Hello, Summer Solstice

{Tempo 2 Seamless Bra Top and Foil Chaturanga Capri Bottom: c/o Athleta. Pic by Erika Thomas.}

The first day of summer in Miami usually gets lost in the shuffle, because it feels like it starts some three months back by the time it actually gets here. This year, however, Athleta made the summer solstice not only a memorable day, but a celebration. Hundreds of yogis—new and experienced—gathered at the 1111 Lincoln Road Parking Garage to share a practice on June 21, the first day of summer. And it was awesome. We started with a beautiful meditation, followed by a class by one of my favorite teachers Cat Haayen. Ironically, Cat and I were on the same page when it came to fashion the entire day. Not only did we both show up in the same pants, we both had the same dress, too. Great minds dress alike.

It was a beautiful and humbling experience to be on my mat with so many like-minded people. We even got a few good laughs in when Cat had us shake our asanas and do the unthinkable: take asana selfies. When most yoga teachers shun you for even touching your phone, Cat encouraged us to grab ours and snap away. You’ll have to hashtag that last one to see the results.

Afterward, we headed to the new Athleta store on Lincoln Road for treats by JugoFresh and some serious raffling. Between acai bowls and bike giveaways, the first day of summer made its mark.

Check out the pics below to see how it all went down.

9 a.m. warriors.

Tree-posin’ in matching pants with the almighty Cat. Find her on Instagram at @CatOnAMatYoga.

Rosie’s first yoga class ever. Girl hung in there the whole time. Way to go, Rosie!

Getting our om on.

Just breathe.


Check it out: #asanaselfie.

Cat doin’ her thing.

Rise and shine.

Then, it was off to the store.

I’d say that’s a great turnout.

It’s like we were separated at birth in our Sunstone dresses.

Awesome yogis and some of my favorite people: Amy Dannheim (also a fellow blogger) and the legendary Cat.

My hosting partner in crime, Erika Thomas of Blah Blah Blonde.

The very desirable bike that sadly, didn’t go home with me. But congrats to the lucky winner. Ride it all summer long.