The Contour That Doesn’t Wash Off

{What God didn’t give me for cheekbones, Smith & Popov did with Voulma.}

Contour. That’s fun, until you live in Miami and the humidity starts to cause your to sweat in a way that makes your contour slide down your face. And since fall is never actually coming to Miami, I’ve found a better way to make my contour last—with Voluma. I visited Danielle at Smith & Popov. and she injected the filler into my cheeks to give me fantastic cheek contour. It took effect immediately. And I love the look. It lasts for around a year, so there’s no need to rush back after just a few months. Contour that doesn’t wash off is a must in Miami. For so many reasons. If you’re looking for something that goes the distance and makes you feel like you are putting your best face forward, then I suggest reaching out to Smith & Popov for a consultation.

You can reach them at 305-393-2311 or online here.