The Experiment

{Top: c/o Susy Who. Harem pants: Shoes: Steve Madden.}

From a self-professed TV junkie, I’m here to report that, in December, I made the decision to give up cable TV. Here’s why: 1.) My cable bill was around $160 a month. 2.) I found myself living off Netflix. So, I did it, I cut the cord, so to speak. I kept one DVR and basic channels (for breaking news—and by that I mean who is wearing what on the red carpet) and I put all my TV addictions into my Apple TV. Between buying Real Housewives on Apple TV, a subscription to Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Netflix, I’m doing just fine. Why? Because Apple TV is the ultimate game changer. The plus-side: I’ve binge watched The B in Apartment 23, House of Cards, The Goldbergs and old episodes of The Cosby Show and Cake Boss (two of Milly’s faves). I’m currently working my way through The Mindy Project (which is absolutely hilarious) and Game of Thrones. And on Friday nights (date night for me and Mills), I buy a movie for us to watch while we lay around and eat popcorn.

The downside: I have to wait until the next day to watch everything, which blows. But I can deal. The reality is even when I had cable, I usualy got too wrapped up in work to watch until the next day anyway. Besides, this season of Mad Men is so slow and depressing, I’m really not in that much of a hurry to watch it. I just have to stay off Facebook on Housewives reunion nights or make friends with someone who will let me come over and be in real time.

Point of this post: You can do it, people! You don’t have to have cable TV to survive. If I can do it, anyone can.

P.S. I gave my house a giant makeover, be prepared for me to sneak more of it into my posts.