Ever since my braid encounter at NYFW, I’m obsessed with mane attractions—and finally glad about growing my hair out. It’s now at a stage where I can do fun stuff with it. Blo Midtown invited Mills and I to try out a few new tricks they have up their sleeve using bobby pins. Those little metal hair tamers are no longer limited to just pinning hair back (or unjamming locks in times of trouble—in the movies, anyway). Apparently, you can also use them to make art in your hair. How fun.

Mills got a cool shape to accent her fishtail and I, being a blogger, thought a hashtag would be a perfect fit for me. The salon has a whole book of cool pin ideas, too. And, if you’re lucky, you might even see owner Sandirose’s sweet puppy. Do you die over this face? Milly literally begged me for a puppy for two days after we met her little butterball. It took all my willpower to say no, because let’s face it, puppies (and good hair days) make everything better.

PS, Here’s a little secret you’ll thank me for: Blo, unlike most salons, is open on Mondays, in case you need your mane whipped into shape—bobby pinned or otherwise. And if you need hair inspiration, be sure to follow Blo on Instagram at @themanemuchaha. Prepare to be blo-wn away.