Attention Instagram Users, You Can View Your Feed Online Via Gramfeed

That’s just some of my Instagram art.

Best invention since sliced bread? Easy: Instagram. It may very well be, aside from Twitter, my most beloved social media instrument. It’s my favorite late Saturday night activity: scrolling through my feed, that is, to see where everyone is and what they are up to. Yeah, I realize that’s the point of FourSquare, but Instagram has become the photo version with ’70s filters.

My only complaint: I can’t access my feed on my computer. Oh wait, yes I can. Thanks to Gramfeed, you can view your feed on your computer — so long as you have Instagram. Hubby, who just got Instagram on his phone (he is a Driod user) for the first time this week, discovered it today. I was so excited about this, I decided it had to be a blog post. So there you go, fellow Instagram users. Take it to your computer screen. Scroll through. Be nosey. You can even pin stuff to Pinterest. May your addiction run deep. If you want to view my feed and follow me (i’m gingdawn, just like on Twitter), check out my little tab under my bio. It’s over here ————-> somewhere.

Happy ‘gramming.