Back in Black (OK, Chocolate Brown)


Attempting to have hair in Miami in the summer months is, well, cue the Mission Impossible theme song. And I’m not just talking about humidity-ruined blowouts either. The overall texture of your hair—with weekend pool dips into chlorine-laden swimming holes, wind-whipping boat rides and tress-tangling convertible jaunts lead to lock demise. And let’s not even mention trying to maintain hair color in a city where the sun seeps into every conceivable crevice. As a brunette, summer leaves me red or faded brown with touches of grey. It’s not, I repeat NOT, pretty.

And that’s why I headed to Sassoon for an end-of-summer touch up and repair. I opted for a dark chocolate brown to cover up what a summer’s worth of sun did to my mane. Upon visiting with my stylist, I got the deets on a masque that will lock moisture back into hair after a lingering summer. With my color restored and my hair re-moisturized, I left the South Beach salon feeling like summer hadn’t happened. Sure, the temperatures and good memories remain, but the damaging effects were erased.

That being said, this is the official last weekend of summer (for most of the world), though we still have months and months ahead of us to go. Keeping that in mind, why not try out something from Sassoon Salon’s A to Z Guide to perfect summer hair for those remaining days, or for us Miamians, the next few months to come.

Here’s the ABCs of a few great ideas:

A Summer Refresh

Beach Waves To achieve a tousled beach wave, use a large barrel curling iron and alternate the size of each section for a more natural result. Be flexible with the sectioning by starting underneath and working up to the cheekbones, leaving out the ends for that loose, tousled, beach wave look.

Curls Even if your hair isn’t curly, protection products, such as Davines Sea Salt Primer will ensure your beach waves are artfully disheveled rather than frizzy. Products for curly hair are often designed for ‘air-drying’, so no heat-activation is required to define texture.

Disheveled There is something irresistibly seductive about perfectly textured hair that is ruffled and disheveled for that effortless carefree look.

“Lift each section out from the head and smooth through with a paddle brush before ruffling the hair with a texturizing product such as Sebastian Drynamics,” says Pascal Bodin, Miami’s Salon Director.

Evening glamour on vacation.

Play with the shape and leave the hair soft and teased in places for some simple elegance. Try not to overthink the look, the hair does not need to look perfect, yet should have the feeling of delicate femininity. “Wisps of hair that escape around the hair lines only add to the simplicity and flirtatious feeling of the look. Use a minimal amount of product – it’s more sensual,” advises Pascal.

Flight Plan To keep your hair from drying out mid-flight, “apply one pump of Kerastase Elixir Ultime through your hair before you board,” advises Pascal, “It will soak into your locks without leaving it greasy, guaranteeing you step off with hair that looks super, sleek and glossy.”

If you’ve had a pre-flight blow-dry, twist your hair up into a loose bun and secure with Bobby pins or loosely with an invisible band, to maintain the body and movement. Nobody wants to step off the plane with flat hair.

G is for Glow.


I is for Illuminate.

Jet set in style.

Knot it. If you’re not a fan of covering hair with a hat, tie long hair into a knot at the nape of the neck. Keep short hair slicked back behind the ears and opt for a headscarf to keep in place.


Moisture The key to sexy beach hair is great condition! If you plan to spend a full day in the sun, apply an intensive hair mask, such as Kerastase Masque UV Defense Active. The mask will seal in moisture, while the style will complement an effortless beach look.

Natural Texture. Swap the perfect blow-dries for a messy, loose finish on vacation this season.

O is for Ocean. 

Plait itBraid it, a fail-safe way to vamp up your daytime look. For a contemporary look, stop the braid at least two inches from the end, and tie with an invisible band. This style is super versatile; wear the look clean or deconstructed. Use texturizing hairspray for long-lasting yet flexible hold.

Quick tip. After every dip, rinse out salt water and chlorine with fresh water, and then reapply a sun protection spray. Rinsing the hair will limit impurities from penetrating the hair cuticle and protect the hair’s moisture.

RepairKeep hair shiny and healthy – pamper your locks with a deep-conditioning treatment once a week.

Sun, Sea & Shine.

Treatments. Healthy hair gets its strength and shine from a combination of proteins and vitamins, just like our skin. Your hair needs customized care to help keep it healthy, radiant and supple. Thankfully, at Sassoon Salon, our experts will recommend the perfect treatment – our treatments deliver a host of benefits to dry, parched hair – from boosting the vibrancy of your color to preventing future damage and instantly smooths and strengthens each strand.

 Utterly Gorgeous Summer Hair.

Visit the salon before jet-setting away. Sea water can lead to split ends so plan to visit the salon for a trim, a haircut will keep the ends healthy and super shiny.


Turn off the heat. Air-drying hair will prevent breakage and cuticle damage, which maintains softness and combats frizz.

Yellow Blondes turn yellow, brunettes go brassy and red heads fade quickly. Keep your color – with Davines Love Shampoo and Conditioner that will lock in color longer and leave your hair lustrous.

 Zone –out and RELAX

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