Extreme Beauty: Lip Injections

{Wearing: Jeans: c/o Lilac and Lilies Boutique. Top: c/o Lilac and Lilies Boutique. Necklace: c/o Yvonne Rose. Shoes: c/o T.J. Maxx. Bag: Vintage. Hair: c/o Contesta Rock Hair. Makeup: c/o Hippy Glow. Photographed by KarGar Ohh Snap at Espanola Way.} I recently got my lips done on a routine Botox visit at Smith & Popov. We filled my pucker up with Restylane and Volbella to give them shape and a little plump-ness. It wasn’t my first time at this lip rodeo, but a year had passed since the last time and I wanted them to look slightly more full, so I dove right in. Danielle just happens to be the lip queen. She goes for a natural look. And she’s very very good at it. These pics were taken about a week after I had my lips done. I’m very happy with the results. Unlike last time, I knew what to expect this time around,…Read More

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Glamsquad Art Basel Deals for $15 Off

  {The calm before the Basel storm. Hair and makeup: c/o Glamsquad. Photographed by Danielle Margherite.} On your mark, get set, go … Get on your Glamsquad app right this second and book an appointment using the code: BASEL2017 and the referral code gingerharris. Why? Because from December 4 through 11, Glamsquad is offering $15 off services for Art Basel Miami Beach. No, that’s not a typo. Since you’re going to be running around all over town, dressed to the nines, you’re going to need your hair and makeup to match.  Especially somewhere around day 3, after you’ve stayed up all night, dehydrated yourself to epic proportions with welcome cocktails and your feet feel like they’ve been run over by a semi. That’s exactly where this army of in-home beauty gurus comes into play to beautify you back to life. Be one of the first 100 people to book your appointment during…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials The Revisit

{Wearing: Emma Dress: c/o NomadTribe from the PlayNomad Collection} Being pregnant, living in Florida, taking birth control—there is so much in life that effects your skin. Trust me, it’s taken a lot of work to get my skin to look like the photo above. And that’s me doing my own makeup with no retouching. Pretty much as real as it gets. That’s being said, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a laser facial, so I decided another round to get my skin back to glowing was a must. I headed back to Vivid Face for Smooth and Brighten Vivids. While I’ve finally got my hormones to chill out with the breakouts, I’ve noticed some pigmentation issues. Time to clear those up. One of the best ways to those is with laser treatments. This marks my eighth round of facials with Vivid Face. And I’m so happy with the results, especially now that the…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials, the Befores and Afters

This is me after the team from Glamsquad descended upon my house with an arsenal of beauty and hair supplies to transform me from work-from-home-editor/mom life into someone willing to take a selfie. Add in good lighting, too (a girl’s best friend). It’s easy to feel camera-ready when you have a team of experts to slap on layers of paint, accentuate the good stuff and cover-up the bad stuff. Sadly, they aren’t on hand as much as I’d wish them to be (as in like all day every day). And no one has come up with an Instagram filter for real life yet. And … my DIY makeup skills are borderline pathetic. Is it any wonder I wear my professional makeup for as many humanly hours as I can keep it on. If I could sleep in it and make it work the next day, I would. And those reasons…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials Part Six

{Glow by Vivid Face.} Oh the fun of living in Florida. It’s hard to escape the sun. It’s hard to hide from it’s never-ending rays. Don’t get me wrong. I love being in the Sunshine State, but my skin doesn’t always. Now that I’ve been doing laser facials, which you can read more about here, I’ve made a massive attempt to keep the sun off my face. But living in Florida, Miami, especially, that’s a tall order. Keeping sunscreen on in the dead of summer’s heat, well, that’s hard. And reapplying, well, that’s not always convenient. As a result, uh, sunspots. So after a series of laser facials at Vivid Face, with the help of the team, we decided to up the ante and take things to the next step to get to those dark spots that need a little extra help clearing up. So, this go round, I opted for a…Read More

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Summer Skin With Smith & Popov

{Top and Shorts: c/o Blush Boutique. Skincare: c/o Smith & Popov Photographed by Jorge Camaraza} There’s only so much healthy stuff you can eat and so much water you can drink (by the way, I’m the worst at that last one) to make your skin glow. Sometimes you have to call in the big guns. Especially, come summer when you cannot hide behind pounds of makeup. And considering how long summer lasts in Miami, well … For me, those big guns are Smith & Popov. As I teeter totter on the final days of my 30s, I’ve found the best way to deal with looking in the mirror and realizing things don’t stay where they once were (under eye baggage, wrinkles, smile lines) is to Botox and fill them with fillers back to where they should be. I’ve been working with Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Danielle Smith for some time now to make…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facial Part Five

{Wearing: My Home Fashion Boutique Sweater. Hair: c/o Glamsquad with Vanessa Placeres. Makeup: c/o Glamsquad with Celina Beach Artistry. Photographed by Danielle Margherite Photography LLC} What is it about Bahamian ocean water that makes skin so good? Is it the water? The salt in the water? The sand? Whatever it is, after a weekend jaunt to Bimini and a round of Vivid Face laser facials (smooth mixed with an acne-targeting treatment), I’m ready to put my best face forward for summer. My last round of laser facials really did a world of good. Whatever was beneath the surface got stopped right in its tracks, which sent me to Bimini with clear skin. And once those magical ocean waters got on my skin, well, I’ve been roaming around foundation-free ever since. Maybe a little It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream here and there, but that’s about it. As I’ve mentioned before, these facials from Vivid Face are really helping my skin…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facial Part Four

{Wearing: My Home Fashion Boutique Top and Denim. Hair: c/o Glamsquad with Vanessa Placeres. Makeup:c/o Glamsquad with Celina Beach Artistry. Photographed by Danielle Margherite Photography LLC} It’s back to the laser facials. Why? Because they are awesome. And the treatments at Vivid Face are helping me through a skincare issue that’s been driving me bonkers for some time now. As luck would have it, the pore-perfect skin I had as a teen and first-half-of-my-life adult decided to betray me in the most annoying way possible. As I’ve started to reach the tail end of my 30s, I, for the first time ever, have been dealing with acne. Yes, the pleasures of adult acne. Like really? Now? As I’m knocking on 40s door? Grrrrreat. The issue started about a year and a half ago. A blemish here, a pimple there. And then bam, my whole chin was a bumpy mess. And not the kind that are easy to hide either. We’re…Read More

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The Gift of Smooth

{eos hand lotion and lip balm spring packs.}               {Step one: Smell this!} Here’s an obvious gift that might not seem terribly obvious: Moisture. After a recent trip up north outside of Miami’s moisturizing humidity, the kiddo and I got very dried out. Poor kiddo’s lips were so chapped, it hurt just to look at them. And our hands—sandpaper city. Kismet brought these eos spring packs to our door just when we needed them most. Kiddo is obsessed with eos and all the fun things you can do with them, so we decided to take it to the next level and add a little DIY magic to our spring sets. After an amazing crafter-noon, it dawned on us this was an excellent gift idea. And since the next gift we’ll need to give is Mother’s Day, let’s just say if we call you mom or grandma, chances…Read More

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