And Now in Miami Fashion News … Santika

 {Wearing: Santika. Photographed by Erin Newberg}

I recently got the opportunity to meet celebrity stylist Danny Santiago in his stunning Miami home and experience his latest project: his own clothing line alongside his friend and jewelry designer Erika Pena. Its name: Santika (a hybrid of Santiago and Erika). Its look and feel: ‘70s resort with a flair for glam. Think ornate caftans, short rompers, knit bikinis, crocheted vests, stunning dresses and more. The color scheme includes flowing whites, vibrant purples, sky blues and burnt oranges. While the designs were initially meant to be worn over swimwear to and from the beach, the flowing fabrics, bright colors and stellar shapes easily make them pieces that Miami girls, like myself, will simply dub clothes, not coverups.
I immediately fell in love with the collection, which will be available this month, both online at, as well as at The Fontainebleau. It’s no surprise I have a thing for Santiago’s work. He is, after all, the stylist behind Sex and the City, his love of vintage trumps even mine, his interior design style is to die for (I mean look at this piano?!?!) and he, too, shares one of my biggest phobias (fear of flying). I knew I would love his clothes, I just didn’t expect to get along with him like peas and carrots. Talk about a bonus.