And Now a Post About the Greatest Mascara Ever

{Wearing Younique Mascara.}

I once met the guys who created Latisse at swim week. We got into a conversation about the importance of eyelashes. Apparently, there’s more to them than just being something women can bat, although that plays a big part, too. Initially, God put eyelashes in place to prevent debris from landing in our eyes. But along the way notable women have changed their purpose, given them new meaning. Virility, sexuality, sheer femininity—all defined by long, full lashes. Cleopatra added liner around her lashes to make her eyes the most dominant feature on her face and bam, the transformation began. Twiggy took things to a whole other level by making her lashes visible from miles away. And that’s a look that has always hit home for me. I like my lashes long—obnoxiously long. So long, they touch the lenses of my sunglasses. 

Cue a new mascara (OK, obsession) that takes that concept to astonishing new lengths. Yonique Mascara is basically high heels for your lashes. It uses a 3-D concept to make lashes so long you’ll feel and look like you got extensions. And trust me, I wouldn’t be mentioning it if it weren’t life-changing. So, if you, like me, need lashes that go the distance (forget that whole legs for days thing, it’s all about the lashes), try this. Scouts honor you won’t be disappointed.

Get the full scoop and order here.