Robe Life … Is the Best Life

{Wearing: Boca Terry Bathrobes Pink Kimono Satin Robe}

This just in: Monday is officially cancelled. Staying in my silky delicious robe and drifting back off to dreamland. I wish! Mondays come and it’s like what else can the universe hurl at me before noon? Get a kid off to school, do a post, do social for the post, battle traffic, get to my workout, head back home and tackle my other job …

So this pic, this is what I dream Mondays look like. I would love to live the robe life and stay in bed.  Unfortunately, that’s jus never going to happen.

Speaking of robes, I first discovered Boca Terry back when I stayed at the Raleigh hotel in South Beach a thousand years ago. I loved how soft and comfy the robe in my room was. It was like wearing a cloud. Before I checked out, I hit the gift shop and snagged one of my own with the hotel’s logo on it. I wore that thing for years and years until I absolutely wore it out. There were many a day when I wanted to don it instead of whatever else I had to slip on to do my day in.

I’ve since replaced my robe with this silky kimono, which I ordered online here. I love how feminine it is. Wearing it definitely makes me long for more robe life.

Should the day ever come when we trade in our regular work clothes for PJs, well, I know exactly what I’ll be wearing all day long.