So Fresh and So Clean Clean

{Wearing: Bikini: Victoria’s Secret. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.}

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do a cleanse. I generally do them seasonally. I know, I know. Everyone thinks I’m nuts. Just imagine doing them in a pre-popular pressed juice world. Then people really thought I was crazy. But it’s not crazy. In fact, it’s enlightening. This go-round, I wanted to do something right before my birthday. For me, cleanses are like a reprogramming, a do-over, a hard reset. I wanted a clean start before I entered my 37th year, so I hopped on the Bikini Cleanse wagon. For seven days, it went a little something like this:

Breakfast: Orange and vanilla smoothie. (This stuff is actually good. Like, really good.)

Snack: Bikini Stick. You mix these little packets with water for energy and fat burning. They taste like raspberry. And that’s way better than chard, kale, mango, broccoli, like I’ve subjected myself to on past cleanses.

Lunch: Something in the nuts, berries, cheese, fruit category. It’s part of my normal routine, so this was same old, same old.

Snack: Another Bikini Stick. These things grow on you and by day two you start to look forward to them.

Dinner: Nada. Yup, there’s the hard part. But it’s a cleanse and you have to have goals. That’s where the Bikini Passport comes into play. It tells you not only what to buy at the store for the week, but also gives you a workout log and daily encouragement.

Bedtime Ritual: BikiniTea, a slimming tea that helps you detox.

Seven days later, I felt cleansed, which is exactly the point. And I’m looking forward to wearing my new bikinis at the numerous pool parties happening this week.

If you have a ‘kini-related event coming up, I suggest giving this a go. Like all cleanses, it’s not easy, but there’s a sense of gratification that comes along with knowing you made it through.

Happy detoxing.