Coral and the Sky

{Bag: Botkier Ludlow mini satchel. Owl Sandals: Forever 21 + Melissa Shoes.}

Last year, when I was sitting on my back porch in very non-wilderness-esque Miami Beach, I heard a weird sound coming from a tree in the neighbor’s backyard. And soon after, that sound yielded a large white owl that would spread its wings and fly from treetop to treetop. Soon after, I spotted not one, not two, but four of the majestic creatures flying over my speck of grass on the beach and taking up residence in a hollowed-out tree in a neighboring yard. Summer eventually came and the owls disappeared. The neighbor cut down the tree and I assumed the displaced owls found a new place to live. But not so long ago, I heard that familiar sound and soon after saw one of the beautiful creatures against the backdrop of the moonlit sky. They’ve returned. They’ve found a new place to reside and I haven’t locked down their exact locale, but I’m happy to see them back in their hood, soaring against the night sky.

Since their arrival, I’ve been drawn to things with owls on them. Though, to be fair, I’m naturally inclined to like them. It has to do with my whole hang up on the ’70s. But now it has even more purpose. So I was immediately attracted to these owl sandals from the Melissa and Forever 21 collaboration. And they just happen to match my new Botkier bag to a T.

Birds of a feather, right?


Photographed by David Marc Harris.