Almost Famous

{Famous Mackenna slogan tee: c/o Bikini: c/o Vitamin A. Sunnies: c/o Italia Independent.}

Check out this sneak peek of the 2014 line from Vitamin A. The eco-friendly bikini (it’s made from Repreve recycled fibers) is perfect for the beach and not bad for the environment either. Environmentally friendly bikinis are kind of brilliant. Before we know it, all the famous celebs out there will be wearing them, making it a win-win for Mother Earth and fashion. And speaking of famous, this cute slogan tee from made me think while I was wearing it. I mean suppose someone comes up to me and says, “Oh yeah, what are you famous for?” So here’s a list of my accomplishments that might land me in the big time (you know, just in case someone asks):

Famous baker: I can make berry muffins and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies like nobody’s business.

Famous blogger: I broke Wu-gate, dammit!

Famous insomniac: I need less sleep than pretty much any other person on the planet, and I can still function without coffee.

Famous sideshow act: I can touch my tongue to my nose (it’s my stupid human trick).

Famous lost soul: I’ve lived in Miami for 13 years and I still can’t get anywhere. I literally get lost in the 23 blocks that are South Beach.

Famous monkey: I can pick up pretty much anything with my feet. (my other stupid human trick).

Whether or not any of these land me in the fame game, at least I’ll have my defense ready and waiting when someone asks me to prove it.


Photographed by Maria Tettamanti.