Been There Done That: Lucky FABB

Loving my sketch by Lucky magazine’s Dear Lucky artist Lauren Friedman from Tuesday’s Pre-FABB event. She’s all kinds of awesome and so is her sketchy blog. Speaking of which, bloggers, bloggers everywhere. That’s what I found yesterday at Lucky FABB. But that wasn’t all. Oh, not by a long shot. There were sock buns, so many you could throw something and it would bumper around the room like a pinball, ricocheting off the donut-shaped piles of hair sitting atop nearly every other scalp. And there were shoes and more shoes and even more shoes. Leather pants, in oxblood, nonetheless, above-average manicures, arm parties, SLR cameras on nearly every neck and Rachel Zoe, all packed into a room brimming with fashion bloggers. Including The Man Repeller. The best part: Anna Sui hating on sock buns … and Lauren Conrad wearing one.  So what did I take away from Lucky FABB, in addition to a swag bag that would make your bunhead spin? This nugget: Write about what you love. Yes, we were told over and over again to make our pictures big and beautiful and to limit the amount of words we put out there, but you know what? As much as I love clothes and shoes and makeup and hair, I love words. So that’s what I’m writing: Words. I realize lengthy posts aren’t what’s trending, but like Anna Sui, sometimes you just have to go against the grain, shake out your sock bun and let the words flow.

{Accessorized buns.}

{As illustrated by these Chanel T-straps, clearly, navy is the new black.}

{Arm party of one.}

{Rachel Zoe with Lucky editor Brandon Holley.}

{Me in my Zara tunic, Jessica Simpson motorcycle boots, Jewels by Dunn mermaid necklace and vintage bag.}