Extreme Beauty: No More Waiting in Line


{Wearing: Dress: Blush. Shoes: Steve Madden. Necklace. Hair & Makeup: Gina Dearing. Skincare: Botoxx Labb Aesthetic Beauty Bar. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.}


Expressions are nice. Wrinkles, not so much. Finding a balance between the two is something you gotta do when you start to look up at the fourth floor (I’m talking 40s, people. It’s coming sooner than later, and I’m not going down without a fight). I’ve found my balance at Botox Labb Aesthetic Beauty Bar with Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Danielle Smith.

After an awesome consultation the month before, here’s how our first appointment went down:

I walk in. Danielle and Jen, the patient coordinator—are walking around with rainbow polka dot grids on their chins.

Me: “Um, so whatcha got goin’ on there?”

Jen: I’m trying out Kybella.

Danielle: Me, too.

Me: Oh, I’ve heard of that.

Danielle: It melts your fat.

Me: And have you ever done it before?

Both: No, that’s why we’re trying it out now.

(In my head): Yes! These girls are awesome!  I mean, the last thing I want is someone sticking needles in my face that has no frame of reference. These girls are their own Guinea pigs. Brilliant.

And it just got better from there. Danielle tests out her own offerings because how could she recommend them if she didn’t know first-hand what they were like? I love that. It’s honest. It’s real. And when you say ouch or yow, she knows. She’s been there. Instantly, I felt like this is someone I can trust my face with. And that means EVERYTHING.

I also like how her practice only has one chair, which means she is hands on with each and every one of her customers. That’s good for me because I come fully loaded with a zillion-plus questions. This is, after all, my face, and those, after all, are needles. I like to know exactly what’s going on … AT ALL TIMES.

Danielle does a great job of filling you in. In more ways than one. Labb specializes in Botox and dermal filler injectables only. The injectable-only business model means she’s on top of the latest and she isn’t distracted by a zillion other things at the office, so you know you are getting the latest treatment and she has all the info to back up anything you want to know.

I went because it had been eons since I had filled or toxed anything. The time had come. I realized it upon looking at a pic I snapped at myself on the beach. Yup, fill in the lines time.

Danielle came highly recommended from several friends who look so good if you didn’t know they had done a little poke here and there, you’d truly never guess. And that’s important to me. I still want to look like me, but the best me I can look like. Frozen face doesn’t fit into my life.

Danielle took one look at me and suggested the normal areas I usually fill in. I like to keep parenthesis off my face and I hate when lines form in between my brows. So, those was my areas of urgency. But as I’m working my way up the ladder, I’m noticing lines around my lips. I’ve poked around there before and was more than ready to do it again. Danielle suggested we add a little Restylane to the area and maybe even a little to my lips. And for whatever reason (maybe it was the blind trust I felt the minute I walked in the door) I said OK.

If you’ve ever done Botox or filler before, you know it’s worth the pain, which, honestly is no worse than a flu shot. But lips, well, those are a very sensitive area. Like, you’ll spew a profanity or two, get really sweaty and consider kicking Danielle a few times. But the results are worth it. Just know this: your lips will be swollen for a few days. Ice packs are your friend. And don’t go out that night and not expect anyone to notice. They will. And you will, too. Just remember, it’s not going to stay like that. Your lips are mad as hell at you for sticking them with needles. Give them a day or two to relax. I promise you won’t be Kylie Jenner’s twin for more than a day or two. Remind your mom of that if/when she starts to freak out.

Two days later I had beautiful, full lips. But it wasn’t blatantly obvious. I knew and that’s all I wanted to know. I’m only sharing because if it’s something you think you want to do and not look like a sucker fish at the bottom of the tank, well, Danielle is your girl.

I’m elated with my Botox and filler results. I love my lips. And best yet, I adore Jen and Danielle. I text with the girls to check in on their chins, give them updates about my treatments and girl chat. That’s just the kind of team Labb put together. Not only can you trust them with your face, you’ll miss theirs between visits.

I did my treatments mid-September, which means I’ll be back for more just as we’re heading into 2017. Botox and filler’s lifespan varies from person to person. I find its best to do mine the minute I start to see a little difference. I’d rather be early than late to that party any day. And when I have my best face forward, it really does feel like something to celebrate.

If you, too, want to check out Danielle and Jen at Botox Labb, give them a ring at 305.783.7001 or e-mail They are located in Sunset Harbour, so it’s easy to stop in when you need a fill-er up.