Bikinis In Bloom

Suited up.

Thursday night marked the opening of The Orchid Boutique, as you probably read here. The cute swimsuit shop is parked on 8th between Washington and Collins in Miami Beach.

And I have to admit, the party was raging. The gift bag, also equally amazing. I haven’t seen one of that caliber since back in the early ’00s.

Laughing it up with the owner. How cute is her romper?

Inside the shop, done up in pink and white, find a barrage of swimwear. And, living in Miami, swimwear, come those summer month (which start in March), is a wardrobe staple. Which all boils down to one thing: You’re going to be here, a lot. Upon entering the store, the racks on both the left and right are jam-packed with embroidered and embellished swimwear. The embroidered pieces mean love at first sight to any boho chic babe.

The store also carries a variety of ruched bikinis, lingerie-inspired pieces, amazing prints and accessories, like shoes, beach bags and jewelry.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the things we absolutely adored.

Check out these cute shoes. Love the beaded detail.


My face is saying, “oooh, embroidered goodness.”

The Orchid Boutique, 224 Eighth St., Miami Beach, 305-397-8994.