Be Dazzled

Forget diamonds, this is a girl’s new best friend.

I know, I know, how many uber girly posts can I do in one day? Really, it’s fine. I’ve been editing posts about art and culture all day, so the brain isn’t going to go to mush if I talk about a top coat. But more importantly, stop what you are doing right now (yes, it’s that dire) and order this. It’s called Dazzle Dry. I mentioned in a few weeks back. And now it’s arrived here at mi casa, and I’m over the moon. Apparently, Dazzle Dry has an entire line of polishes. But for now, focus in the quick dry top coat. For around $20 (including shipping) you can extend the life of your manicure for days on end. And at the price of Miami manicures, that’s a steal. Dazzle Dry mimics a shellac, sans heat and drama to remove it. It creates an impenetrable layer over nails and literally dries by the time you get to the other hand. A revolution in top coats? Yes, absolutely. When I first tried it out at Social Media Week, I got five extra days out of a mani that was chipping two days in. Yesterday, I had my beloved Mercy apply it right after the mani. I’ll report back on how much extended wear I get. But I know it will be longer than the previous top coat I was using, which makes this quite possibly the greatest invention of 2012 I’ve stumbled across yet. Stop reading and order it already.