And the Oscar Bingo Goes To …


Will you be watching the Oscar’s tonight? Of course you will. South Beach Wine & Food ends earlier today, so why not throw on a little Melissa and Joan and start self-loathing for eating en mass whilst you watch Angelina Jolie strut around in a dress so fitting, it’s obvs she’s never been to Burger Bash. Ever. Seriously, who times this stuff?

So while you’re watching the red carpet and regretting every last bite you crammed in this past weekend, grab a friend or two, download a bingo card and play Oscar Bingo.

The idea comes from Evite Postmark as part of Marc Friedland’s Oscar Party ideas, of which you can find here.

He also suggests wearing black tie PJs. Too much effort. I get you aren’t getting out of your muu-muu. Neither am I. But you were already keeping mental tabs on who’s wearing Versace, who recently got married and who has a baby bump anyway, so why not just mark it down with an ink blotter?

Should make the red carpet a scosh more interesting, you know, until Joan rips everyone a new one tomorrow.

The Oscars air tonight at 7 p.m. on ABC.