Attention Slackers

Tada! Gift idea. You can thank me later.

Today’s post title applies to me, too, so don’t get all huffy about me calling you out on the fact you still have gifts to purchase, wrap and mail. Tick tock. Just be thankful I’m regurgitating this DailyCandy post from last week. Score other ideas here. Ground Up Collective is a really cool gift shop inside GAB. It’s parked over in Wynwood. You can also squeeze in a tour of the art at the gallery, if you shop like the stealth, last-minute ninja I know you are. Being the perfect destination for all your hippie dippie and hipster friends who love art and the environment, you’ll find cool piece like the necklace by JoMama pictured above. It’s made from recycled wood and magazine pages. And it’s cool as hell. Plus, it’s $20. Go and pick up five. Make that six. I’ll take one as my thank you, thank you very much.