And in Other News: Anja Rubik's Dress (and Hip) Scares Me

The hip bone’s connected to the (thank god whatever else it is connected to is covered). Photo featured on

We Miami gals get away with a lot, thanks to constant humidity. That and the fact that most of the summer your bikini is under whatever you’re wearing, justifying going way too short.

But not even Miami girls have the gaul to wear what Anja Rubik donned at The Met Gala last night. Taking an Angelina Jolie stance, she shows off what is basically a bedsheet barely slung around her. A little much? Yup.

I’ve never been to the Met Gala, but let me tell you, if I had the chance, I’d rock something sexy. Not trashy. This definitely crosses the line between hot and “hell no.” I get it, she’s a model and she’s skinny with legs that go on for days, and hips are sexy, but sometimes you just shouldn’t. Like here. At the Met Gala. The designer responsible for this atrocity: Anthony Vaccarello. He should consider a career designing bed sheets for soap opera sex scenes.

Mechk (that’s a sound effect).