Attention Vintage Hoarders

V to the i to the n to the t to the a to the g to the e.

Last weekend, when I was cruising around Wnywood on the bike tour, I ran into Lester’s for some tea. Before I even got in the door, I saw it: A classic pic of a Vogue-esue lady with the word “Vintage” looming over her head. Adrenaline rush. Vintage shopping, for me, anyway, is the equivalent of a chocoholic biting into a rich, decadent truffle. I’m a junkie and knowing I can have something from the past that no one else will have is my fix. And I plan to completely fall off the wagon on Thursday, when the hipster haven magazine/coffee house turns into a vintage salon with designer pieces from around the globe. Turns out, the owner of Lesters’ wife is a stylist and has been working with vintage collectors to put the one-day pop-up together. We hear there will be Missoni, Versace, Fendi and more. The event starts at 6 and goes until 10 p.m. Lester’s is located at 2519 N.W. Second Ave., in Wynwood. See you there.