The Center of It All

{Wearing: Bustier: Vintage. Skirt: Style Mafia. Necklace: Rebel. Booties: Saint Laurent. Photographed by me.}

It’s heeerrrreeeeee. OK, it’s not officially here yet, but it may as well be. I’m talking about Basel. That week that Miami becomes the center of the art world. The week where art, fashion, parties and sleeplessness collide. The week where I don all black, gawk at art, race around town like a pinball, file more stories than one can fathom morning after morning after night after night of zero sleep. Yup, Basel. And it will be here in less than a week. Are you ready? No, no one ever is. How can you be? Thankfully, things have improved—like we now have Uber (which means I won’t have to relive the year I rode in the trunk of a Range Rover curled up like a piece of oragami (hey, you didn’t turn down a free ride in the pre-Uber era). But the point is, you never know what adventure you will wind up on when Basel rolls around. You do, however, know it will be worth the lack of sleep, the endless pain in of wearing heels for days, the non-stop traffic, the nutrition-less diet of champagne breakfasts and passed hors d’oeuvres, the sneaking into whatever party whose list you could not penetrate just because they told you you couldn’t go, the concert at Bardot where you got squished up against a wall but stayed because the music was that good, the Talk at Design Miami where you fell asleep at because it was the first time you sat still for days. Yup, Basel.

The second most important question (aside from, “What’s on your schedule” is “What are you going to wear?” I’m still trying to figure that one out for myself. But I’m more than willing to help you. Tonight, I’m hosting The Art of Dressing for Basel at Emporium. Come sit, chat, shop and strategically plan out your wardrobe for the week. It is the time of year to dress bold, make your wardrobe art and to be as much of a fashion spectacle as you want to be. Have fun with it. The event kicks off at 5. Check it out. We can swap stories from the trenches of Basel.