Nailed It

  {Wearing: Bikini: c/o Ola Feroz Swimwear. Nails: Deco Miami Nail Lacquer in Slay. Hair: Blo Midtown Miami. Photographed by Julianna Dahbura.} The other night I was in the same room as the Superbowl. I say that because I totally wasn’t watching it. I did, however, watch the halftime show, also not something I generally do. I am not a fan of Coldplay. I am not a fan of Bruno Mars. I am not a fan of (dear God, please don’t let a lightening bold come down from the heavens and smite me for saying this but) Beyonce. But I like music. And I love live music. And so there I sat watching three larger-than-life musicians do their thing. And you know what struck me (kind of like a lightening bold from the sky)? Coldplay’s whole theme. The flowers, the colors, the happiness. Bright pinks, bold yellows, lotus flowers dancing. I…Read More



No More Baggage

{Wearing: Lipstick: M.A.C. Dita Von Teese.} They say a woman over 30’s best friend is good lighting. What’s missing from that equation is Dr. Shaun Patel of Miami Skin and Vein. Let’s face it, lighting won’t follow you everywhere you go and I’m yet to find a way to integrate Instagram filters into my real life. I started seeing Dr. Patel back in August to add a little Botox here and there. After all, I’m working on 38 and I prefer to keep my angry face a secret, along with any little lines that pop up along the way. Plus, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to look and feel your best. If a little syringe here and there keeps you feeling great and stands up to what Father Time is dishing out, well, sign me up. I’ve been to more than a few dermatologists in my lifetime….Read More



Here’s Why I’m Smiling …

{Wearing: Headpiece: Soo Good. Necklace: Kore Boutique. Bikini Top: The Orchid Boutique (old). Pants: Market. Photographed by me.}   Contouring, the makeup revolution that suddenly gave women cheek bones for days, is not my bag. Despite numerous YouTube tutorials, helpful hints from makeup counter girls and friends, I’m pretty much a pre-schooler with a batch of finger paints when it comes to applying makeup. Contouring leaves me looking like a Halloween project gone awry. And then there’s the Miami heat. God willing I actually get a contour going somewhere, it slides down my face as soon as I step into the heat. #Fail Part 2. So as I inched past my 37th birthday and started to map out lines here and there in my face, I decided to hit up Dr. Epstein to see what he could do for me that the hands of time could not. Tuns out, he…Read More



Who’s That Girl

    {Wearing: Romper: Kore. Hair: c/o Hotheads Hair Extensions. Photographed by me.} Seriously, who is that girl? She can’t be me. I’ve been struggling to grow my hair past my shoulders for almost six years now. But she is! I was asked to film a hair tutorial with Hotheads Hair Extensions and in return I got a whole head of hair. More hair than I’ve seen on my head in my whole life combined. Sadly, my hair won’t ever grow past the boobs. I’ve tried and tried, but it just gets dead and lifeless on the ends, so it stops right above my bra line. And I’ve come to accept that’s my version of long hair. But not anymore. On Tuesday, I sat in a chair while one of Hotheads master hair artists turned me into brunette Rapunzel. The whole process took about 20 minutes and included 20 extensions….Read More



March Beauty Board: Hair Care

It’s unofficially spring in Miami, which means it’s unofficially summer. The heat (and humidity) is on, so if having a good hair day is your endgame goal, be prepared for a mission impossible. When it comes to color, the pool, the sun, they are all conspiring against us and our freshly dyed locks. I was psyched when Neiman Marcus sent me these great hair products to review, especially considering how harsh the change of seasons can be on your mane. It was love at first wash with R+Co Gemstone Shampoo and Conditioner, which is a great way to combat what Miami summer does to your tresses. It preserves the shade you opted for and it smells amazing. And if you’re looking to lock in a specific style, I suggest prepping with R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse. It will hold the look once the elements get their grip on it. And since a good…Read More



The Mane Attraction

{Wearing: Tee: Gap. Moto jacket: Gap. Rocking a straight GHD mane. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} Confession: I use hot rollers on the regular. Why? It’s not because I aspire to be Miss Texas. Nor do I wear my pjs and a scarf over my head when running out for milk. It’s because I’m pretty clueless in the hair department. In fact, having hair is such drama, which is probably why I cut mine off with a whim all the time. But, I’ve managed to make it well over a year and a half without snipping my hair off. And I’m digging the long thing, except for when it comes to styling it. I’m a hot mess. Hence the hot rollers. In some gift from God, Neiman Marcus mailed me a box of GDH’s products to road test. And it was an amazing way to get a firm grip on how…Read More



Face Facts

{Wearing: Hot Pink Metallic Bodycon Crop Top: c/o Blush. Elan White Semi-Sheer Pants: c/o Blush. Shoes: Zara. Necklace c/o Express. Hair and makeup: Davi . Photographed by me.} I have this really bad habit of smiling and laughing. At first, it wasn’t an issue, but as life tumbles along, all those grins and bursts of hysterical laughter start to make little lines here and there. Sure, they are the mark of good times, some of the best, even, but dammit, I have lines on my face. So, REAL TALK: As my 37th year starts to sneak up on me, I decided it was time to erase those lines. Well, some of them anyway. With stellar recommendations from my best bud Erin Newberg, I decided to take my lines to Dr. Marc Epstein to see how we could diminish them. Dr. Marc Epstein’s office is parked just above Villa Azur in Miami…Read More



February Beauty Board: Skin-Centric

My guilty pleasure: Skin creams, masks, potions and other facial notions. Life is super dehydrating, and whatever I can do to add a little moisture back in, well, I’m in. Here are my latest obsessions: I’ve long been a fan of Fresh products. So, when Neiman Marcus mailed me the latest from the line, I was beyond ready to try it out. I started with the Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. What I like about this is that when life hands you little imperfections, this mask makes you feel better about battling them. The velvety formula has a cooling effect which feels great in addition to everything else it does. From boosting collagen to defending against wrinkle-making free radicals, this mask is great if you’ve put your skin through a little too much. I like this mask as an option before the day starts. A few days later, I…Read More



And Now a Post About the Greatest Mascara Ever

{Wearing Younique Mascara.} I once met the guys who created Latisse at swim week. We got into a conversation about the importance of eyelashes. Apparently, there’s more to them than just being something women can bat, although that plays a big part, too. Initially, God put eyelashes in place to prevent debris from landing in our eyes. But along the way notable women have changed their purpose, given them new meaning. Virility, sexuality, sheer femininity—all defined by long, full lashes. Cleopatra added liner around her lashes to make her eyes the most dominant feature on her face and bam, the transformation began. Twiggy took things to a whole other level by making her lashes visible from miles away. And that’s a look that has always hit home for me. I like my lashes long—obnoxiously long. So long, they touch the lenses of my sunglasses.  Cue a new mascara (OK, obsession) that…Read More