You’re Makin’ Me Blush

{Dress: c/o Necklace: Vintage. Shoes: Zara.}

At least once a week, my story goes a little something like this: Drive to West Avenue, loop around for parking for forever, cram car in an illegal space, run into JugoFresh for an Ashram (grapefruit squeezed with cayenne and other kinds of things that make you feel like you can breathe fire, but man, so good), casually pass by Blush’s window and get sucked in to a cute pair of shorts or a nice backless top, a pair of leggings, a cream hi-low skirt for summer … the allure is endless. And it just got that much better. Now I can get sucked in via the web as Blush is now online. The virtual shop carries all the staples, like shorts, which you will need to get through Miami summer, essential frocks for the season and tops in every shape, cut and color you can imagine.

I guess now I have to learn to shop without my freshly squeezed juice in hand.

For those of you who aren’t Miami Beach dwellers, Blush can be found around town at these locales. Or, find it online at

Photographed by David Marc Harris.