Blue Moon Over Miami

Once in a blue moon is right. Last night on the deck at The Standard Spa, I experienced a blue moon, which is a full moon that happens twice in one month. And some pretty cool stuff came along with it.

After 12 years of asking, pleading and begging, I finally got hubby to do yoga. He joined me for the H2Om Lululemon Ambassador sesh at The Standard Spa. It was a unity of yoga communities with four teachers with four different styles from four different studios bringing it home on the dock. A perfect way to kick off National Yoga Month. With a blue moon, nonetheless. I’m so proud of David. He did awesome. He just dove right in. Sure, 20 minutes in he looked at me with pleading eyes and tried to bail, but he hung in there for a whole hour. Now, he finally understands why I come home looking like a wet rag when I’m done with yoga. Guess what? We don’t just sit around and chant after all. Here he is getting his half-split on. While (below) Marcella and I get our full split on. Thanks to Sharon Aluma for the pics. Afterward, we put on some comfy white robes and hit the hamam for a little R&R. A perfect date night. If you haven’t H2Om-ed before, I highly suggest it. It isn’t your typical Friday night out. Class plus spa amenities are $30 and the fun begins at 8 p.m. Not a bad way to get your om on.