Take Your Vitamins

{Wearing: Bathing Suit: Bohemian Queen Brazenly Braided One Piece c/o Salty Mermaid. Earrings: Labradorite and Moonstone Hoops c/o Lexi Jewelry. Vitamins: c/o Care/OfPhotographed by Milly Jane Harris.}

Take your vitamins, people. It’s cold and flu season out there. And after spending a weekend ravaged by stomach flu (yuck), I’m hopping on the vitamin train.

This year, the flu has people in a full-blown panic.  If you have kids, go outside and breathe oxygen, chances are you’re going to get something. Unless, you do things to defend yourself. Consider taking vitamins like washing your hands for your insides. Plus, your mom will be happy you did it because it’s good for you.

And I’m just guessing here, but you probably made some promise to yourself somewhere around late December of 2017 to do more things that are good for you.

Taking vitamins, while good for what ails you and all that, isn’t fun. It’s not like drinking wine (fun), dancing (super fun) or binge watching a whole series on Netflix (the best). So, here’s a way to up the good-time ante and get yourself to do that. Care/Of has custom vitamins. As in you fill out a little form that says what you want to do for your body and they customize a pack for you. The month’s supply is then mailed to you. And get this, it comes with your name on it and a cute little factoid about the human body, health and general well-being. If that doesn’t get you to take your vitamins, I don’t know what will.

So if you take anything away from today’s post, wash your hands, take your vitamins and feel better.