read More



Post-Workout Essentials

{My post-workout essentials: P.A.M.pered Ginger from JugoFresh and Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer.} {This is the only pic I snapped of myself at Flybarre. Why? As a reminder that rubber balls are not your friend.} What do you do when Swim Week comes to town and you are forced to gawk at models half your age covered in what basically equates to publicly legal nude? You start working out like a beast two days before the shows start, of course. Thursday, before Lycra overload made its Miami descent, I hit Flybarre at Flywheel in Sunset Harbor for the first time ever. I’ve done barre before so I knew what was coming. Well, kind of. I mean, can you ever truly prepare yourself for the kind of workout that causes your legs to shake so violently you start to wonder when and where you lost control of your own limbs? So,…Read More



Destination Miami

{Wearing: Dress: Style Mafia Juna Dress. Sunnies: Vogue Eyewear. Necklace: Vintage.} I love Miami. I love everything about it. OK, maybe not the road rage-fueled drivers. And maybe not the endless parking tickets or the red light cameras that bust me every. single. time. But I love Miami. I love its zest for life. Its culture. Its … just watch the video, which Vogue Eyewear asked me to film for its Destination Miami contest this summer. I give a little tour of some of my favorite places this city has to offer, like Blo Midtown, Ramona LaRue, Nail Bar, Style Mafia—a Miami girl’s go-tos. And if you aren’t from here and have never been, do yourself a favor and enter the contest. Miami should be everyone’s destination at least once. But don’t be surprised if once you get here you never want to leave. Fifteen years later, that’s my story. And…Read More