Building a College Wardrobe at Sawgrass Mills


{The big kid is off to college …}

So you’ve worn a uniform to school every day of the week for the past 18 years to school. And now you’re off to college. What in the world are you going to wear? There’s a fashion-related problem if I’ve ever seen one. And also the question of the moment at our house now that Julien is flying the coop and heading off to college. Yes, we have a kid headed to college. And no, that does not make us old. (I keep telling myself.)

After 18 years in private school, donning his polo shirts and khaki shorts, he was a little light in the clothing department. Like five pairs of random jeans, no shirts and a pair of shoes too small light. It also doesn’t help that his feet seem to grow another shoe size every time the calendar changes months. 

We literally needed to build him a wardrobe from scratch. And fast. So off to Sawgrass Mills we went. Our mission as we chose to accept it: Put together interchangeable looks that would get Julien started in the wardrobe-building process. We decided the essentials boiled down to these three basics: 

Something to wear to class.

Something to wear out and about town. Town being Savanah, as he’s headed to Savanah College of Art and Design.

Something to wear when the ‘rents come to visit.

I ended up bringing the whole kid crew along and we made a day of the trip to Sawgrass, each kid taking on a different role for the story we’d tell after. Jorgie art directed our shoots, Milly made stop motion videos and Julien jumped in as the star of the show. We laughed a lot. We goofed around. And we even found the rest of the school supplies we needed for the whole crew. I’ll add in I found stuff for myself, too. Though I haven’t been to school in decades. 🙂

We started our excursion at Vans Outlet. I may have mentioned somewhere in there Julien’s feet have a way of growing at an astronomical rate. Like puppies growing into their giant paws, I’m convinced he’s going to be 9 foot 10. We scored a multifunctional pair of high tops that were going-out worthy, as well as cool for whatever else life throws at him. We also scored a pair of low tops that would work for class. And we got both for $150.

Then, off to Diesel, where, to all of our surprise, we cleaned house. Julien has a thing for plaid. Like a big thing. So big, his dad told him to go easy on lumberjack-ish pattern. But when Julien got a glimpse of all the plaid button-ups at Diesel, well, let’s just say he couldn’t help himself. And when we found out they were buy two and every shirt priced down to $49 each, let’s just say we’ve unofficially crowned Julien the king of plaid. And it worked perfectly, especially with the jeans we found. At Diesel alone, we managed to get our out on the town look AND our when the ‘rents come to visit look, all in one stop. We also had a blast in the dressing room playing ‘80s try-on montage. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below.

Finally, we needed to put together a going to class look, so we hit up Hollister. Julien likes joggers and we discovered they were on sale for $35 each, so we nabbed navy and black ones. And we topped them off with matching tees. 

Then we hit up Marshall’s for fun socks and that was that.

Was it really this easy to find wardrobe staples? Surprisingly, yes it was. And we didn’t break the bank either. We managed to get it all done for around $600.

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Now if someone can tell me how to tackle how much I’m going to miss this kiddo when he’s gone, I’m all ears. 

{Jules in his Hollister gear and Vans lowtops.}


This post is in collaboration with Sawgrass Mills. But the words and opinions, well those are mine, all mine.