Oh Mama

{Dress: Mara Hoffman Ananda Cut-Out Maxi Dress c/o Shoes: Ivanka Trump Elston Cage Sandals c/o Bracelets: Alex and Ani G and M charm bangles c/o Necklace: c/o The Orchid Boutique. Photographed by me.} I love being a mama—probably because I was blessed with the best kiddo on the planet. For me, Mother’s Day is a celebration of my greatest gift yet—Milly Jane Harris. It’s also the holiday where homemade construction paper cards with too much glue stick and macaroni necklaces on yarn become the most cherished gifts in the entire world. So much so, I’ve managed to acquire a crate of them that I will never ever ever part with. But if you’re over the age of 6, you’re going to need to gift mom something a little more substantial. The solution for those of you who still haven’t shopped for your mama llama just yet: It’s…Read More



It’s Summertime

{Bikini top: c/o Peixoto Totoro bikini top. Bikini bottom: c/o Peixoto Alda bikini bottom. Sunnies: c/o Christian Roth Fly Girl in Crystal Clear. Photographed by Maria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl.} It’s unofficially summertime in Miami, and I’ve got the breeze in my hair, the waves at my feet, this Pexioto bikini and unlimited Fancy Fridays to face three months of unbelievable hot. I’m not really sure how it’s already summer again. Is last summer (aka bummer summer) a year behind me already? It is. And thank god. Giant portions of last summer sucked. I had to learn to be on my own for the first time in 13 years. And that’s rough terrain. But there were defining moments, mostly including Lauren Gnazzo, Soho House and this cute guy I met with beautiful blue eyes. He knows who he is. So here it is, another summer, but this year I’m looking forward to it and all…Read More



I Got a Bike

{Top: c/o Zumba Back Me Up Reversible Bra Top. Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under. Shoes: c/o Zumba Impact Max Sneakers. Bike: Schwinn. Photographed by Me.} I got a bike. And I’m so excited about it, it’s borderline embarrassing. My bike ownership history isn’t a long and winding one, so maybe that’s why I’m so over the moon. Back when I first moved to the Beach, give or take a year or two, I got a purple bike. Like three months later, someone stole it out of the backyard of the apartment I was living in. To this day, when I see a purple frame, I mentally question, “Is that my bike?” Prior to that, the last bike I owned I got when I was 12. I was living in Loveland, Ohio, which is just outside of Cincinnati, aka the City of Seven Hills. It was a 10-speed with handles that rolled…Read More



April Beauty Board: Fragrance, Flowers and Face Facts

Since it’s the last day of April, I thought I should get my beauty board for the month out there. From fragrances to baubles, here are my faves that I discovered during this fourth month of the year. Expect to see more of them in the months to come. A Stone and a Scent This Eight & Bob fragrance arrived at my house in a hollowed out book, which instantly made me fall in love with it. Turns out, that’s where the original recipe for the cologne was hidden back when JFK fell in love with it. The history behind the scent is as intoxicating as its smell. Get the full scoop at Neiman Marcus. And yes, it’s a men’s fragrance, but I’ve been digging those lately over traditional perfumes, so I’m all about wearing this one and making it my own. Because I’m channeling my inner boho this summer…Read More



California Love

{Bikini: c/o Maaji Swimwear Mystic Paths at The Orchid Boutique. Wedges: Steve Madden. Photographed by Franky Arriola.} I had every intention of wearing the corset from this Maaji Swimwear bikini from The Orchid Boutique to Coachella, but Coachella is dirty. Don’t get it twisted, it’s fun, in every shape, way and form. It’s just dusty. And this suit is so pretty, I couldn’t make myself subject it to the rolling dustbowl that is the desert. So, it spend some time under the sun, but no music festival for you, Maaji bikini. I’m saving it for the Miami sun—for the beachside lounge at Soho House, for the pool at The Standard. That’s what The Orchid Boutique’s bikinis are made for—the good life. Speaking of the good life, this was Cali’s redo for me. The first time I visited the Golden State, I had a dreadful, awful, nightmare-ish experience. It was right after 911….Read More



Why You’re Never “Too Old To Wear That”

“Oh, that’s a nice dress! You pull it off so well… I’d love to wear something like that, but I’m too old for it.” If there’s ever a phrase in fashion that should be detested and possibly banned, it’s “age-appropriate dressing.” Let’s put this one to bed. Age is not a barrier of entry to looking and feeling good. Sure, there are times when practicality is the order of the day and a pair of sweatpants coupled with an ill-fitting T-shirt is the only suitable choice (as most hectic, working moms are all too aware). An ‘off day’ from looking stylish need not induce guilt, and in fact should be embraced from time to time. But there’s no reason – no reason at all – that a woman should feel prohibited from having an ‘on day’ either. And there are all sorts of mental road blocks we needlessly throw in…Read More



Coachella: Three Strange, Wonderful Days

{Dress: Touch Boutique. Bikini Top: c/o Peixoto. Bikini Bottom: The Orchid Boutique. Headpiece: So Good. Necklace: c/o Jewels by Dunn. Shoes: c/o Marshalls. Photographed by Franky Arriola.} One week ago today I started my musical desert adventure. Here’s a look back on those three beautiful days and everything that came along with them. And We’re Off  This was only my second-ever trip to California. It’s so beautiful—mountains, the desert, a sky so blue you can feel the color. After strapping on our Coachella bands, we were ready to see what this whole thing was all about. (P.S. after three days of wearing that wrist band you start to feel like an animal in the wild that’s been tagged. But cutting it off means the adventure is over, so I enjoyed it’s soggy bliss while I was trapped inside it.) The Music  Being at Coachella was like living inside of my…Read More



Happy Easter

I’m taking a Coachalle blog break because, well Happy Easter! I love Easter because it marks the arrival of spring. And spring is like a redo. A restart. A whole new beginning. I also love the whole DIY aspect to the holiday. Yes, I love fashion, but give me a DIY opportunity and I’m all over it like Martha Stewart on a Michael’s bender. When I was a kid, my Granny Miller and I would dye all of the eggs the night before Easter so the Easter Bunny could hide them for us the next day. Then, one year, all the kids went looking for them and we found zero eggs, because the Irish Setter who lived next door came over and ate every single one of them. We dubbed him the big red Easter Bunny from that point on. Baring the egg-eating dog, I like to keep the tradition…Read More



The Coachella Diaries

{ Top: Victoria’s Secret Pink. Hat: c/o H&M. Necklace: Vintage. Shoes: Airwalks. Photographed by Franky Arriola}.   The last time I left the state of Florida was two summers ago to go to New York. It was Milly’s first time there. It was a three hour flight. And that was the longest flight I’d been on in a decade. Yesterday I upped that with my longest flight in 10 years to California. So, here I stood, atop the parking garage, knowing there’s an amazing adventure awaiting me (Coachella!) but crippled by the grand dame of fear perched upon my shoulder. She and I both know it takes five hours to get to that adventure.  And my last flight (an hour-long one home from Gainesville) was a nightmare with bad weather the whole way and the stewardess relegated to her seat the entire time. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to…Read More