Camo, Flannel and Overhalls, Oh My

Welcome to the middle of nowhere.

I didn’t always live in the fashionable little hub that is Miami Beach. No, for four years of my life, my high school years, I lived in a little fishing village called Destin. It resides in the Panhandle of Florida. And Destin is actually pretty much the Milan of the surrounding area. Since high school, my family moved even further into the sticks between DeFuniak Springs and Freeport (my mother likes the sounds of crickets at night, and not much else). Freeport has a “boiled peanuts” stand on the side of the road that serves as a major landmark. Life in both Freeport and DeFuniak Springs is, well, simple. People are kind. And everyone drives a four-wheel drive vehicle, most of which are outfitted with gun racks and someone in camo behind the wheel. Here, fashion is what keeps you warm in the winter and hidden behind trees whilst hunting.

Did I mention I ran off to New York City just as soon as I was old enough?

On a rare trip back to the Panhandle, my mom signed me up for an off-the-beaten path adventure, which involved going to an auction in Defuniak Springs. I’m always down for a good thrifting outing. And this was an experience like none other. In a sea of camo, flannel and overhall-clad attendees, bids on everything from cast iron skillets and riffles kept the auction going strong. Throwing ourselves in the mix, my mom and I gathered our number and waited to see what treasures we could unearth.

Lucky number 56.

The scene, outfitted with the American flag and overhalls, of course.

Up for auction, your very own cast-iron skillet. Hurry before it gets away.

Overhalls won himself a giant guardian angel.

I, on the other hand, scored two jewelry boxes full of antique jewelry. For bargain prices nonetheless.

My spoils.

I also landed two vintage prints from the ’40s that I’m hoping to reframe and hang in mi casa. I found it shocking that old Elvis memorabilia and Beanie Babies caused paddles to fly into the air. My vintage prints, however, got one solid bid of $5 from me and mom. To each their own.

Not only was the auction fun. I feel like I submerged myself in an entirely different culture than the fast-paced world that is my normal Miami surrounding. So, am I the type of girl who can sit back and enjoy the day? Hell, no. I couldn’t wait to get home, wash this jewelry off, Instagram it and stick it up on my blog. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can never take the city out of the girl. But this girl gave it her all at trying to slow down. We made time to feed ducks, play on a playground, discover what may or may not have been “magic” mushrooms, roasted marshmallows and had big family breakfasts, lunches and dinners, all of which I did in a pair of Japanese skinny jeans. God knows, I’d only wear overhalls as part of a Halloween costume. But to each his own. To each his own.

The simple life.

According to the Internet, these are either extremely trippy or extremely deadly. The only way to tell is by eating them. Um, no thanks. I’m not ready for that type of off-the-beaten-path adventure.