Happy Easter

I’m taking a Coachalle blog break because, well Happy Easter! I love Easter because it marks the arrival of spring. And spring is like a redo. A restart. A whole new beginning. I also love the whole DIY aspect to the holiday. Yes, I love fashion, but give me a DIY opportunity and I’m all over it like Martha Stewart on a Michael’s bender. When I was a kid, my Granny Miller and I would dye all of the eggs the night before Easter so the Easter Bunny could hide them for us the next day. Then, one year, all the kids went looking for them and we found zero eggs, because the Irish Setter who lived next door came over and ate every single one of them. We dubbed him the big red Easter Bunny from that point on. Baring the egg-eating dog, I like to keep the tradition…Read More



The Coachella Diaries

{Skirt:Shopblush.com. Top: Victoria’s Secret Pink. Hat: c/o H&M. Necklace: Vintage. Shoes: Airwalks. Photographed by Franky Arriola}.   The last time I left the state of Florida was two summers ago to go to New York. It was Milly’s first time there. It was a three hour flight. And that was the longest flight I’d been on in a decade. Yesterday I upped that with my longest flight in 10 years to California. So, here I stood, atop the parking garage, knowing there’s an amazing adventure awaiting me (Coachella!) but crippled by the grand dame of fear perched upon my shoulder. She and I both know it takes five hours to get to that adventure.  And my last flight (an hour-long one home from Gainesville) was a nightmare with bad weather the whole way and the stewardess relegated to her seat the entire time. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to…Read More



Tea Time

I am not a morning person. Waking up is equal to going to the dentist, waiting at the DMV and shopping at Costco on a Saturday afternoon all rolled into one. When it’s time to emerge from the covers I’m grumpy, sluggish and sleepy. Since I got my Keurig, however, I’m coping with the alarm-clock blues. Now, when 7 a.m. rears its ugly head, I immediately stumble downstairs, pop a pod into my machine and voila … tea. Add a little organic raw honey from the local green market, take a few sips and my would-like-to-remain-shut eyeballs start to open a bit. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, my happy place is tea. And now that I don’t have to steep a bag, thanks to my instant little tea companion, I’m dealing with this whole being awake business. For those who thought the Keurig was only for coffee lovers, listen…Read More



Biting the Hand that Helps Promote You

{Dress: Style Mafia. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Photographed by Simonett Pereira.} The new year doesn’t start for at least another day and a half, so I still have some time left to climb up on my soapbox and bitch about the things that annoy me before this whole new me, new outlook on life bandwagon everyone jumps on January 1. I’ll be softer and kinder in 2014. For now I’m going to do me—uncensored. So here goes: The other day this story from Refinery29 popped up on my newsfeed. While the story itself does not hate on fashion bloggers, the derogatory comments that were posted along with it by people on my “friends” list really caught me off guard. Hi. I’m a fashion blogger. I can see your haterade. The jabs didn’t just come from average joes either. I’m talking about direct hits from publicists who have hired me, along…Read More



Getting Back to My Roots

{Flannel shirt: Forever 21. Tank: Forever 21. Leggings: H&M. Boots: Ecco Pawi Pull On. Train track shots photographed by my Mama, Beth Culbreth.} I don’t normally dress like a lumberjack. In fact, the last time I even wore plaid was back in the ’90s, during the grunge era, when I was in high school. Back then I wore it with Doc Martens. Today, I’m wearing it with beautiful Ecco boots. But, sometimes, life calls for flannel. Like when you’re in the middle of nowhere Panhandle Florida, aka Defuniak Springs, and it’s legit cold. And sometimes the last place you want to be is exactly where you should be. You see, I haven’t been home for Christmas in two years. Calling it home is a stretch, because I never actually lived in Defuniak Springs. I grew up in Destin, but somewhere along my non-Panhandle timeline, my family moved to Defuniak Springs,…Read More



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas …

Some pretty, pretty exciting things are happening at Maison de Milly and Ginger (that’s what we call our house). We got our first real Christmas tree. Enough with the fantastic plastic substitute, it’s time for the real deal. Only, I have never done this before, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But that wasn’t going to stop me. Early on Saturday, kiddo and I got in the car and drove to a tree sales center (aka tent with trees), and I told Milly to go for it, pick out whichever one she liked. And she did—within the first 30 seconds of our arrival. Did you know these things cost around $75? I had no idea and given my ability to kill orchids at an astronomical rate, I started to get sweaty palms. For $75, I was hell-bent on keeping this thing alive. OK, so I’ve…Read More



PTBD: Post Traumatic Basel Disorder

It came, it went. Basel, the blur that causes one to go to more events in one week than most people go to in an entire year is finally behind us. Yes, there was art that spoke to my soul, and yes, there were events that were worthy of greeting the sun after, but for the most part it’s all just a mish mash that left us like pinballs ricochetting from one art fair tent and party to the next. And as a result, we are left with only our iPhone pics to put together what we saw, what we did, where we went. To keep things short and sweet, since (at three days out) the last thing you want to hear again is the actual word “Basel,” I’ve created a recap of how it all went down, complete with my Basel quotes of the night. And it goes little…Read More



It’s a Barbie Party—And You’re All Invited

{This is happening!} Last week I mentioned something exciting was happening for me during Art Basel Miami Beach. And this is it! The vintage Barbie art David Harris and I created for EnchantedPlastic.com  by D+G will be on display at The Local House at Sense Beach House (also known as a Barbie art hotel) all through Basel. And we are kicking off the event with a Barbie party today, December 3 from 2-5 p.m. Think lots of Barbie art, the dolls used in the shoot, pink drinks, pink snacks, mini manis by Marilyn Monroe Spas at Midtown and a braid bar by my friends at Blo Midtown. I hope you can stop by and see the work we created. It all started as art for Milly (aka Kiddo’s) room. And thanks to my dear friend Erin, who encouraged me to take it further, this art will now be a part…Read More



It’s Black Friday

It’s 4:49 on Black Friday. Do you know where your fashion blogger is? I’m shopping. That’s where. Follow me on Instagram at @Gingerharris for live posting all day.