My Date With Tom Ford

Sure, Miami was the last city on earth to get an H&M, but, as it turns out, we’re one of just 10 cities in the U.S. to get a Tom Ford makeup counter. Parked at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Shops, this new gem has everything Mr. Ford puts his magic touch on, including secrets to his beyond smokey eye and his uber glam red lip. {All that’s missing is Mr. Ford himself.} {Dewy glow maker.} Turns out, Tom is big on getting a dewy glow. And here’s his secret to making it happen. This primer—which is something I never wear because I suffer from oily skin and I live in Miami, where it’s like walking on the surface of the sun most days, and that combo makes for a mighty skin mess—is actually pretty sheer, meaning even Miami girls can rock it. The collection contains 132 products, including a nail…Read More



Faking It With M.A.C. Ruffian Manicure

I detest looking at my nails without polish on them. But manicures in Miami kinda suck. They cost a fortune (ask anyone who lives in New York. They can get their nails did for a bargain $15). Getting an appointment is a pain. And the whole experience comes to a grinding halt just days—OK, sometimes even hours— later, when the polish chips. 2Hence my latest obsession: fake nails. {Behold my latest obsession: M.A.C. Ruffian Manicure in Demilune.} I don’t know who is responsible for the revival of press-on manis, but I’d like to buy them a drink. Instead of hiding my hands from people Monday through Wednesday (you know, the days after your mani dies leading up to your next appointment) I can literally disguise my broken claws with perfect nails that cost a quarter of my manicure and stay on for up to seven days. Plus, the drugstore brands…Read More



M.A.C.’s Heavenly Creature Collection is Outer Limits

The team at M.A.C. is kind of brilliant. To introduce the latest collection, Heavenly Creature, they invited local astrologist Terry Nazon to come to the penthouse at the Delano and share a bit about what’s going on in the heavens. Turns out the Mayans weren’t completely off their rockers when they predicted the end of the world in 2012. {M.A.C. Mineralize Blush in Ring of Saturn and Stratus. Mineralize Skinfinish in Earthshine and Light Year.} According to Nazon, there are a lot of changes taking place up there. Planets are aligning for the first time since the French Revolution. And a triple alignment is basically throwing astrology as we know it for a loop. The end of the world? Not quite, but to a group of sky watchers who got all their info from two sticks used to measure the distance between the stars, the outcome did seem overwhelming. Using that Mayan inspiration,…Read More



Mascaras That Make My Day

Hello, my name is Ginger Harris, and I am a mascara addict. If I leave the house with just one type of makeup on my face, chances are it’s mascara. It makes me feel “dressed.” There are several things I look for in a mascara: 1.) Washability. I don’t want to take my lashes off with my mascara in the sink at night, and I prefer to use just soap and water to get it off. And 2.) Durability. In a city where sweat is part of your wardrobe, I don’t want to have mascara streaming down my face. Here are a few of my faves and why: {Make-up Designory mascara, Estee Lauder eye shadows, Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara and Beauty For Real Miracle Mascara!} Make-up Designory brilliantly came up with this squishy tube. I love that I can get every last bit of mascara out of this one. I’ve…Read More

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Purging of the Parabens: How to Green Your Beauty Routine

{Adios, weird chemicals. My bathroom is not a chem lab.} A few weeks ago, I got a Keratin treatment in my hair, after which, I was told I could no longer use sulfate-based shampoos. That lead to some extensive label-reading in my shower, which lead to more label reading in my medicine cabinet, which lead to a giant purge of products in my bathroom. Why? Because too many things I was using were packed with parabens. What is a paraben, exactly? It’s a preservative most commonly found in makeup and beauty products that has been linked to breast cancer. Its ability to mimic estrogen, the female hormone, is most likely the cause of this. Basically, it’s not good. And that’s why I did a little spring cleaning in my bathroom. I got sucked in on the purge after I bought a sulfate-free shampoo from Walgreens that claimed it was free…Read More



Four Finds at Fashion Bloggers Do It Better

Last night was a better night in Miami with the Fashion Bloggers Do It Better Summer event at Ricochet. The second leg of the shopping series (the first happened back in March) featured local designers and boutiques selling their wares, as well as Miami’s fashion bloggers taking to the runway in a fashion show that displayed each blogger’s personal style. Here’s a look at my favorite four finds of the night and a recap of this fashionable fete. {Find 1: Jewels by Dunn skull, arrow and spike bracelets.} {Find 2: Turquoise bead necklace from Furor Moda.} {Find 3: Vanessa Ferrer’s ridic awesome neon and monogrammed bag.} {Find 4: Maria Tettamanti’s spankin’ new Chanel shoes.} And now for a look at how we got this party started. {Ana Ortuno’s awesome bun by Cutler.} {Stephanie Giles of Beauty For Real doing makeup for Kristin Clark.} {Leslie Munsell Dubbin of Beauty For Real doing blogger…Read More



My Posh Day at The St. Regis Bal Harbour Remede Spa and Prive Salon

{What the inside of a crystal ball must look like. At The St. Regis Bal Harbour.) {Spa time. At Remede Spa.} I was recently invited to give Remede Spa at the The St. Regis, where I brought WuGate full circle at its grand opening, a go. A custom-massage for 60 minutes. Yes, please, sign me up. Not only is the spa gorg (What else would you expect from a hotel whose lobby looks like the most elegant disco ball you’ve ever seen?), the treatment itself was delish. I started off in the women’s lounge, where, if you weigh yourself wearing the robe they give you, you’ll tip the scales three pounds heavier. Yup, it’s a three-pound robe. Hello, soft. Next, it was off to the treatment room. My therapist asked me what hurts, and I gave him the sob story about my neck pain. Then, it was time to get…Read More

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Drugstore Beauty Roundup

{Maybelline eyeliner, St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash, Impress press-on nails, Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleaning Towelettes, Wet n Wild shadow, CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast shadow stick.} I’m a total makeup snob. I swoon for Chanel. I melt for M.A.C. But at the other end of the spectrum are my favorite drugstore brands. Today, I’m sharing a look at my Walgreens staples and why I love them so. These are the greatest invention ever (though I’m looking into paraben-free brands, but have to do the allergy test first because everything gives me hives. Hi, TMI.) When it’s too late at night, or I’m too lazy, or I have on enough eye makeup to require a small village of remover, I whip these out, wash up and head to bed, because every derm on the planet will tell you sleeping in your makeup is the ultimate nono. Here’s your easy…Read More

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Hair: The Long and Short of It

{If only you could see me in the wig cap underneath. As if.} Laugh freely at this post. I encourage you to. That’s what I’m here for, entertainment. I mean, I have on a wig. I’m totally asking for it. Why am I wearing a wig, you ask? Good question. I’m not sure what it is about summertime, but I often consider a hair revamp of sorts as soon as its nearly 900 degrees out. This year, I can’t decide whether to grow it lush and long or chop it all off and go auburn. My beloved stylist, Todd, and colorist, Taylor, at Van Michael suggested a trip to the wig shop to see a) if I even like the idea of long hair and b) what glimpsing myself with a color change looks like in my eyes. And that’s exactly what I did. I went to Ricky’s on Lincoln…Read More

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